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Daily News Stuff 8 August 2022

The Menace From Earth Edition

Top Story

  • If you absolutely need an RTX 3090 Ti This is your lucky day. (Tom's Hardware)

    EVGA has slashed the prices on two models by close to 50% to a merely exorbitant $1149 and $1199.

    This sort of price cut does suggest the RTX 4000 range are (a) close and (b) a significant upgrade over current cards - enough that existing inventory will be dead weight once the new cards ship.

Tech News

  • The best thing we can do with JavaScript is retire it. (Dev Class)

    Well, the second best thing we can do with JavaScript is retire it. The best thing is to take it out the barn and kill it with an axe. And a chainsaw. And ten gallons of kerosene and a box of matches.

    What the person saying this - Douglas Crockford, inventor of JSON - wants to replace the world's most popular programming language with is E:
    The E language provides a convenient and familiar notation for the ELib computational model, so you can program in one model rather than two. Under the covers, this notation expands into Kernel-E, a minimalist lambda-language much like Scheme or Smalltalk.
    Objects written in the E language are only able to interact with other objects according to ELib's semantics, enabling object granularity intra-process security, including the ability to safely run untrusted mobile code (such as caplets).
    Yeah, I suspect you may have your work cut out there.

  • Do not disturb is no longer enough. (The Register)

    We need a STFU mode for computers and mobile devices.

  • Build your own Windows tablet. (Instructables)

    A large, heavy, power-hungry Windows tablet, based on laptop gizzards, but still.

The True Story Video of the Day

Yep, it was the ice cream truck scene.

Disclaimer: Do not taunt happy fun owl.

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1 "Notifications have changed from being a targeted line of app-to-user communication into a free-for-all of trivial one-sided chatter. And there seems to be no way of switching it all off."
I agree with the general thrust of the article, and you shouldn't have to go to this much effort, but in recentish Android versions, on a per-app basis, you can deny notification permissions.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, August 08 2022 11:18 PM (kbV78)

2 I appreciate that the Instructables guy went to the effort of designing and printing a tray to hold all the parts he'd need to assemble a Framework, although the amount of effort involved must surely outweigh the value of the end product unless you're building these in bulk.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, August 08 2022 11:21 PM (kbV78)

3 You know, that old PalmOS worked quite well.  Which is probably why you don't see it anywhere anymore.

Posted by: normal at Monday, August 08 2022 11:23 PM (LADmw)

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