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Daily News Stuff 17 March 2022

Building Better Butter Bugs Edition

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  • Nvidia has quietly cut the cost of its GPU chips to graphics card makers by 8-12%.  (WCCFTech)

    Does this mean the price of graphics cards is finally coming down?


    Apparently, yes.  Still well over MSRP, but much less over MSRP than previously.  AMD CPU and GPU prices are also down, though their GPU prices weren't marked up as much as Nvidia's and haven't come down as sharply.

    Plus DDR5 RAM is now in stock and only twice the price of DDR4.

    I'm not in the market having (a) just bought two laptops and (b) to move house shortly, so I'll just have to hope prices are still low six months from now or that the new insect overlords are at least relatively benign.

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Party Like It's 1980-ish Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Plus, tubular bells.

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1 I mean, you already have the right to not read emails.  If you pass stupid laws to prevent being fired for not reading emails, they'll just fire you for being insufficiently woke or something.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, March 17 2022 09:34 PM (obo9H)

2 sad to say, the Russia/Belarus thing probably isn't peak woke insanity in tech.

I like Sherman, Bomber Harris, Genghis Khan and everyone else fine, but indiscriminate attacks on an enemy population are not okay to carry out after only your  own decision as a private citizen. 

Codes of Conduct/DIE are actively harmful, because civilization comes with values that aligns conservative, and you can that trust folks from weirdo academic traditions will not behave in a peaceful manner. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, March 18 2022 04:24 AM (r9O5h)

3 I have a suspicion that after the first few names of do-gooders get added to a SVR 'term' list, the number of do-gooders who want to do good will take the same swan dive that occurred when similar fellows wanted to do things to the Zetas, only to hear that the Zetas were not impressed.

Posted by: cxt217 at Friday, March 18 2022 11:09 AM (MuaLM)

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