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Daily News Stuff 8 September 2022

Do As I Do, Not As I Say Edition

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  • When Disney was looking to buy Twitter back in 2016, they dropped the idea not because the site was awash with bots, but because the real users were assholes.  (Vox)

    You can totally understand a nominally family-oriented company like Disney keeping a long, long way away from Twitter.

    But the takeaway from this new interview with former Disney CEO Bob Iger is that the site is flooded with bots, not Twitter's official five percent fairy tale.

    Elon Musk took note.

Tech News


A pretty good rendition of one of my characters, though it takes some convincing to get Midjourney to give a young character grey hair.

And another, unrelated:

It's really quite good at head-and-shoulders shots.  If they can just teach it that arms end with hands, it will be stellar.

Disclaimer: But you can flip the table.

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1 Finally, Intel's got integrated graphics that beat AMD!

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, September 09 2022 12:12 AM (BMUHC)

2 I'm not sure how to feel about integrated graphics.  I mostly use laptops, and I don't do any gaming that would stress even the ol' haswell integrated graphics, but I do like to watch movies on a 4k monitor every once in a while.  I'm pretty sure everything out there can drive 4k now, though.

Posted by: normal at Friday, September 09 2022 01:02 AM (LADmw)

3 Hey Pixy!  Your Midjourney results are fantastic.  Really enjoy your posts and learn a lot from them.  Cheers!

Posted by: Starry Knight at Friday, September 09 2022 03:50 AM (a0Eva)

4 Thanks!  There are some real wizards on the Midjourney Discord server though, people who can get arms with hands on the ends and things like that.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, September 09 2022 12:08 PM (PiXy!)

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