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Daily News Stuff 16 November 2022

Objects In The Mirror Edition

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  • Tech industry job cuts are overblown.  (Protocol)
    Silicon Valley will likely see a culture shift after all the carnage at Twitter, Meta, and elsewhere, but it won’t be a long-term switch, according to Church and Crivello.

    Crivello predicted that engineers' lives would become 20% more intense for a year or so before going back to normal. It’s "just economics," he said.

    "Historically, there has been infinite demand for engineers and very little supply," Crivello said. "These companies have very little leverage."
    Well that's good to hear.  Thanks to the tireless journalists at Protocol for clearing that up.

  • Tech news site Protocol is closing its doors and laying off its entire staff.  (CNN)


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1 "He's looking for investors so he can pay back the billions of dollars he stole from the first lot of investors."
Well, look, all those suckers gave him money once already, might as well try to hit 'em again.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, November 17 2022 12:51 AM (BMUHC)

2 Artemis is apparently mostly only funded for the purposes of race and sex war nutjobbery. 

If the FTD had improperly activated this flight, we would have avoided the risk of them trying to push through the 2 and 3 missions, when actual human lives would be at risk. 

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Thursday, November 17 2022 03:29 AM (r9O5h)

3 So he's basically pivoting to an "honest" Ponzi scheme?

Posted by: benzeen at Thursday, November 17 2022 03:32 AM (/p5qM)

4 Lo!  Decades ago, when Hall & Oates still roamed the Earth, you would still get the occasional chain-letter with the ol' "Send $10 to the person who sent you this letter and send a personalized copy of this letter to 10 people you know . . ."  What I'm saying is that pretty much every pyramid scheme is honest about what it is, at least if you bother to read what the schemers actually say, except the part where every one of them denies that their blatent pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme.  If you're over 10 years old and you get taken in, you deserve what you get (and fuck everyone who voted for the S&L bailout, and everyone who voted for TARP, and everyone in between and on both ends, too.  I wholley support jailing &/or sterilizing anyone who demands a bailout for their gullibility.  Take your loss, own up to it, or please fail to reproduce)

Posted by: normal at Friday, November 18 2022 01:09 AM (LADmw)

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