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Package, Package Number Nine Edition

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  • ChatGPT is artificial general intelligence for the easily impressed.  (Bleeping Computer)

    According to one person on Twitter, this is all the tech world has been talking about for days.  (They were complaining that the New York Times was only talking about Elon Musk, as if the New York Times could cogently report on a new generation of language inference engine.)

    I'm less impressed by ChatGPT than Stable Diffusion, because while Stable Diffusion does something I'm bad at - it's bad at it too, and has no understanding of what its mistakes are, but it can generate interesting results that I cannot in any reasonable time frame - while Stable Diffusion does something I'm bad at, badly, but frequently better than I can do, ChatGPT does things I'm good at, badly, and cannot learn from its mistakes.

    If you're bad at writing very simple code or bullshit term papers for some mandatory general studies class, ChatGPT might be just what you need.  But for the most part, it's a toy.

    The internet is already awash with awful AI-generated sites that clog up search results.  This will only lead to more of them, though they might be slightly less awful.

  • I say it's a toy for the most part because if there's one thing you'd expect a language inference engine to understand, it's language and if this example is real it sort of does.  (Maximum Effort)

    It makes some mistakes, because at a surface level it's still using probabilistic pattern matching, but when carefully coached the results are something that an imaginative ten-year-old might come up with.

    Which is not a slam because one of the great early demonstrations of AI was about the level of a four-year-old.

  • As mentioned on my blog earlier, I'm getting a new server cluster.  Two 5950X systems with 128GB of RAM and a ZFS storage server with 120TB of disk, all connected with 10Gb Ethernet.

    This is way more than I currently need but the post-Black Friday sale price was too good to pass up.  I'm basically upgrading my three existing servers (one of which is dead) to twice the size for about another $10 a month.

    They'll all be in one place, which is great because I get that super fast private network and can set up some degree of clustering and redundancy.

    So long as that place doesn't catch fire.

    But how likely is that to happen again?

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1 Nobody does a better job of selling the benefits of cash than the people telling us to not use cash.

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