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Daily News Stuff 19 June 2022

Late Final Extra Edition

Tech News

Update: Well, that was no fun.  Takeoff was delayed due to mechanical problems, as in, they had to find another plane somewhere and fly it in.  Landing was delayed due to weather.  Train home was delayed due to the fact that THERE WERE NO TRAINS HOME.

So by the time I got home all the shops and takeaway places were shut, and I got to have cold baked beans for dinner because Old House is nearly empty now.

It's supposed to be completely empty, but this past week did not permit that.

Today's flight was on a Dash 8-200, the smallest plane so far, a 36-seater.  It has the same engines as the larger Dash 8-300, so it takes off in no distance at all.  Throttle up and the wheels aren't touching the ground anymore.  It does mean though that every window looks out on the engines.

Disclaimer: Oh not.

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