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Hating On Butterflies Edition

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  • Nvidia's RTX 4090 is here and it's every bit as expensive as we were promised.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Is it fast, though?

    Yes.  If you play games at 4K, it's 50% faster than the 3090 Ti and 60% faster than AMD's 6950 XT.  If you play games at 4K with ray tracing and AI upscaling - which you don't, because that would have been a miserable experience with any existing card - it averages four times the speed of the RTX 3080. 

    And for compute workloads like Blender rendering it's about 80% faster than the 3090 Ti, which was previously the fastest card available for that task.

    The Founders' Edition would fit in my case, as it turns out - it's a triple slot card, not a four-slot monstrosity like some of the custom versions.

    Question is do I want to drop a monthly mortgage payment on a graphics card when I rarely play anything more demanding than Minecraft?  I can justify a fast CPU because my CPU basically runs flat out fifteen hours of every day,  but I think I can dial back on the GPU a notch or two.  Or four, honestly.

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1 It'd be real nice if graphics hardware actually did what all previous electronics did and came *down* in price at some point.
I use the really high-powered graphics cards as math co-processors for numerical simulations. The cuda programming language makes it extremely simple to write applications, but it ties me to Nvidia. (Also, there are various cross-compilers for scripting languages, like mexcuda for matlab.) 
It's been a while since I looked at OpenCL - Not sure if it's still a going thing. You mentioned AMD getting into the graphics card space? If so, language support would be critical.

Posted by: anonymouse at Wednesday, October 12 2022 10:52 PM (hRoyQ)

2 "Question is do I want to drop a monthly mortgage payment on a graphics card when I rarely play anything more demanding than Minecraft?"
It's just crazy expensive, and don't forget that whole 450W thing.  That's a lot of heat to dump.
My RX 6800 is flaky and Gigabyte failed to fix it so now I'm struggling to keep from buying a new card when the RX 7000s will be announed in a month.  It helps that there kind of aren't any easily-available 6800 or 6800XTs right now, because I have to drop to a 67x0 or increase to a 69x0.  But the sad thing about that is, becauase massive price drops happened just after the return window closed, so I could get something like the Sapphire 6950 Nitro+ SE for at least $100 less than I paid for my 6800.  *sob*
(Oh, Amazon has my card for $599.  That hurts.)

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, October 13 2022 02:00 AM (BMUHC)

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