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Daily News Stuff 27 July 2022

Catification Edition

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  • Sales of Xbox consoles, software, and online services were all down in the quarter ending June 30.  (WCCFTech)

    Does that mean I can finally get an Xbox series X?

    No, don't be silly.  And don't even bother looking for a PS5.

  • Trees don't exist.  (Eukaryote Writes)

    Not that there aren't things called trees, but rather phylogenetically it is impossible to draw a line around the things we call trees.  It's hard enough with crabs - king crabs, for example, aren't crabs, and nor are coconut crabs or hermit crabs.  Crabbiness has evolved at least five times independently.

    But treeness has evolved independently at least thirty-eight times in the Canary Islands alone.  Herbaceous plants freely evolve into trees and back again, completely destroying any hope of a neat evolutionary tree of trees.

Tech News

Disclaimer: It is a lot.

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1 Hololive has a very ...weird... thing going on in regards to the flow of time. Like, Sora is kind of held up as this Giant Veteran of the Industry by her colleagues - who have been vtubers for only six months or a year less than her, in an entertainment format that's only really existed for Five.

Posted by: Karl at Thursday, July 28 2022 04:35 AM (e8dSa)

2 Well, apart from being instrumental in creating Hololive as an agency (at the time, "Hololive" was the name of the iPhone app they use), she is unfailingly polite both in person (according to everyone who has interacted with her) and in character.  

Sora being the perfect idol frees the rest of the talents to be a bunch of chaos monkeys.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, July 28 2022 08:32 AM (PiXy!)

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