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Saturday, December 31


Daily News Stuff 31 December 2022

Years In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear Edition

Top Story

  • Guests have been lunched and dinnered and lunched again, late Christmas gifts exchanged, local sights seen, and everyone packed off back home again.  There was a little difficulty on the food side of things because the two gluten-free restaurants I've actually tried here are both closed for the holidays, but we found a decent pizza place with gluten-free options.

    I can now sit around and relax for a few hours before I need to start fixing things so that the bugs introduced during the server move stop wriggling about and spoiling things for people.

    Meanwhile the year here in Australia is ending as it began: It's raining.

  • The Lenovo YogaBook 9i is, as the name suggests, a new dual-screen 13" laptop.  (Liliputing)

    Dammit, guys.

    I can see how this would be nice as a virtual coffee table book, if it has good enough screens.  It is touch-sensitive and has pen support, so it might be nice if very much a niche product.

  • The Bigme S6 is a 7.8" Android tablet with an 1872x1404 display, a mid-range 8 core CPU, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage.  (Liliputing)

    The catch?  Because there's always a catch.

    It's e-ink.  It's a colour e-ink display, but while in black and white it's 300 dpi, in colour it's only 100 dpi.  And at around 1fps it's not useful for much beyond reading books.

Tech News


  • On December 1 everything that went wrong with FTX (spoiler: they stole all the money), the Twitter/Apple war was cancelled due to lack of interest, Lastpass got hacked, Akamai accidentally murdered a botnet, and how to lose $5 billion without even trying.

  • On December 2 Parler decided not to be bought by Kanye West, I got legs, safe code was no slower than unsafe, Apple's Catch 22, and the Kindle Scribe.

  • On December 3 the hosting company took the server offline for routine maintenance which ended up lasting 24 hours, and I got the last backup up and running on a new server.

  • On December 4 with the old server back I was able to bring all the latest goodies across so nothing was lost, MSN didn't fire all its human journalists and replace them with bots - though things would likely improve if more news outlets did that, the 13500 looked like a good CPU, and AMD had some X waiting in the wings.

  • On December 5 Tesla launched the Semi although not in an orbit past Mars, Starlink got FCC approval for 7500 Gen 2 satellites, Scrum sucked, and don't try electronic surveillance on hackers because they'll just view it as a game.

  • On December 6 Moore's Law was totally not dead, the Moon was haunted, the story of Dune II, and Lobachevsky.

  • On December 7 I ordered a new server cluster to replace the old crap - not the latest hardware but I can get two 5950X systems for the price of one 7950X, ChatGPT was very impressive if you were easily impressed, TSMC threw another $28 billion at Arizona, and Sam Bankman-Fried was a master manipulator of gullible idiots.

  • On December 8 Apple decided not to go full Stasi after all, JavaScript was trash, and Lenovo announced a bad small tablet.

  • On December 9 tech journalists knew nothing, locating the stealth bomber by star positions in a photo and guessing that it as probably at an Air Force base but mostly the guessing part, and part two of the Twitter Files.

  • On December 10 crypto fallout as people were fired and/or arrested everywhere, a 1300W power supply, a CPU that needs a 1300W power supply, and setting up the new cluster.

  • On December 11 no honour among Ponzi schemers, JavaScript front ends were also trash, Fractal Design went to Ikea, and dark matter turned out to be mayonnaise.

  • On December 12 NASA's Orion mission landed back on Earth, you can't get Unix workstations anymore, and the 13400 was also good but not as good as the 13500.

  • On December 13 Sam Bankman-Fried finally shut up when he was arrested on charges of stealing $10 billion which is after all what he did, AMD's new graphics cards were okay, and AI researchers were basically teaching AI to lie.

  • On December 14 Dwarf Fortress earned $6 million in a week, Steam-powered Teslas, don't wait for the next generation, China banned exports of home-grown CPUs that nobody wants, and Twitter dissolved its Trust and Safety Council.

  • On December 15 ChatGPT bought Gizmodo as far as anyone could tell, SRAM scaling was dead, and another weird cool little router thingy.

  • On December 16 portable quantum computers, IBM launched an attack on Oracle's price list, and Sanskrit scholars for the past 2500 years were apparently kind of dumb.

  • On December 17 1000 dead cryptocurrencies at the bottom of the sea, government was the problem, a $8 Linux computer, and yet another almost-but-not-quite 8" tablet.

  • On December 18 don't buy a graphics card, -108 diopters, and Minecraft got wormed.

  • On December 19 Twitter's CEO hunt commenced, SpaceX launched three missions in 36 hours, and the Fools Golden Age of TV.

  • On December 20 there was no new Mac Pro, there were no CPUs at all in Russia, eleven simple rules for estimating your next project, New York's right to repair legislation crawled into a hole to die, and January.

  • On December 21 the founder of a crypto Ponzi scheme that imploded back in 2018 pleaded guilty to founding a crypto Ponzi scheme that imploded back in 2018, Amazon smuggled 10PB of data out of Ukraine hidden inside a 3D printer, Lenovo announced another bad small Android tablet, and February.

  • On December 22 always lock the bathroom door, why current Intel-based laptops suck, the universal minicomputer simulator, and March.

  • On December 23 Sam Bankman-Fried was released from jail on $250 million bail which nobody actually paid, AMD and Intel's new mid-range CPUs leaked, and April.

  • On December 24 Zimbabwe banned the export of lithium which is the only thing the country actually exports apart from Ebola and poverty, TikTok was indeed spying on users, and May.

  • On December 25 Rube Goldberg crypto Ponzi schemes, a "mediocre" SSD that can sustain 2GBps writes forever, a very fancy keyboard, and June.

  • On December 26 tech journalism didn't know what to do, the Pitch Drop Experiment was secretly a ninja, don't trust CNET, editing your next major motion picture on an iPhone, and July.

  • On December 27 Americans found ever more inventive ways to lose their money to obvious scams such as Congress, AI programming assistants made things worse, build your own CDN, Windows 7 at 5MHz, and August.

  • On December 28 Muzzafuffabugga was the recycling center of the world, HP's very expensive Dragonfly Elite Folio G3 kind of sucked, and the world was allegedly awash in chips. I asked my industry source about that and he shook his head. Some chips - mostly the expensive ones - are easier to get now, but the cheap stuff that every electronic device depends on are very often still backordered for months. Oh, and September.

  • On December 29 Barnes and Noble sold books, every planet showed up to the dance, SpaceX launched the first constellation of Starlink 2 satellites, and October.

  • On December 30 I was totally out to lunch and also dinner but did get to November.

  • And then, finally, on December 31 at the end of a very, very, very long year, there were still no good small Android tablets.

Disclaimer: Happy New Year everyone!  It can't possibly be wors (sound of asteroid impact)

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Friday, December 30


Daily News Stuff 30 December 2022

Going Out To Dinner Edition

I have the November writeup prepared but no new news yet.  Will probably update that later.


  • On November 1 the brave agents of the DHS were working tirelessly to eradicate all independent thought, we found out what Ikea charges for delivery to New House City, Twitter's Bureau of Censorship and Intimidation found itself locked out of its own intimidation app, Hodlnaut lost $190 million in the Terra implosion, Netflix brought Spry Fox, and gaming at 30fps - at 13760x5760.

  • On November 2 lords of the trash heap, more high-level exits at Twitter, use one big server - which I will be doing next month though I'm talking 16 cores big not 128 cores as in this article, and HP announced 192 cores big servers.

  • On November 3 SpaceX was building Raptor rocket engines 90 times faster that NASA was building RS-25s, AMD cut the price of the 5800X3D, currently the fastest gaming CPU or close to it, and Twitter was expected to fire half its staff.

  • On November 4 AMD announced the Radeon 7900 XT and XTX, Ryzen 7000 systems were expensive because, and the Asus ProArt PA32DC covered 111% of DCI-P3, which includes colours normally only seen under the influence of peyote.

  • On November 5 Twitter fired half its staff, I bought a slow cooker and in unrelated news gained five pounds in six weeks, Web3 was neither Web nor 3, Dell Australia was being sued for lying about monitor prices, and the executives of the collapsed MoviePass were facing jail time.

  • On November 6 every tech company in the world announced layoffs, Intel had CPUs for sale or rent, rooms to let 50 cents, a new reactor design was not only cheap and compact but produced a waste product that sells for $15 billion a pound.

  • On November 7 Twitter fired the entire team responsible for making up fake trending topics, Amazon randomised its music and broke Alexa, and Samsung's 236-layer flash chips enabled full-speed PCIe 5 SSDs which don't exist.

  • On November 8 some guy on Reddit found a PDP-8 and an LGP-30, Arm wanted to kill Qualcomm's new Arm CPU, the Gateway Mini PC T8-Pro had three of each, and arbitraging the Overton Window.

  • On November 9 crypto Ponzi schemes threatened to leave the US, FTX imploded, the IRS literally found $3.36 billion hidden in a popcorn tin, and the Dragonfly 44 galaxy turned out to be 99.99% mayonnaise.

  • On November 10 FTX which had already gone from a $32 billion valuation to $2 billion continued along that path, passing zero and still accelerating, Binance briefly offered to buy FTX but then sobered up before they signed anything, and Amazon lost $1 trillion in market cap without even committing criminal fraud.

  • On November 11 the server died, Intel pre-announced 56 core server CPUs on the same day AMD announced 96 core models, investors were preparing a $9.4 billion bailout of FTX before they too sobered up, and WeWork apparently still existed.

  • On November 12 still more executive exits at Twitter, with the obnoxious Yoel Roth finally banished, bubbles, DevianTart went AI, and we reminded everyone to buy a Surface Laptop 4 while they still could.

  • On November 13 FTX got "hacked" and any customer funds that hadn't already been set on fire disappeared, social media was dead, Crypto.com lost $416 million worth of ETH but found it down the back of the sofa cushion, KFC apologised for its Kristallnachtburger promotion and offered a coupon for a free box of Arbeitnuggets, AMD's 96 core CPUs benchmarked, and how NovelAI creates a frogcat.

  • On November 14 how recessions unmask fraud, was Crytpto.com next, the site that warned everyone about FTX back in February, and Twitter fired 80% of its contract employees in addition to half the full-time staff.

  • On November 15 crypto lender BlockFi said your money was safe - just don't ask where it is, PayPal would also steal your money if you didn't use your account, and Pipkin Pippa unleased vtuber Skynet.

  • On November 16 tech industry job cuts were overblown, we were told by tech journalists on the same day their own company laid off its entire workforce, Sam Bankman-Fried went shopping for new suckers, and was it all a money laundering operation from the start?

  • On November 17 Twitter employees were outraged at being expected to do their jobs, Amazon started its own mass defenestrations, the Star Labs StarFighter had the five essential keys, the Australian Stock Exchange cancelled the blockchain, and Lenovo announced yet another large high-resolution Android tablet.

  • On November 18 Twitter achieve its 75% staff cuts, FTX sister company Alameda Research turned out to own $14.6 billion in counterfeit Monopoly money, Ticketmaster had a bad day, and Fred Brooks, project manager on the classic IBM System/360 and OS/360, passed away.

  • On November 19 Twitter was dead for real this time you guys, Yoel Roth was secretly Hitler all along, China's home-grown CPUs offered the same IPC as Zen 3 but half the clock speed, and Google's new AI was racist.

  • On November 20 Donald Trump's Twitter account was restored and the usual people reacted in the usual way, the Kronii Case, artifacts of range restriction, and with the entire management team fired and three quarters of its staff laid off Twitter suddenly managed to stamp out child porn.

  • On November 21 CBS News left Twitter - for a day, journalists fled Twitter for Mastodon and immediately fucked that up too, the Apple II was the peak of efficiency, and you will never fix it later - at least not until you find out the whole thing will die in a week.

  • On November 22 why was the whole tech industry imploding, Tumblr added support for ActivityPub so that it could infect Mastodon with brain-eating amoebas, Samsung's 3nm yields were really bad, wine was in a superposition of fake/notfake, Grayscale claimed to have $10 billion worth of invisible Bitcoin, and Alexa was losing about as much money per year as a major crypto scam.

  • On November 23 the Radeon 6700 was pretty good actually, everything was bullshit, how news sausages were made (spoiler: the news doesn't survive any more than the pig does), and TSMC planned a $32 billion investment for a 1nm chip factory.

  • On November 24 Twitter entirely failed to crash, Stable Diffusion 2.0 was out, and Amazon planned to spend $1 billion per year on crappy movies. Maybe they could just watch MST3K.
  • On November 25 Europe threatened to frown at Twitter, mere amnesty was loosed uon the world - though not for me, the Playstation 6 was due sometime in 2028 maybe, and IBM sued Micro Focus.

  • On November 26 the Great Amnesty began and the usual suspects blah blah blah, the Blue and the Grey and the Piss Yellow, Binance really had the Bitcoin it claimed, while Grayscale maybe didn't.

  • On November 27 decentralised finance was show business for meth addicts, the hard problems in computer science, and cheaper Ryzen 7000 CPUs and motherboards were on the way.

  • On November 28 private data for 5.4 million Twitter users - from a 2021 hack - was leaked online, Shopify's CEO told Journalists for Censorship to please go fuck themselves, and when undefined means undefined.

  • On November 29 Britain abandoned its proposed -1st Amendment which would have introduced criminal charges for legal speech made by other people, the word of the year was gaslighting, Pinky and the Brain got caught out, and Epson stopped making laser printers.

  • On November 30 Apple's App Store was a trash fire, I bought some books, MineCity 2000 mined 2000 cities, Snap told its employees to please show up to work for a change, and streaming TV was not just mostly crap, but mostly expensive crap.

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Thursday, December 29


Daily News Stuff 29 December 2022

Alice In Noblelands Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Meanwhile Back In October

  • On October 1 Google Stadia's shutdown shocked developers who had been in a coma for two years, Ryzen 7000 did in fact support ECC - just unofficially, Steampipe lets you run SQL queries against cloud APIs, and it was time to unplug your Exchange server and throw it out the window.

  • On October 2 Kioxia (Toshiba) reduced production of flash chips by 30% because people weren't buying it, SigNoz was an open source Datadog, Apple's chief procurer was fire for quoting a movie, and Zen 4 ran faster with security patches than without.

  • On October 3 PayPal banned buying books, 1500 mostly dead artist at the bottom of a website, Linux 6.0, the Great Tumblr Containment Breach of '18, and nuclear powered cars.

  • On October 4 fixing problems by burning down the house, DNS got hacked, there were no Raspberry Pis, and no, you're not suppose to be able to see anything, we're HBO.

  • On October 5 Elon Musk was buying Twitter again, I had an Xbox, Samsung started production of 3nm chips albeit with terrible yields. and Volume 4B of the Art of Computer Programming.

  • On October 6 Intel's Arc A770 Limited Edition was not awful, neither was the A750, 64TB at 25GBps, Facebook joined Team Layoff, and Twitter employees threatened to move to Canada.

  • On October 7 Binance used the house burning trick on a hacker, Twitter announced Birdwatch which turned out much better than I had expected thanks to all the commmunists moving to Canada, Valve canceled Steam Deck pre-orders because it had caught up and you could just buy one, and execs at Ponzi scheme Celsius took $17 million for themselves just as the whole thing folded up - and then doxxed all their customers.

  • On October 8 who are you going to believe, the FBI or your lying eyes, if your bank account gets hacked there's a 90% chance you're just screwed, the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 were here and worse than the previous editions, and just don't use web frameworks.

  • On October 9 PayPal said it wouldn't steal all your money if you bought or sold a book, Apple's Stasi image filter was just fine, and Windows PowerToys could give you the Four Essential Keys - so long as you had four inessential keys.

  • On October 10 Microsoft's Surface was meh, PayPal would in fact still steal your money if they felt like it, and the semiconductor industry planned $185 billion in new factories in 2023.

  • On October 11 Micron planned $100 billion in new facilities in New York state and Samsung planned to spend $30 billion a year, 24 cores were slower than 16 but 14 were faster than 8, VirtualBox 7, and running Doom on Notepad.

  • On October 12 the RTX 4090 was real and it was expensive, stochastic terrorism was the hot new bullshit term for justifying fascism, hackers stole $100 million worth of imaginary mangoes, and the SEC was investigating the original Ugly Monkey JPEG company for selling Ugly Monkey JPEGs.

  • On October 13 Intel planned to launch new server CPUs - one day, Amazon made a gross margin of 98.75% on bandwidth fees, and my Amazon delivery started its four day tour of the Australian countryside.

  • On October 14 does Amazon dream of electric spy sheep, PostgreSQL 15 had stuff, and Topton's NAS MOBO had everything and a meker buruner too.

  • On October 15 always mount a scratch monkey, Alaska was invaded by invisible crabs, the FDA announced a shortage of Adderall, and don't buy a Ryzen 7000 laptop without your secret decorder ring.

  • On October 16 the Razer Edge was a new small Android tablet with a high-resolution screen - a very small Android tablet, Qualcomm sucked, Supabase was Firebase only you could run it yourself, and if you were running Fortinet security devices it might be time to unplug them and jump out the nearest window.

  • On October 17 the $100 million in stolen mangoes weren't stolen, PHP was the problem, and Intel's 4005.

  • On October 18 a catastrophic fire at a major datacenter in Korea wrought widespread minor invconvenience across the country, Stability AI - creator of Stable Diffusion - raised 100 million mangoes, a 65W 7950X was still faster than a 5950X, and lead times on chip orders shrank from 27 weeks to just 26 and a half.

  • On October 19 all the news that didn't happen, I ordered an HP Pavilion Plus 14 which arrived and is still waiting to be used, staff turnover cost Amazon $8 billion a year, Discmaster had everything except working search, Apple's new iPads were incompatible with their own accessories, and Kanye West announced he was buying Parler.

  • On October 20 colour e-ink tablets, Thunderbolt TNG was going to suck for the first two years, and employees were angry about being expected to do their jobs.

  • On October 21 Elon Musk planned to fire 75% of Twitter's employees so mission accomplished Elon, the American tech press went insane, the 125W 13900K used 350W, and don't fee the Python SHA-3 library 4GB of data after midnight.

  • On October 22 the usual suspects were usual suspecting, Microsoft made everything worse, the CEO of MailChimp was fired for suggesting that not everyone needs to announce their pronouns at every meeting, two sets of speakers from Monoprice, and ethics are for earthworms.

  • On October 23 Boeing found itself facing criminal charges over murdering hundreds of people, Section 230 on trial, some people in comas weren't, and a 1000W power supply for your new RTX 4090.

  • On October 24 NFT books were exactly as much of a scam as you expected, the HP Envy 16 had the Four Essential Keys, ZFS was black magic, using sharks as back scratchers, and edge computing for serious edges.

  • On October 25 Freeway - not so much a Ponzi scheme as a burglary gang - stole $100 million in customer funds and disappeared, Apple announced strict new rules around crypto apps on iOS that said "as long as we get our 30% we don't give a shit", I planned to buy Lenovo's new Tab 9 if the screen was decent which it isn't, and Microsoft announced new Arm development hardware which finally didn't entirely suck.

  • On October 26 the Surface Laptop 5 was slower than the Surface Laptop 4 but on the other hand had worse battery life, don't bend that cable, the RTX 3060 Garbage Edition, and GitHub was pulling in a billion dollars a year in recurring revenue.

  • On October 27 Google's quarterly profits were down by $6 billion, Seagate was laying off 3000 staff saying that global economy was "dead in a ditch", and Australia's weird little time zone - 340km wide, population 200.

  • On October 28 The Great Defenestration commenced, the usual suspects had a complete screaming meltdown, there was a critical vulnerability in the latest version of OpenSSL which none of my servers were using because they don't run the latest anything, and Intel made a profit.

  • On October 29 the screaming meltdown in the tech press continued, any Pantone so long as it's #000000, and accurate leaks were accurate.

  • On October 30 taming your 4090, Ghostbusters Afterlife wasn't bad at all, the inventor of assembly language executed a halt instruction, and this is great, let's change it.

  • On October 31 I had three pounds of leftover candy - now one and a half pounds, leaks of Intel's 14th gen desktop chips looked sus - and now it appears that there won't be any, and Twitter announced it was completely changing verification and the screaming meltdown hit E above High C.

Disclaimer: One and a quarter pounds.

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Wednesday, December 28


Daily News Stuff 28 December 2022

Burying Your Mistakes Edition

Top Story

  • Where does your recycling actually end up?  Muzaffarnagar.  (Bloomberg)


    Muzaffarnagar is a paper-making centre in northern India.  India recycles 6 million tons of paper and cardboard a year to make new paper products, but that comes with half a million tons of other crap, mostly plastic.

    Which they burn.

Tech News

September Flowers Bring Hayfever

  • On September 1 the CEO of Turkish crypto exchange Thodex who fled the country with $2 billion in customer funds was caught and extradicted and faced 40,000 years in prison, the 7950X was somewhere between moderately and dramatically faster than the 5950X, and the full lineup of Zen 4 server CPUs.

  • On September 2 planting trees that immediately die solves nothing except for the landscapers' overdraft, USB 4 2.0 could hit 80Gbps, flash memory prices were expected to fall sharply unless manufacturers cut production - so they did, Micron was building a $15 billion factory near Boise, and the Framework laptop came to Australia.

  • On September 3 Twitter had plans to fight extremism - for example anyone disagreeing with the government, USB 4 2.0 could hit 120Gbps - in one direction, and 6.1" was now a "small" phone.

  • On September 4 Cloudflare booted Kiwi Farms, Twitter put sensitive content warnings on its sensitive content warnings, and there were zero reviews for Amazon's $500 million Tolkien dumpster fire.

  • On September 5 the US and Japan signed a joint agreement on nuclear power concluding that yes, it is a thing that exists, LG was bringing NFTs to its smart TVs, and Google received DMCA takedown notices for the White House, the FBI, and the Vatican.

  • On September 6 we played with AI art - specifically Midjourney, QNAP AGAIN, email was broken, and the chess player who wore computer shoes.

  • On September 7 how Cloudflare got KiwiFarms wrong (spoiler: by being unprincipled weasels), new old Ryzen chips arrived, and a 23 year old denial of service bug was fixed in Curl.

  • On September 8 Twitter was flooded with bots, it was time to toss your Cisco router out the window, and performance of the new Ryzen desktop CPUs' intergrated graphics was not terrible.

  • On September 9 why Apple doesn't support standard text messaging, yet another Python compiler, and http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http://.

  • On September 10 if you open this door a magpie will poop on your carpet, it was the perfect time to not buy a graphics card, Winamp 5.9 was here, AMD laptops really were more energy efficient than Intel, and Intel started construction on what will eventually be a $100 billion factory complex in Ohio.

  • On September 11 nobody knows how many books are published each year but 15% sell fewer than 12 copies, WiFi 7 was coming, and get ready to switch browsers if you want functional ad blocking.

  • On September 12 how to build a Greek temple, there will be a 6GHz Intel CPU at some point, working towards 2nm chips, and Coinbase funded the defense of the Tornado open-source cryptomixer against the US treasury department.

  • On September 13 cockatoos discovered fire, the 13700T could be fast, I cared if it scaled, and Quad9 continued to fight Sony.

  • On September 14 whistleblower Peiter Zatko pointed out that Twitter was run by idiots and infested with spies, six "research firms" were coincidentally paying big money for dirty on some guy named Peiter Zatko, Godel, Escher, Bach, China accused US spy agency the NSA of being a US spy agency, and OVH built a castle in the swamp.

  • On September 15 Patreon laid off its entire security team, seven Patreon alternatives, the Dell Inspiron 27 sucked except the 2017 model, AI researchers were training AI to cheat rather than to do anything actually useful, and running Minecraft in Minecraft.

  • On September 16 Uber got hacked, Ethereum merged, joined forces with, and the MOS 7600 was indeed a microcontroller.

  • On September 17 Texas House Bill 20 - the "fuck Twitter and YouTube" bill - was upheld by the Fifth Circuit, EVGA wrote its own Fuck Nvidia bill, the 7900X was faster than the 5950X, and Caddy and Nginx were much the same speed.

  • On September 18 replacing terrible journalists with terrible GPT-3 content, Sony's PCIe 5 SSDs, AMD stomped all over Intel for software developer workstations, DO NOT ENABLE ENHANCED SPELL CHECK, Intel's NUCs shipped - 8 months after the CPUs, HP's Pavilion Plus 14 could run three external 4K displays, and the Framework laptop four - so long as you keep the lid closed.

  • On September 19 the Bae case was on its way, Google and Facebook only controlled 80% of online ads, the Verge turned to shit - the content was already shit but now the layout matches, refreezing the polar ice caps, and a CoCo emulator.

  • On September 20 after fifteen years using electric mowers I finally did the thing, Nvidia said "ethics, schmethics", society was to blame, do not read this article, Adobe offered $20 billion for competitor Figma, and each iPhone 14 Pro Max included a billion ants free of charge.

  • On September 21 Nvidia announced the 4080 and the 4080 and the 4090, Star Citizen's crowdfunding crossed the $500 million mark, Wintermute lost $160 million and you'll never guess how, running arbitrary code without running any code at all, the EU banned Germany, and time to stock up on floppies.

  • On September 22 PayPal went on a banning spree in the UK, 600,000 Python projects used the tarfile library which seems just slightly odd, Amazon's new Fire HD8 was no better than the old Fire HD8, and James Web shot Neptune.

  • On September 23 Nividia denied the 4080 was just a renamed 4070 with higher pricing then cancelled the 4080 and re-announced it as a very expensive 4070, green hydrogen caused brain damage, and Krea.ai was a directory of awful AI art.

  • On September 24 the US wanted to be a world leader in hydrogen production because the US is currently run by morons, Google to its employees: quit whining and get to work, and superconductors work by superglue.

  • On September 25 the 13900K wasn't the fastest CPU but it was certainly fast, Get3D was an AI 3D model generator, JavaScript web frameworks should burn, and nobody wants plant-based meat except the kind that comes from a cow.

  • On September 26 JMAP was IMAP with JSON, and 58 bytes of CSS to fix your website.

  • On September 27 Ryzen 7000 reviews were mostly positive, with the only negative factor being the overall system price, the floor was lava, and Apple started removing iPhone apps that worked too well.

  • On September 28 the Bae case arrived and was seriously Bae, Intel announced the 13th gen lineup and also a 34-core workstation CPU, new embedded CPUs from AMD, a hacker said oops, and there's always a catch.

  • On September 29 a dozen investment banks were hit by fines totalling $2 billion for being lying shitweasels, which is to say, investment banks, the Kindle Scribe had a pen, some other old literature that was not the Epic of Gilgamesh, 48GB DIMMs, and cockroach bacon.

  • On September 30 Stadia exited the stadium, AMD improved OpenGL performance by up to 115% with new drivers, do not fire bullets straight up, saving money on AWS by leaving, and Brave started to block those irritating cookie consent banners.

Disclaimer: The pig, if I am not mistaken;
Supplies us sausage, ham, and bacon.
Let others say his heart is big—
I call it stupid of the pig.

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Tuesday, December 27


Daily News Stuff 27 December 2022

A Fistful Of Boxes Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • I accidentally ordered a Yamaha hifi system.  That is, I was checking out the post-Christmas sales, saw the hifi (which I wanted to buy earlier but was out of stock), saw it wasn't just on sale but on clearance, and hit the buy button without further thought because these days you don't know if something like that will ever come back in stock.

    I have a very old Yamaha micro hifi but the CD player doesn't work well, and it has a twin cassette deck that I don't need at all, and also it's buried at the bottom of the garage along with everything else.  I probably want three of these micro hifi systems around the house, and good ones are getting scarce.  The best model like this that I can find in Australia looks to be the Denon D-M41, but that's about twice as much as the Yamaha.

  • Do AI assistants help programmers?  No.  (The Register)

    That is, they help programmers write code, but the code sucks.  Programmers using AI assistance are significantly more likely to introduce both obvious and subtle bugs into their code.  And also less likely to notice because they don't understand the code they just "wrote".

  • Build your own CDN.  (GitHub)

    Ctrl-F Node.js.  No matches.

    Okay then.

    Uses Nginx and Lua which is a fine and sensible choice though Nginx can be fiddly to configure if you're doing anything complicated.

    I might do this next year, because it can be amazingly cost-effective with the right hosting provider - about 40x cheaper than something like Amazon Cloudfront.

  • Running Windows 7 on a 5MHz CPU.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Well, not running, exactly; more like crawling Windows 7.  It takes 28 minutes to boot.

August Comes In Like A Wombat

  • On August 1 the HP Pavilion Plus 14 was the new best small laptop except for the memory and the price, Intel's 13th gen laptop chips were expected before the end of the year and they'd better bloody hurry, cosy Moon holes, and Anonymous hacks Russia.

  • On August 2 the CHIPS Act wasn't a $50 billion cash grab - by the time Congress was done it was a $280 billion cahs grab, it was the right time to buy a 6900 XT, twelve was enough, Winamp returned to whip the llama's ass some more, and China's 7nm chips weren't.

  • On August 3 Axie Infinity was a garbage company even before they lost $600 million overnight, eleven executives at crypto company Forsage where charged with fraud, and an advanced quantum-safe cryptography scheme got hacked in an hour.

  • On August 4 GitLab announced it was going to delete projects that didn't have bugs constantly needing fixing, and Robinhood fired a quarter of its staff, which is 25% of what it needed to do.

  • On August 5 AMD's Ryzen 7000 range was expected to have very high clock speeds - and does, and to overclock poorly - and does, chips suddenly got expensive, GitLab said maybe not, and Namie got into the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta and immediately banned live on stream.

  • On August 6 two crypto developers faked an entire ecosystem to sucker people into putting their money into yet another fucking Ponzi scheme, that's no moon, and South Korea launched its lunar orbiter.

  • On August 7 Amazon decided to by poop-spying company iRobot, hackers stole details of 5.4 million Twitter accounts, and Namie got unbanned from the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta.

  • On August 8 EVGA cut prices on the 3090 Ti, JavaScript sucked, STFU mode, and build your own Windows tablet.

  • On August 9 Threadripper Pro 5000 hit retail, using DALL-E for blog thumbnails, and in an unprecented move crypto lender Hodlnaut stole all its users' money.

  • On August 10 AppLoving (who) offered to buy Unity for $17 billion, and PyPI, Twilio, Cloudflare, and Intel's SGX all had containment breaches.

  • On August 11 Intel's A750 graphics card was a thing that existed, LG's 97" OLED TV double as a 97" speaker, and AMD grew revenue by 70% year-on-year albeit mostly by buying FPGA company Xilinx.

  • On August 12 what this country needs is a good $15 llama, Redis explained - the Swiss Army chainsaw of database-sort-of-things, the CDC said forget all that stuff we told you, and Intel's $3.5 billion graphics gamble.

  • On August 13 smile, you're on Candid Doorbell, Epson sucked, a website called ShitExpress - which did exactly what you think - got hacked, and Node.js still sucked.

  • On August 14 running Android without Google, what to expect in Ryzen 7000 motherboards, and you could pet the dog in Holocure.

  • On August 15 I ordered the Bae case - still hoping to order the Kronii case from the same distributor, how to make electric vehicles even worse, Canada and Germany signed a deal to invade Belgium and generate electricity from trillion of potatoes, and Apple broke every single security measure in MacOS all at once.

  • On August 16 Android 13 was here and we didn't care, Linux 6.0 was here and we didn't care - much, Russia announced a model of its new space station, and New Jersey decided to stomp law enforcement and medical ethics into the dirt.

  • On August 17 AMD announced an announcement for Ryzen 7000, DotNET 6 hit Ubuntu, MailChimp pooped the bed, and American Airlines signed a deal to buy 20 imaginary aircraft.

  • On August 18 ZDNet pooped the bed, Loupedeck had some nice control surfaces at reasonable prices - not cheap but priced at hundreds where professional models often cost thousands, TSMC was about to start producing 3nm chips, do not eat bugs, and it was time to unplug your router, set it on fire, and fling it out the nearest window.

  • On August 19 Samsung announced 32Gb DDR5 chips for early 2023, Gigabyte announced PCIe 5 SSDs for who knows when, Apple's M2 vs. AMD's 6850U under Linux, all Linux versions where the same, and Snap cancelled Pixy.

  • On August 20 I flew my last flight between Sydney and New House City, building an actual display into those classic 80s Lego display bricks, an ocean of Pi Picos, and roundups of Raptor Lake and Ryzen motherboards.

  • On August 21 Google was the pancreatic cancer in the body politic, Ethereum was moving to Eth2 which didn't actually fix anything, and artists united against hands.

  • On August 22 the only thing less capable of human understanding than the AI systems run by Big Tech was the humans employed by Big Tech, and the first big Holocure update was announced. It looks like the next update will bring us HoloJP Gen 2 and 3 and be out late next month. I played a lot of Holocure when I was constantly travelling and had no energy for anything more complicated.

  • On August 23 the Metaverse sucked, donuts were back in stock, the Biren BR1000 hit 1 PFLOPs, and don't copy and paste encryption schemes like Hyundai did.

  • On August 24 I got internet access, Twitter's security was a disaster, Apple offered a 162 page guide to replace your MacBook battery, perfluorocubane was wrid, and Intel was going to go chiplets on its 14th gen desktop parts which now won't exist at all.

  • On August 25 Chattanooga launche 25Gbps community internet, 14kb was the new 15kb, and put your GitLab server behind a VPN.

  • On August 26 Starlink V2 would offer service direct to mobile phones - and Teslas, Mark Zuckerberg admitted to the FBI's election interference, Sony hiked prices, Microsoft didn't, and HP had some nice but overpriced computers.

  • On August 27 the Twilio hack was a targeted attack affecting 130 companies, the adventure game Malasombra came out - for the NES, and an edit button on Twitter.

  • On August 28 we watched The Saga of Tanya the Evil, the FBI said of course they interfere in elections, everyone knows that, Walmart offered a 30TB SSD of $39, Nvidia announced a new high-end Arm chip for robotics, and nobody was happy in the ongoing Twitter/Elon lawsuit.

  • On August 29 freezing in the dark turned out to be unpopular, Ryzen 7000 launched, and a new remote execution vulnerability was found in the GameBoy Colour.

  • On August 30 California's new age verification law was crap, an animated map of the Berlin subway, Austria decided to defenestrate its own internet, and OpenSea's transaction volume was down 99% in three months.

  • On August 31 it was chip shortage all the way down, the OptiFi DeFi protocol lost $661,000 when it accidentally stopped existing, and Amelia Watson from Hololive reviewed the best tech toys from the 90s/early 2000s.

Disclaimer: Lay on, MacDoot, and cursed be he who first says hang aboot.

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Monday, December 26


Daily News Stuff 26 December 2022

A Plague Of Boxes Edition

Top Story

  • Tech journalism doesn't know what to do with Mastodon.  (Medium)

    Neither do you, bucko, because you're posting this on Medium.

    It's true that tech journalism is generally trash, of course, otherwise I wouldn't need to write this blog.  The only things worse are mainstream journalism, Medium (don't click on any of the recommended articles), and of course Mastodon, which is infested with the kind of person who thought that Twitter didn't censor enough even before Elon Musk bought it.

    There's also a long thread at Hacker News of Mastodon fans saying it doesn't matter that Mastodon sucks because it's not a "product" and everyone else telling them that they are idiots.

Tech News

When Suddenly In July

  • On July 1 Apple's senior legal executive in charge of preventing insider trading of Apple stock was convicted on charges of insider trading of Apple stock, Dell's new Inspiron 16 Plus, and the first reviews of the Ryzen 5800X3D.

  • On July 2 GPU prices were down 57% since January from insane to merely horrifying, game consoles were still out of stock everywhere except the Nintendo Switch, China saw its own shadow and announced five more years of Zero COVID, OpenSea sent out emails telling users not to trust emails from OpenSea, and Arm announced new things.

  • On July 3 there were no Synology boxes available which I believe is a conspiracy to force people to buy QNAP devices so that all their data can be stolen, Meta's crypto project was toast, EVGA included a free 1600W power supply with every 3090 Ti, and the 13900K was faster than the 12900K.

  • On July 4 I finally got one of the LG UP850-W monitors I bought six months earlier out of its box and it turned out to be really good, bug bounty company HackerOne had a weasel problem, Amazon piled up half a billion dollars and set it on fire, and don't Kubernetes.

  • On July 5 interest rates went up again for the third straight month (now eight straight months), in a novel twist private information on a billion people was stolen from China, the Xiaomi 12S came with a 1" 50MP Leica camera, and Google did something dumb.

  • On July 6 the EU declared war on Apple, take off every Zig, a serious QNAP NAS for when you want your data seriously hacked, and Intel's 4nm process was on track to start production this year (which means consumer products by mid-2023).

  • On July 7 interns, can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em, unless you're the Shanghai police in which case you probably can, Drobo filed for bankruptcy which was a surprise because everyone thought they went bankrupt years ago, the UK declared war on Apple as well, and fuck systemd, the Lenovo of Linux.

  • On July 8 Sony was deleting movies that customers had "bought", Google's "Democratic AI" was a communist, Florida once again had giant calamitous snails that spewed parasitic brain worms but they lost their election bids so everything turned out well, Twitter was removing a million spam accounts a day according to Twitter, and QNAP again.

  • On July 9 Elon Musk broke off the engagement, the HP Pavilion Plus 14 was everything I wanted except it maxes out at 16GB of RAM and I now have one sitting on the floor in the music room - I think that's the music room, might be the electronics lab, and Intel announced new NUC laptop kits only these ones suck.

  • On July 10 Twitter did a 540 or maybe a 900 and went from suing to stop Elon Musk's takeover to suing to force him to complete the takeover, ASRock's DeskMeet was a mini-ITX system with four memory slots - a surprisingly rare configuration, all the hard problems in philosophy solved, and do not dumb here.

  • On July 11 Twitter was lying, Elasticsearch was the QNAP of databases, and Netflix told its staff to shut up and sing.

  • On July 12 Sri Lanka's economy imploded due to the people in charge being irredeemable leftist fuckwits, a book of tiny things, and you will always have more problems than engineers - unless you can solve your problems by shooting them.

  • On July 13 European energy prices were expected to pass through the ionosphere on their way to Mars, North Korea hacked Axie Infinity, yet another otherwise good small Android tablet ruined by saving $3 on the LCD panel, and a bad motherboard.

  • On July 14 Delutaya, Kson, and Namie, Google stopped hiring people until it could figure out why pink-haired communists made bad engineers, and the entire section on Russia in the Chinese edition of Wikipedia turned out to be an elaborate work of fiction.

  • On July 15 Intel demanded billions of dollars from Congress, why you can't dig Switzerland, something went wrong at Twitter, something went wrong at OpenSea, and waiting for Windows 12.

  • On July 16 don't attack your own customers you idiots, 10% of the top million websites were dead, and Log4j we will have with us always.

  • On July 17 Intel's new graphics cards were a thing that existed, there were no measurable health benefits to drinking alcohol for those under 29 which means more for us 29-year-olds, how to set up Windows 11 without an online login, and a quintuple indirect Hello World.

  • On July 18 wretched hives of scum and villainy, the rise of the Steam-powered Tesla, leaked clock speeds for AMD's new server chips turned out rather to understate matters, and Intel's high-end graphics cards competed evenly with AMD and Nvidia's low-end.

  • On July 19 Denmark banned Chromebooks, Google was fined 21 trillion rubles - about $35, and the US Senate did nothing.

  • On July 20 an Italian court got absolutely everything wrong, 22TB was the new 20TB, and how to build your own (software) X for all values of X.

  • On July 21 sonnets were surprisingly difficult, Neopets was hacked - a shock to everyone who thought Neopets closed down around 2005, Ford fired 8000 workers to fund its EV program, a Threadripper Pro server motherboard from ASRock, Minecraft said fuck the blockchain anyway, and tech journalists were useless - and still are of course, but they were then as well.

  • On July 22 the FBI was reading Twitter, YouTube was deleting pretty much everything, Samsung was spending $200 billion - in Texas, and reality wasn't real.

  • On July 23 trees - those are called trees, SpaceX broke its 2021 launch record with five months left in the year, Google fired one of its idiots, and the 13700K was a 12900K.

  • On July 24 15 years of Alzheimer's research turned out to have been based on fraudulent images in an early paper, quasicrystals with two time dimensions, and just stop fucking monkeys you sickos.

  • On July 25 a couple of pretty good SSDs, Apple fanboys can be safely ignored, and Sony took down its own website for copyright infringement.

  • On July 26 will there be a new Nvidia Titan, you couldn't create full-custom Lego minifigs in Australia and now you can't do it at all, Instagram wanted to be banned from government-owned devices, and Intel found a customer.

  • On July 27 trees did not exit, social networks were dead, and Google only made $16 billion in profits in a single quarter.

  • On July 28 Facebook's profits were down 36%, TikTok swore it had never heard of this "China" person, and Intel talked some more about Sapphire Rapids which is still not here.

  • On July 29 Congress gave $52 billion of your money to some of the richest companies in the world - and stole $228 billion for itself at the same time, Intel made a loss after years of deliberately fucking things up, Nirvana Finance - another so-called "stablecoin" - got evaporated, and Instagram decided it didn't want to get banned from government devices.

  • On July 30 Intel didn't cancel its graphics cards not that it would have made any difference, AMD doubled its Minecraft performance, the Steam Deck shipped all pre-orders early, and Intel's top-of-the-line 12900KS was mostly slower than AMD's 5800X3D.

  • On July 31 Orbital Departures, CERN was absolutely technically not planning to open a portal to Hell, the all-new Dell XPS 13 Plus was dogshit, and TSMC completed primary construction of its huge new factory - in Arizona.

Disclaimer: Reese's Puffs, Reese's Puffs, fill the VCR until it's stuffed.

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Sunday, December 25


Daily News Stuff 25 December 2022

Chris Muss Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • Corsairs MP600 GS SSD is "mediocre".  (Tom's Hardware)

    Though "mediocre" in late 2022 means completely consistent 1.8GBps full drive write speeds on a $180 2TB PCIe 4 NVMe M.2 SSD.

    Peak reads hit 5GBps.

    It is DRAMless, so not recommended for server use.

  • Intel might not have 14th gen (Meteor Lake) desktops next year.  (WCCFTech)

    I kind of guessed this for a couple of reasons: First, Intel is expected to release a 13th gen refresh next year and there's no reason to do that and also release 14th gen, and the leaked specs for 14th gen CPUs were all laptop configurations - they had fewer cores than the 13th gen desktop parts that are already out.

    And since laptop chips come a few months after desktop, that means no 14th gen at all in 2023.

    15th gen (Arrow Lake) is expected in 2024 but won't have any more cores than the current lineup.

  • The Core i5-13500 is just a hair slower than the 12600K, cheaper, and uses half the power.  (WCCFTech)

    It's not officially out for probably another week but this isn't a leak; someone bought one in a shop that missed the "do not sell before" sticker and tested it.

    Almost exactly twice as fast as the Core i3-12100 mentioned below.

  • I might not be able to get a decent small Android tablet but at least I can get the keyboard I want.  (Mountain)

    The Mountain Everest Max is something I've mentioned before.  It has the main 86-key layout, a detachable numeric keypad with four LCD macro buttons that can plug in to the right or left of the main keyboard, an also detachable LCD dial with five buttons, and now two options for twelve regular macro keys and/or twelve LCD macro keys.  And you can both at the same time.  

    And replacement keycaps too if you want it in white or green or something.

    Does get expensive with all the options, but it's a quality keyboard that has everything.

    It has per-key RGB which I don't care about for the main keyboard but is useful for macro keys, and the keyswitches themselves are also replaceable, so if one breaks you can just pull it out and put in a new one.

    And it's on sale right now.  Think I'll buy one.

Meanwhile, back in June

  • On June 1 Intel showed off its Sapphire Rapids Plus HBM chips which still aren't out yet, over 3 million MySQL servers exposed themselves, SpaceX showed off Stalink 2.0, and an Apple-1, yours for just $500,000.

  • On June 2 researchers showed off logic gates switching at a petahetz - which is very a lot, Taiwan restricted Russia and Belarus to 25MHz, a former employee of OpenSea was arrested for insider trading, and reassigning 240/4.

  • On June 3 I was in a motel in New House City waiting to pick up the keys, AMD released the Radeon 6700 which is kind of a niche within a niche but not bad at the right price, and buy now pay later was always a scam.

  • On June 4 we got to New House and ate donuts, and didn't tech blog.

  • On June 5 the movers arrived with my stuff, DDR5 prices were down, more stolen ugly monkey JPEGs, and Apple was totally going into space sure whatever.

  • On June 6 we were expecting an M2 Mac Mini, the ROG Zephyrus G14 was a pretty solid laptop except that it lacks the Four Essential Keys, and the screen on my laptop - the one I am using right now - crapped out after the flight back to Sydney.

  • On June 7 we didn'g get an M2 Mac Mini, we did get MacOS 13, Python 3.11 would be faster than Python < 3.11, and LG's Gram notebooks weight more than a gram.

  • On June 8 we expected Apple's M2 Pro and M2 Max but not until next year, Dell's Precision 7865 put a 2022 CPU in a 2002 case, China "must seize TSMC", and a not insanely expensive eight slog M.2 adaptor.

  • On June 9 we had a fight with Windows ASLR, Twitter was hiding data, physicsts discovered a thing, and Samsungs TVs were also fridges.

  • On June 10 AMD promised 10% higher IPC and 10% higher clocks with Zen 4 - and overdelivered, Amazon fell over, and polystyrene-eating superworms.

  • On June 11 Acer warned that the market was slowing down - bad for them but good for us, Zen 5 would arrive in 2024 with a major redesign, OpenSSL as a GUI, and no Virginia you can't do real work on an iPad.

  • On June 12 discovering things at New House, a billion dollars worth of sour grapes, you can't repair the new XPS 13, a 950W CPU, you wouldn't 3D print a car, and that insane AI researcher at Google.

  • On June 13 Intel announced its 4nm process node, Fresh was yet another fucking web framework, and AWS simply lost 12 hours of data.

  • On June 14 fuck Polygon again, we were in Sydney wishing we weren't, SpaceX had environmental approval to test Starship, and the Celsius Ponzi scheme imploded.
    Any time some stranger promises to let you, yes you, in on their amazing investment opportunity that reliably and consistently outperforms other investment vehicles, you are being scammed. They are not your friend. If they had such an opportunity, they would hoard it zealously, borrowing against other assets in order to make a shitload for themselves.
  • On June 15 the Mac Studio was cool but overpriced, Gambian Pouched Rat Pox, and little lime green Corvette.

  • On June 16 rooftop solar was viable - in Australia (despite being twice the size of Old Place, in a colder climate, and having electric central heating, my electric bill is half what it used to be), don't put half a million files in one Git repository, and benchmarks leaked for a Zen 4 laptop chip.

  • On June 17 we were at the airport - again - but briefly noted that Redbean 2.0 was out. Redbean is a web/application/database server in a single binary file that can just be dropped on any Windows, Mac, Linux, or BSD system and run.

  • On June 18 your browser was helpfully keeping a copy of your secret crypto access keys, video card prices finally fell to Earth, everything you never wanted to know about USB-C, TikTok was owned by China, and building a single quantum system from two time crystals.

  • On June 19 don't use Zstd compression on Arch Linux, and don't fly into Sydney on a Sunday.

  • On June 20 Intel's Core i3-12100 was great value at $129, philosophers were completely fucking retarded on the subject of consciousness, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD was good, and Ada 2022 could be persuaded to be as dumb as JavaScript but would give you an electric shock if you tried.

  • On June 21 Cloudflare went down and took one third of the internet with it - or if you used Cloudflare's DNS, all of it, Disabling notifications in Nextdoor took 130 clicks or one uninstall, and more gluten-free donuts (I have two boxes in the new freezer).

  • On June 22 the FAA ordered airlines to update their shitty altimeters - which are the problem with using phones during takeoff and landing but only because they don't work propery, and tracking the PCIe 7 spec when there aren't even PCIe 5 cards yet.

  • On June 23 the PNY XLR8 CS3140 was actually kind of amazing, QNAP AGAIN, Intel's 13th gen chips would still work with DDR4, and Samsung's new 200MP phone camera.

  • On June 24 planning 40 feet of desk - in the main office, planning 240 feet of bookshelves - in the hallway, and bad things happened to bad people.

  • On June 25 THERE WERE NO BOOKCASES, there were also no good small Android tablets, losing personal data the old fashioned way, and Intel's new chips would also be faster.

  • On June 26 Amazon's spec sheets were maintained by idiots, 1000W power supplies, Italy banned Google Analytics on the basis that it was analytics by Google, Robinhood lied, and more insanely overpriced garbage water bottles.

  • On June 27 DevOps was old-school ops with a bunch of stickers plastered all over it, code bloat to the stars, and QNAP?

  • On June 28 Rufus was a tool for generating Windows install images and also a naked mole rat, building your own Ryzen server, FTX was in talks to acquire Robinhood, which is like the Yakuza being in talks to acquire the Mafia, and don't buy the base M2 MacBook.

  • On June 29 someone copied ugly monkey JPEGs, Raccoon Stealer stole all the raccoons, Apple was lying, and everything was worse than you thought.

  • And then on June 30 it was time to update to 28nm, the Raspberry Pi Pico W was the Raspberry Pi Pico with added W, and Threadripper Pro 5000 pricing was ouch.

Disclaimer: And now I'm having flashbacks.

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Saturday, December 24


Daily News Stuff 24 December 2022

Taylor Swiftly Edition

Top Story

Tech News


  • On May 1 Intel predicted chip shortages would ease before, um, 2025, both CPUs and GPUs where selling at MSRP - some of them, Kindle's EPUB but not MOBI, Snap's Pixy, Sony's Prism.

  • On May 2 the cost to transfer a single NFT on Ethereum hit $3500 - totally not a bubble, the Ugly Monkey JPEG people launched a new scam and it immediately got stolen, and Decepticons.

  • On May 3 Plastic Nine, where your recycling actually goes, new scanners, I underestimate how much desk I could fit, RDNA3 added thingies, Squenix committed blockchain suicide, and so did Facebook.

  • On May 4 China invaded Russia - in Minecraft, AMD confirmed plans for 16 core laptops, the Gigabyte Aero 16 was shiny but expensive, and Axios was garbage.

  • On May 5 update your Chrome right now, Heroku got hacked, Connie Willis call your lawyers, and Sara Nagare's 45,000 viewers.

  • On May 6 save us from the libertarian billionaires, 8TB SSDs were expensive, stop disabling zoom, and New York declared war on crypto miners.

  • On May 7 Xbox crashed, QNAP - again, declaring email bankruptcy, and, and, and, and, and, speculative prefetch bit Apple's M1, and you couldn't buy books in the Kindle app.

  • On May 8 invading New House City in winter, sudden concern over Twitter's existing investors, how to back up Gmail, and Threadripper 7000 wasn't coming any time soon.

  • On May 9 regulators told regulatees that regulation is bad - again, the average time before a new WordPress got hacked was less than the time taken to set it up, and the US Treasury sanctioned Blender.

  • On May 10 Russia sued the rest of the world, I couldn't afford the shipping, don't use YikYak, solving global warming with cloned mammoths, and more nice laptops you can't get in Australia.

  • On May 11 send help and gluten free pizza, fuck YouTube, the Terra stablecoin wasn't, Journalists Against Free Speech, and six figures was the new five figures.

  • On May 12 fuck Polygon, once chip to rule them all, MIPS dropped MIPS, and serial enetrepeneurn'tism.

  • On May 13 Twitter started firing anyone remotely competent, the EU wanted to BIK the BIKs, Google fixed some of the most broken YouTube stuff, BBC Basic for anything, and gas in bottles.

  • On May 14 AMD leaked - including some stuff that hasn't shown up yet, Luna followed Terra down the hole because that's what happens when you tie two things together and throw them in a hole, and securing open source software would cost far less than a single security incident.

  • On May 15 cutting off fingers for fun and profit, Kobo got banned because fuck YouTube - again, the general form of the Seven Colour Map Theorem, and great APUs of fire.

  • On May 16 Venus Protocol followed Terra and Luna down the hole, Python got faster, just tape a GPS unit to your 1970s fighter jet, and Heroku continued to have a bad day.

  • On May 17 the guy who blew up two planets and a major moon was seeking investors to do it again, road trains without the road, and Web3 was not even P2P.

  • On May 18 got the last piece of paper I needed to buy the house I had already bought - that process was rather backwards from how normal people do it, "We're all commie as fuck", 21 Linux desktops compared and they're all the same, and the component shortage was solved when the economy cratered and people abruptly stopped buying stuff.

  • On May 19 I had a house - I mean officially, paperwork signed, sealed, and electronically delivered, serves Google right, what a disaster it would be if the wrong people were permitted to speak, DigitalOcean's price increase, Vultr's didn't (and since then they've more than doubled bandwidth allocations, making it an even better deal), and Aussie Broadband all the way.

  • On May 20 Web3 was going great, Twitter announced it would simply shiv users in the back if it wanted to, Netflix made things worse, Framework's 12th gen models, and you're not gonna believe this but QNAP.

  • On May 21 my cunning plan for dealing with slow Amazon deliveries in New House City was just to buy everything I could need before I needed it - a plan that is working so far and I'm not even close to running out of storage space, Russia turned to China for CPUs - a plan that didn't work out so well, the RTX 4080, the four day work day, and Google's new AI was just the latest victim of Dunning Kruger.

  • On May 22 beyond 1nm, AMD's dual chipset chipset, and Apple fled China.

  • On May 23 AMD announced Ryzen 7000 - and also for some reason Ryzen 2000, what's in which Python, looking gift horses in the mouth, and the $1200 79-pound toolkit for replacing your iPhone battery.

  • On May 24 double it, add one, and use the next larger unit, GitLab 15, criminals gonna crim, and PCIe 5 SSDs are behind schedule.

  • On May 25 criminals also gonna steal Ugly Monkey JPEGs, 500Hz monitors, expensive motherboards, and Spain has a chip industry?

  • On May 26 Eastasia has always been at war with Elonania, China's concentration camps got hacked, and Twitter got fined $150 million by the FTC for, and I quote, "being rampaging shitweasels".

  • On May 27 when even Vox can tell your scam is a scam you need a better scam or dumber victims, the high-end Ryzen 7000s would have a 170W TDP (I wonder what the new 7900 will be), and Broadcom bought VMWare for $61 billion, or as we now measure it, six crypto scams.

  • On May 28 omnipotent BMCs from Quanta remaind vulnerable to the critical Pantsdown threat, an 8K gaming resolution or maybe not, the US was falling behind in the race to set trillions of dollars on fire, there was more than one maker of PCs, and how to cancel Amazon Prime (click the cancel button).

  • On May 29 a $70 Bluetooth water bottle with microtransactions, reboot your crabs, remote learning ads, and Pikamee vs. GlaDOS.

  • On May 30 I threw out an actual, literal ton of junk, robot orders were up 40%, two right-to-repair bills died, and the iPhone didn't jump to 3nm.

  • And then on May 31 reasons, Vodafone declared war on privacy, Needy Joueur-Animateur en Direct Overdose, and blockchain, the amazing solution for nobody's problems.

Disclaimer: Rampaging Shitweasels WBAGNFARB.

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Friday, December 23


Daily News Stuff 23 December 2022

Flight Schmight Edition

Top Story

Tech News


A note about music choices: April was when my life started to get seriously crazy with the packing and cleaning and arranging finance and all that nonsense, and I stopped including music videos each day.  With no selection to harvest I've just grabbed a random assortment of Hololive music clips, ranging from great performances to fun songs to two girls doing karaoke at a sleepover.

  • On April 1 CNN+ announced limited edition NFTs - less limited than the network itself as it turned out, quis scamodiet ipsos custodes, Google's new spam API, and finding Earendel.

  • On April 2 GitLab's default password oopsie, Sabrent's 8TB SSD, the EU's proposed terrible horrible no good very bad blockchain legislation, and this is not Twitter and we are not Scottish.

  • On April 3 I think it's defaulting to utf8mb4 instead of utf8mb3, UnDune II is Dune II for the Pico 8, American Express's bad day, and brouillard.

  • On April 4 the house that got away, the internet was exactly what we thought it was, the teapot calling the other teapot a teapot, and Facebook doing Facebook things.

  • On April 5 Elon Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter, AMD's new Ryzen 5000 models, GitHub's automatic default password detector, and MailChimp's bad day.

  • On April 6 the reboot was a success but the server died, Twitter was adding an edit button maybe, $50 billion worth of video cards, $1 worth of EV charging stations, and Elon Musk joined the board of Twitter.

  • On April 7 the house that didn't get away, Australia reinforcement data quantum priority roadmap, Atlassian's two bad days, fuck you Lenovo, and a delightfully dull gaming laptop from Asus.

  • On April 8 here comes the rain again, offer accepted, Threadripper Pro headed toward retail, and Twitter tried and failed to change how deleted embedded tweets appeared.

  • On April 9 an 8 port USB-C adaptor, Twitter experimented with autodethreadistration, wifi-enabled spanners, and the W boson was 0.1% overweight.

  • On April 10 GitHub's supply chain vulnerability detector could tell you stuff like hey GitHub is down, going back to Windows 10, and recursive popcorn.

  • On April 11 turning Twitter's HQ into a homeless shelter, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 broke opening weekend records - for a video game movie, staying on Windows 10, and TVs sucked.

  • On April 12 Pinterest went full climate Nazi, Intel moved up 18A to 2024, and 3D poop detection - Facebook uploading optional.

  • On April 13 Atlassian's bad, um, two weeks, update every Git, do not hose out your Honda Element, and adding an eGPU to a Steam Deck.

  • On April 14 contracts exchanged, dinnerware bought, ISPs replaed, the 3090 Ti was here yet again, Zero Nines Uptime, and the Gambler's Fallacy isn't always.

  • On April 15 Elon Musk launched his takeover bid for MySpace I think it was, the first PCIe 6 chips showed up, GitHub's tiny $127 million billing hiccup, and the almost perfect laptop that of course isn't available in Australia.

  • On April 16 Twitter chose suicide rather than be taken over by Elon Musk, what happened at Atlassian, TSMC expected 2nm in late 2025, Russia expected 28m in late 2030, and the Phase Invaders.

  • On April 17 communists bad, journalists worse, the average lead time for semiconductors exceeded six months, the only good Russian was a radioactive Russian, and the only good GitHub was self-hosted GitLab.

  • On April 18 Dell's CAMM was maybe not entirely awful, Sapphire Rapids blah blah blah they're still not out yet, and our new robot chef overlords.

  • On April 19 web scraping was legal, stealing crypto wallets via iCloud backup, new universe who dis, and more Sapphire Rapids blah blah.

  • On April 20 Brave browser bypassed AMP, fuck Lenovo, upgrading a 4TB PostgreSQL database the hard way, and QNAP again.

  • On April 21 commies destroy Marmite, AMD's upcoming Phoenix laptop chips could have double the graphics performance of Rembrandt (which would make them faster than the Xbox Series S), GitHub did bad things, and Insteon was Insteoff.

  • On April 22 Elon Musk had $46.5 billion in committed financy ready to buy Bebo or something, Russia sanctioned everybody, Dunning Kruger wasn't autocorrelation, and QNAP again.

  • On April 23 Netflix planned to try sucking less, China committed fully to economic implosion as the only way forward, I found 128GB of RAM, MongoDB 5 didn't run on Ubuntu 22.04, and books in libraries.

  • On April 24 my supermarket had a mochi aisle, how to delete the EFI system partition and how to fix your computer after deleting the EFI system partition and breaking it, Atlassian - not down this time, just hacked, and the Apple cable conspiracy.

  • On April 25 moving Disney World to New York City, Ryzen 7000 would be DDR5 only - and is, and Twitter's board of directors forgot Rule One of Holes.

  • On April 26 Elon Musk bought Twitter and I offered my own checklist of what he needed to do - which he did, Elon Musk bought Twitter and the usual suspects had a meltdown - which we enjoyed, Elon Musk bought twitter and free speech experts were worried about the prospect of free speech, and Elon Musk bought Twitter but we would have to wait six months for the Great Defenestration to commence.

  • On April 27 the left broke out in hives at the prospect of free speech, I told Elon to close all of Twitter's European offices immediately and again it was good advice, the Erie Railroad War of 1869, and I couldn't come to work because (checks clay tablet) a scorpion bit me while I was brewing beer.

  • On April 28 we precelebrated the inevitable firing of Vijaya Gadde, Coca-Cola, now with 3.5 grams of cocaine in every - hmm - approximately eight gallons, everything but the kitchen sink and the four essential keys, and fucking QNAP again.

  • On April 29 all declarations are crap unless they involve cannons, not QNAP this time, Qualcomm planned a chip that didn't suck, and Amazon lost $3.8 billion, half of it on free shipping to my place.

  • On April 30 the FBI was the second largest organised criminal gang in the world, don't hire communists you idiots, fuck China twice, and no, you're just idiots.

Disclaimer: First Rule of Holes: When in one, don't fill it with gasoline and strike a match.

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Thursday, December 22


Daily News Stuff 22 December 2022

Defried Beans Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • Intel's P-series laptop chips were a mistake.  (The Verge)

    Actually, the 12th-generation U series with only two full-sized cores was the mistake.  That mistake is why the P series needed to be created, and that is what led to lousy battery life in the current generation of notebooks.

    The author of the article thinks the U series is the perfect balance of battery life and lack of power.  The author of the article doesn't use any software more sophisticated than Notepad.

  • Ceci n'est pas une NAS.  (Serve the Home)

    It's got 22 drive bays and four network ports.  Pretty sure it is, guys.

  • Need to emulate a PDP-8?  An HP3000?  A Data General Nova?  OpenSIMH has you covered.  (GitHub)

    I'm not sure how many classic minicomputers this emulates but it hits most of the popular ones - including at least 19 variants of the VAX.

  • No shit, Sherlock: Elon Musk was looking for a CEO for Twitter even before posting the poll asking if he should step down.  (The Verge)

    What tipped you off, genius?  His regular posts saying he was looking for a CEO for Twitter?  Him publicly offering the job to someone?


  • On March 1 Ukrain got internet access, Australia lost internet access, and Toyota shut down 28 production lines just in time.
  • On March 2 hackers hacked, chips benched, drives driven, and smaller, faster, cheaper - pick at most one.
  • On March 3 UCIe was PCIe for chips - which PCIe is also for, caching in on Nvidia's next generation, and Apple announced an announcement.

  • On March 4 don't mention the war, a good $143 CPU, and a twelve core NUC, sort of.
  • On March 5 in the only intelligent move the country made all year Russia banned Twitter and Facebook, the FCC cracked down on crap, the great neon shortage, and Western Digital's new NAS drives were kind of useless for NASes.
  • On March 6 the Flow 13 didn't, Threadripper 5000 did, our ovens were full of eels, and we explained vtubers (though not Haachama).

  • On March 7 Ryoko was on the loose, Nvidia launched the 3090 Ti - again, Australia introduced garbage internet legislation, and Russia was basically fucked.
  • On March 8 the Asus Vivobook Pro 15 OLED scored a resounding Meh, Britain approved production of modular nuclear reactors, and dirty pipes ruined everyone's day.
  • On March 9 Apple's Mac Studio arrived, and a new iPad, and that monitor turned out to be less insanely expensive than feared but still insanely expensive.

  • On March 10 I found another house I ended up not buying, cPanel announced support for Ubuntu, and Congress gave literally dozens of dollars to NASA for its new Moon program.
  • On March 11 things do not go according to keikaku at Polygon, Apple as planning a new Mac Mini - which still has not made an appearance, and someone dumped 800GB of Russian internet regulator Rozkozmozdanoz's files onto the internet.
  • On March 12 it didn't rain for three entire days, Russia also banned Instagram so that was two smart things, Axios was garbage, so was Lenovo, so was Twitter but that was nothing new, and Tether got shorted.

  • On March 13 the fastest CPU in the world was from AMD - again, plugging the Pi Pico into your C64, and the freezer framed us.
  • On March 14 somebody sneezed and global electronics manufacturing hub Shenzhen went into lockdown, and anti-spam measures that simply create new types of spam.
  • On March 15 Microsoft was adding ads to everything - again, QNAP - again, Twitter undid the most recent stupid thing they did - again, a privilege escalation bug in Linux - again, and Google denied doing what it was doing - still.

  • On March 16 China could catch up with Intel by 2025 - if Intel got hit by an asteroid and set back 20 years, the goggles did nothing, and AMD introduced the 5800X3D, which despite subsequent launches from AMD and Intel is still perhaps the fastest gaming CPU available.
  • On March 17 graphics cards got very slightly cheaper, hybrid atoms were surprisingly normal, and okay then, that was always allowed.
  • On March 18 inside the Mac Meh-ni, Apple's M1 Ultra showed the future of chip design within a single very specific niche, no ragrats, China went double plus Orwell, and the EU issued a formal complaint that Microsoft's datacenters weren't on fire.

  • On March 19 we got some retrospective perspective on graphics card prices, how Zillow didn't get its groove back, Node.js was a disaster - again, the win that wasn't, and Minnesota banned Haachama.
  • On March 20 it took longer to complete a single environmental impact study than it did to build an entire subway line in 1904, the 3090 Ti was extremely not worth it, and a new grand unified field theory explained both gravity and Twitter.
  • On March 21 sleeping with the light on killed people, where sleeping with the light off merely meant the monster under the bed would eat your feet, DRAMless and QLC was a match made in Hell, half of Shenzhen half left lockdown, and a possibly radioactive 3D printer.

  • On March 22 the internet was back on, a new experiment t detect dark matter conclusively showed nothing, and don't buy an iPad, not even the 27" model.
  • On March 23 I found the house I wanted - and failed to get, the promise was a lie, inattentive idiots had a bad day, and the creator of Ethereum dissed the ugly monkey JPEG crowd.
  • On March 24 another one that got away, "stablecoin" Cashio lost 99.995% of its value overnight because oops, Apple's new 20 core CPU was nearly as fast as AMD's 12 core model, just buy the EXOS, Node developers were idiots, and I finally got the opportunity to upgrade my internet - sometime after I would be moving to a new house with faster internet anyway.

  • On March 25 LAPSU$ Darknesss was arrested, Nestle wasn't hacked - they were just dumb, another reminder of just how bad graphics card prices were, and Pipkin Pippa went house hunting - with a .30-06.
  • On March 26 the New York Times published something egregiously stupid about crypto which was set to become a theme for the year, the EU regulated stuff that it couldn't regulate, and don't make your Redis nodes public. Just don't.
  • On March 27 air-cooled SSDs, Baldur's Gate 3 might not suck - if it ever gets finished, and the Ubuntu story that wasn't.

  • On March 28 we explored the house of minus seven doors, the Salton Sea contained enough lithium to stabilise almost half of San Francisco, and slow down to speed up - not just for orbital mechanics anymore.
  • On March 29 a pretty good motherboard, MIT planted a fresh crop of morons (and not the fun kind), and the car dealership did it.
  • On March 30 Axie Infinity's crypto platform got hacked and thieves stole $620 million, what price 1km of CAT5, HP's FX900 Pro SSD didn't suck but Ubiquiti did, and Sydney acquired sandworms.

  • On March 31 YouTube added 100 free TV shows that you couldn't find, phenylephrine didn't work, and QNAP again.

Disclaimer: The Radeon 7900 XT might seem expensive, but it is the same price the base Radeon 6800 was in March.  Which is, and was, well, expensive.  Not sure where I was going with this.  Burma Shave.

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