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Daily News Stuff 26 July 2022

Yes We Have No 4k Edition

Top Story

  • Nvidia's flagship 4000-series graphics card could feature 18,176 cores and 48GB of RAM, and use as much as 800W.  (WCCFTech)

    Or not.

    That would make it about 75% larger than the 3090 Ti, and it's also expected to clock about 60% higher, for three times the overall performance.

    The card should hit about 100TFLOPs.  My Radeon 4850 - this was a while ago, back when Mass Effect and Dragon Age were fresh and I still had time to play computer games - ran at exactly 1TFLOPs.  I played Mass Effect at 720p and I remember the game tended to chug when I got into large battles with the Reapers.

    So the 4090 Ultra (or whatever it might be called) should handle 12k resolution with some slowdowns, or 8k gaming at a steady 60Hz.  Very approximately.

    AMD meanwhile is also set to announce new cards, and their high end next-gen cards are also expected to be three times as fast as anything available today.

    Likely to be three times as expensive as well.

Tech News

  • You can't custom build a Lego minifig of yourself for $12.  (Jay's Brick Blog)

    Which is to say there's a new online tool to let you do this, and that is in fact the price, but it's almost universally inaccessible.  Certainly in Australia.

    I can create semi-custom minifigs here downunder with their previous tool, which is much, much cheaper (three for A$10) but has less variety in hairstyles and clothing.

    I actually started making my own set of Lego HoloEN, but there aren't any redheads available, or green hair either.  At least there's blue.

  • Instagram desperately wants to be the new TikTok.  (Tech Crunch)

    TikTok is of course a screaming, burning sewer, but it's a screaming, burning sewer that makes money, or doesn't make money but at least that gets lots of clicks, or doesn't get lots of clicks but does gather up endless amounts of personal information that is basically useless but which advertisers are willing to pay for...  Or were.

  • Intel has picked up Mediatek as its first* significant foundry customer.  (The Register)

    * Sort of.  Altera was Intel's first foundry customer, but then Intel bought them shortly after so it turned into just Intel making more Intel chips at Intel fabs for Intel.

Disclaimer: They have a magnifying glass, a chicken, a rat, an apple - green rather than gold but near enough.  No scythe but at least an axe, no trident, a laptop rather than a tablet but good enough, a sword in place of clock hands but near enough, but no forbidden gummy worm / three-legged crow that lives at the heart of the Sun so drawing a blank there.

Update: Didn't really have anything for Mumei, so I gave her a lizard. Gura got a bow, so that works.

And IRyS got a big grin and a baseball bat.

Update Two: I went through the pick-a-brick section on the Lego site, and found red and green hair - and purple for IRyS - and a war axe for Calli to replace the fireman's axe.  Also it seems if you put more than 210 distinct pick-a-brick items in your bag the site stops working.  Don't ask me how I discovered that.

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