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Daily News Stuff 14 July 2022

Wherefore Art They Now Edition

Top Story

  • Delutaya, Kson, Namie.

    If you're deep enough into the rabbit hole to know one of those names, the others might be worth checking out.

  • Google is slowing down hiring for the rest of the year.  (WSJ)

    That doesn't sound particularly significant, but the company hires about 10,000 people per quarter.

    CEO Sundar Pichai declined to comment in depth, saying only that the company had "filled its quota of useless commie boat anchors" and was looking for people who would actually do something in return for their salaries.

Tech News

  • 94% of companies have faced an online attack in the past year.  (CSO Online)

    The other 6% also faced an online attack and were too busy to answer a freaking poll right now because their website was down.

  • The Chinese Wikipedia section on Russia was a work of elaborate fiction.  (Vice)

    Apparently one woman wrote or edited 300 separate articles, inventing politics, history, and references from whole cloth.  All the articles linked together and confirmed each other's details, making the fable tricky to spot unless you looked, well, anywhere other than Wikipedia.

    Some of the articles were even translated and added to other editions of Wikipedia, because nobody ever bothers to check if something that sounds good is actually true.

How It Started Music Video of the Day

How It's Going Music Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Never underestimate the power of weaponised autism.

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