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Daily News Stuff 20 July 2022

Bat Soup Edition

Top Story

  • Everything continues to go perfectly as planned with no delays or interruptions.

  • An Italian court has ordered Cloudflare to block three BitTorrent sites from its DNS service.  (TorrentFreak)

    This is an important case, because:

    1. The sites are not hosted in Italy.
    2. Cloudflare is not an Italian company.
    3. Cloudflare does not host these sites.
    4. Cloudflare does not provide DNS services for these sites.

    Cloudflare runs an open DNS service that allows anyone to look up the IP address for any website anyway.  The Italian courts have basically said you cannot provide public access to public information.

    Cloudflare has filed an appeal.

    You can easily run your own DNS server, but these recent services -,, and - are fast, convenient, and reliable, so it's far less common to do so.  Might be time to start again.

Tech News

  • Western Digital's 22TB drives are available at retail now.  (AnandTech)

    In any colour as long is it's gold, or red, or purple.

    Buy the gold.  Unless low power consumption is critical, the gold enterprise model is better than the red NAS model in every way, for the same price.

    In fact, if that error rate is correct for the red model, it's trash and should be avoided entirely.

  • Need a big chunky all-AMD gaming laptop with a 4k 120Hz display and at least moderately useful battery life?  The Alienware m17 R5 might be it.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It has AMD's latest Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU - not a big advance over the 5900HX except on integrated graphics, which may or may not matter in a gaming laptop - and Radeon RX6850M XT graphics with 12GB of VRAM - basically a desktop 6700 XT.

    While no gaming laptop is going to last long on battery while playing games, it did last six hours for a combination of web browsing, video playback, and OpenGL.  The old R4 model managed two.

    That's likely because it can switch to the integrated graphics when you're not playing games, probably cutting the power consumption by, well, two thirds.

  • For any (computer-related) X, build your own X.  (GitHub)

    And yes, the list includes a guide to building your own X.

Disclaimer: What else rhymes with baby?  Trying to work it into a sonnet and the CDCDCD rhyme scheme at the end is killing me.

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1 Lady?  Gravy?  Navy?  Toady?  Randy?  If you mispronounce it, Table might work.

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, July 20 2022 09:27 PM (obo9H)

2 maybe

Posted by: furball321 at Thursday, July 21 2022 07:01 PM (n+R81)

3 Well, that's the one.  In the end, it sufficed.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, July 21 2022 11:21 PM (PiXy!)

4 furball321:  Maybe Baby - I see you are a Buddy Holly Fan.

Posted by: Frank at Friday, July 22 2022 01:48 AM (rglbH)

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