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Sunday, December 17


Netflix: Erased

Erased, a.k.a. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, is one of my favourite anime shows of the past couple of years.  Beautifully animated, tightly scripted, perfectly acted, and emotionally intense.

There's also a Japanese live action movie that I haven't seen.

And now a Netflix series.

I think I'm going to decide it's really good but never actually watch it, rather than destroying my last remaining faith in humanity.

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Thursday, December 14


Heading To Vegas

If you have any interest in video editing, this is a really good deal.  The current Humble Bundle offers Vegas Pro (normally $399 by itself) and a bunch of other applications for visual and audio effects, graphics, and music, for a total of $20.

Update: Small catch, it's Vegas 14 and they just released Vegas 15.  Still, 95% off not counting all the other bits in the bundle.

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Monday, December 04


Tohru Gets Reviewed

The first 13 minutes are mostly about toilets, so I've set it to skip that part.

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Saturday, December 02


Server Migration

We'll be moving servers either next weekend or the following one.

The current server is kind of expensive, and I've kept it around because moving servers is a pain.  Thanks to a post-Black-Friday special offer and account credit with another hosting provider, I've managed to bag a new server with basically the same capacity for just $107.10 for the next 12 months.  Not $107.10 per month, but for the entire year.  (More thereafter, but still a fraction of what I spend currently.)

I'll get things in gear tomorrow and most likely do the migration next weekend, so that it's all bedded down well before Christmas.

Update: The server is named Mikan, which is one of my roster of anime-schoolgirl-goddess-colour-names.*

I couldn't remember where I took the name Mikan from.  I did a quick Google and aha!  Gakuen Alice.  I haven't thought about Gakuen Alice in years.  Now I want to go watch it again.

* That is, the / / mee.* servers are all named after anime schoolgirls who are also goddesses (or at least magical) and whose names are also colours.  There's more of those than you might think.

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