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Disclaimer: Vanilla ice cream comes from white cows.  In snow.

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1 Dear Pixie;
In case there's a conflict of interest, I submit this technical question a day early and will understand if you can't provide an answer.
Windows 10, Firefox Broswer, uBlock Origin
I swear up until a few months ago, I was getting no ads at Ace of Spades. Now I do. I'm not adblocker savvy, but please - in the name of all that's decent - can you give me instructions on how to get rid of the freaking toe fungus ad at AOS???

Posted by: furball321 at Friday, April 22 2022 11:28 PM (n+R81)

2 Sorry for the trouble, ma'am. Someone turned me on to a way to block Ace's ads. It's kind of extreme, but it's worth it not to see those images!

Posted by: furball at Friday, April 22 2022 11:48 PM (n+R81)

3 I don't like blocking the ads at Ace's, but those toe fungus ones are gross, so I did it.
I love that RTX 4090 "mockup" that's the thumbnail of the MLID video at WCCFTech, with giant Comic Sans letters.  That seems about right, except that it's not RGB.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, April 22 2022 11:54 PM (Z0GF0)

4 Rather than Musk actually planning to buy twitter, I'd like to think this is all part of a plot to make the woke idiots self-destruct in a very public way.

The enemy of my enemy is someone I'll help get the shit beat out of fighting my enemy instead of me.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, April 23 2022 12:42 AM (LADmw)

5 Pixy, for whatever reason, I no longer get a Favicon(?) on my tabs for the side of things, this is on Win 7pro and Win 10 pro/ultra on the latest Chrome Browser and...(hangs head in shame) the latest Pale Moon browser. I'll live without it but figured I'd mention it.

-Bob in Texas.

Posted by: Bob in Houston at Saturday, April 23 2022 01:45 PM (IC7R4)

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