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Daily News Stuff 16 June 2022

JTL Edition

Disclaimer: No thing like an old thing.

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Posted by: normal at Thursday, June 16 2022 09:41 PM (obo9H)

2 God bless the enter key, the tab key, the notion of "next field" and "post comment" and all the little insects that live in the trees, FFS.  I was going to make fun of the Canva article by stating that "We Put Half of a Million Files In One Git Repository, (and) Here's What We Learned" five tims in my opening paragraph because why can't these college educated dundermoogles write?  Does the modern equivalent of Strunk & White (spit) outright tell these idiots to repeat themselves like a chirpy little . . . you know, I'm just going to stop.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, June 16 2022 09:48 PM (obo9H)

3 Pixy, on your June 2 post, I asked a question about what BBCodes work properly over at Ace of Spades HQ.  Didn't get an answer - probably because you're stuck in "moving hell".

In short:  Italics open/close BBcode tags work just fine there, but quote tags don't, and I'm looking for the BBCode guide for Ace's site that covers what tags do work.  They don't have a help page like you do either.

I'm trying to avoid having to hand-code/edit html for every comment.  That's a whole lot of opportunities for me to screw up and I'm trying to avoid that, especially given they don't have a preview button over there.

Posted by: Grumpy and Recalcitrant at Thursday, June 16 2022 11:13 PM (nRMeC)

4 I really like the new update for this  geometry dash lite laptop model

Posted by: Mike23 at Friday, February 16 2024 02:44 PM (RiMnX)

5 These updates provide a glimpse into the world of technology, spanning renewable energy, legal matters, retro bowl software development, and semiconductor advancements.

Posted by: timothyferriss at Friday, March 08 2024 12:00 PM (3MHjG)

6 From solar advancements to legal fnaf game developments and tech benchmarks, there's a lot happening.

Posted by: jeffreestar at Thursday, July 11 2024 01:55 PM (Y5pi1)

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