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Daily News Stuff 12 November 2022

I Never Use The Numpad Edition

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  • The third shoe has dropped at Twitter with more senior staff leaving the company.  (New York Post)

    Most notable is Yoel Roth, head of the Censorship and Intimidation department, and Chief Book Burner after the unceremonious departure of the toxic Vijaya Gadde.  Elon Musk had given Roth his support, but evidently the two did not see eye to eye on the mission.  Roth appeared to be a true believer in management by censorship, even if not quite as vapidly doctrinaire as his former boss.

    Roth was directly involved in the 2020 censoring of the New York Post's Laptop from Hell story, so they are not sad to see him gone. 

    Despite his obvious bias and general ill-intent, he did have some good points:
    In other tweets dating back to 2016 and 2017, Roth dubbed Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell a "personality-free bag of farts".
    Not inaccurate.

    Also out are Damien Kieran, the Chief Abusing Users' Personal Data for Fun and Profit Officer, and Lea Kissner, who filled the role of Chief Help Me I'm in Charge of Data Security at a Company Full of Communists Officer.

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Disclaimer: Owls are intrinsically funny.

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