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It Puts The Books In The Boxes Edition

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  • There's a Girl Genius Kickstarter for the latest volume.  They have a backer tier that gives you a physical copy of every book in the series (20 in all).  Kind of expensive but it's 20 books.

    Except they warn that shipping to Australia is likely to cost more than the books themselves.  Yay.  PDFs it is.

  • YikYak is exposing the live GPS co-ordinates of all its users.  (The Response Times)

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • It may be impossible to de-extinct a species, but let's do it anyway.  (Quanta)

    Only one species has been de-extincted so far, and it wasn't a huge success - the cloned ibex died shortly after being born.

    But if you get a big hairy cold-adapted elephant that has mostly mammoth genes, how much are you going to quibble?  Also it could solve global warming.

  • This early iPodPhone design is actually pretty cool.  (9to5Mac)

    There's a reason Apple went for the all-screen design, but I do like this concept.  The lower half pivots so you can use the click wheel or a keypad.

  • The Asus ZenBook Pro 16X OLED is kind of neat.  (Liliputing)

    Core i9 12900H (6+8 cores), RTX 3060 graphics, 4K 16" OLED display, 32GB of (soldered) LPDDR5 RAM - I'd prefer SODIMMs but at least it's 32GB and not just 16 - and up to 2TB of SSD.  And the Four Essential Keys and a little dial thingy next to the keypad.

  • The Asus ZenBook Pro 14 Duo is also kind of neat.  (Liliputing)

    It has a 14" main screen - 2880x1800 pixel OLED with a 120Hz refresh rate - and also a second, touch-sensitive screen above the keyboard that is 2880x864.  Also supports the i9-12900H and an RTX 3050 Ti.  Again up to 32GB RAM and 2TB of SSD.  It doesn't have the Four Essential Keys but that's not because they forgot; there is literally nowhere to put them.

  • The Asus Zenbook S 13 isn't too bad either of you don't need a powerhouse system.  (Liliputing)

    It has the brand new Ryzen 6800U, 16GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD, and a 13" 2880x1800 OLED display, and weighs just 1kg.

    None of them are particularly cheap though.

Disclaimer: I will put them on a list, and they'll none of them be missed.

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