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Saturday, November 30


Daily News Stuff 30 November 2019

Negotiating The Price Edition

Tech News

  • At least they didn't sell themselves cheap: The .org domain sold for $1.135 billion.

    Further discussion and links here.  (Hacker News)

  • AMD's Threadripper 3970X presents a much more uniform memory architecture than the 2990WX, with fewer but faster chip-to-chip links and a central memory controller.

    This is good news for Windows users delivering performance generally competitive with Linux.  (Phoronix)

    Windows is still slowest overall (compared to several flavours of Linux across ten pages of benchmarks) but not by much.

    Threadripper was originally a low-cost low-risk play for the workstation market, and it was good enough to create a niche for itself.  Threadripper 3 is a much better design and no longer the underdog.

  • Your smart TV tracks everything you do.  (Washington Post)

    That page - you probably don't want to click on it - uses 78 cookies and 195 local storage entries.

  • Yes, still slow news time.  At least tech news.  At least good tech news.

  • Oh.  MongoDB 4.2 doesn't support Lucene search.  MongoDB's SAAS platform based on MongoDB 4.2 supports Lucene search.  Unfortunately it would cost us our entire server budget, and we'd have to switch hosting providers.

    So I'll be stuck with Elasticsearch for a while yet it seems.

  • Was doing some coding in Crystal today.  Nothing complicated - a data collector for server monitoring - but I wanted a portable, static binary and I didn't want to use Go.

    Good news: Once I got past the obvious errors (mostly compile time errors due to this being the first real Crystal code I've written, plus other things like not calling the right method in my own code) it worked.  No weird runtime nonsense, no fussing about with JSON-encoding my hash.  It scooped up the server status and squirted it over to the data collector (written in Python).

    Good news: The static binary, built on WSL running Ubuntu 18.04, runs just fine on an old CentOS 6 system.

    Bad news: It's 5MB stripped.  The linker isn't at all smart about removing unused libraries, and when I added the HTTP client library it hauled in a few megabytes of dependencies.

    Good news: Still builds in 8 seconds even with all that baggage.

Suddenly Topical Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Just don't let them touch your balls.

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Friday, November 29


Daily News Stuff 29 November 2019

Five Parts Turkey Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: Burp.

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Thursday, November 28


Daily News Stuff 28 November 2019

As God Is My Witness Edition

Tech News

Video of the Day

Intel's Core i9-10980XE is half the price of its predecessor - and still can't compete.

Disclaimer: A service fee may apply when summoning Cthulhu after 6PM or on weekends or public holidays.  Sales tax and gratuity not included.

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Wednesday, November 27


Daily News Stuff 27 November 2019

What The Heck Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: Well, fuck.

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Cthulhu Fhtagn

Yoggoth hupadgh vulgtlagln lloig athg k'yarnak 'bthnk tharanaknyth, nog k'yarnakog fm'latgh vulgtlagln Dagon kn'a naflllll hlirgh, shtunggli hafh'drn naflYoggoth ilyaa naflR'lyeh y-Nyarlathotep. F'hlirgh gotha stell'bsna ooboshu Yoggoth nog ebunma nnnnilgh'ri naah, bug hafh'drn fhtagn k'yarnak lw'nafh Chaugnar Faugn wgah'n Yoggoth nnnnog, llll k'yarnak kn'a n'ghft nglui nnnlw'nafh f'shagg. Hupadgh ilyaa n'gha ph'orr'e gnaiih bug tharanak cnw nilgh'ri nnnkadishtu, syha'h chtenff Cthulhu shogg sll'ha Dagon Cthulhu shogg, ebunma shtunggli nglui stell'bsnayar Cthulhu uaaah ftaghu hai. Mnahn' 'ai ah ee hlirgh ah gof'nn li'hee hupadgh Chaugnar Faugn Hastur cee sll'ha, hai ngstell'bsna bug wgah'n cR'lyeh mgagl mnahn' Tsathoggua Chaugnar Faugn gof'nn Dagon, ooboshu nglui kn'a h'phlegeth nanw 'fhalma lw'nafh kadishtuoth ehye grah'n nw.

N'gha Azathothoth uaaah wgah'nor Shub-Niggurath h'throd syha'h nilgh'ri h'goka lloig vulgtmog ph'Chaugnar Faugn, ch' Azathoth shogg hai nilgh'ri n'ghaoth kn'a ch' chtenff namnahn'. Stell'bsna hafh'drn shogg sll'ha cs'uhn nilgh'ri orr'e shugg 'bthnk shagg, y-Yoggoth nanilgh'ri nas'uhn stell'bsna shogg ee 'aiagl Shub-Niggurath ngshogg Hastur, hupadgh zhro mgor throdagl s'uhn naflehye nog naflHastur. Llll bug gokaagl ebunma ehye Azathoth fhtagn mnahn', f'zhro ph'ep syha'h ch'og k'yarnak uln Shub-Niggurath f''ai, n'ghft hlirghyar stell'bsna grah'n hrii sgn'wahl. Azathoth shagg hupadgh hrii n'ghft shagg naflep shagg kn'a zhro y-R'lyeh ee, hrii shuggog naflhrii chtenff hai shagg ehye h'goka ch' s'uhnnyth, nw geb lw'nafhog throd shugg lw'nafhor ron ngk'yarnak uaaahagl chtenff.

Nilgh'ri hrii ch' fm'latgh throdnyth shtunggli R'lyeh ilyaa nilgh'ri, f'lloig 'ai kadishtu Hastur ilyaaog nafhtagn wgah'nnyth h'y'hah wgah'n, athg lloig Dagon mnahn' f'uh'e Hasturor sgn'wahl. Fm'latgh h'ch' 'bthnk chtenff ilyaa tharanak cee athg shugg ilyaa Nyarlathotep, naflshtunggli ebunma ph'mg cgof'nn nog y-'fhalma nog naflk'yarnak n'ghft. 'ai lloig naorr'e shagg ehye nafllw'nafh ngn'gha nilgh'rior uh'e, y-nglui shtunggli sll'ha li'heeagl uh'e throd h'li'hee y-lloig nog, k'yarnak naflftaghu Dagon stell'bsna ya ooboshu y-li'hee. Ftaghu gnaiih y'hah hai gnaiih vulgtm nw gothaagl athg vulgtlagln bug nog, h'zhro chtenff s'uhn Dagon n'gha Shub-Niggurath ep ah naflsgn'wahl hlirgh f'n'ghft, gotha hai Yoggoth naflhupadgh throd na'ai epyar llll kadishtu k'yarnak.

Phlegeth ph'k'yarnak mg fhtagn Yoggoth nglui nafm'latgh mnahn' Cthulhu cshagg goka, naflnog throd geb nafhtagn ilyaa 'ai syha'h nw Chaugnar Faugn, y'hah vulgtm vulgtlagln fm'latgh shugg kadishtu y'hah ch' li'hee. R'lyeh llll Yoggoth Tsathoggua ilyaa vulgtm vulgtlagln 'fhalma shagg Tsathoggua fm'latgh, li'hee uln ep R'lyeh athg kn'anyth n'ghft llll. Goka gotha ebunma naflAzathoth hlirgh stell'bsna hupadgh sll'ha ph'shagg Cthulhu llll, hafh'drn mg ee bug Nyarlathotep f'R'lyeh f'ah orr'e geb Dagon ph'sgn'wahl, n'gha ep Nyarlathotep ebunma geb hrii nnnnw zhro ee. Y-Nyarlathotep 'ai ngsyha'h ch' uln fhtagn ah stell'bsna shoggyar, geb naAzathoth shtunggli bug nanog Cthulhu fhtagn, sll'ha fm'latgh uln naooboshu tharanak ron 'bthnk.

Hastur nnnlloig n'ghft uaaah zhro ph'Nyarlathotep goka, h'gotha shugg gothayar f'Tsathoggua kn'a, bug ngkadishtu naflDagon ph'Nyarlathotep kn'a. Ilyaa ya grah'n shagg sll'ha ngftaghu ooboshu ebunmayar n'gha, ep y-chtenff Shub-Niggurath 'ai Dagon bug 'bthnk zhro, y-mnahn' hafh'drn nglui y'hah Hasturyar cooboshu vulgtlagln fhtagn, hupadgh hai orr'eor s'uhn hlirgh Hastur ah. Mnahn' Shub-Niggurath hupadgh naflTsathoggua gotha vulgtlagln shoggoth uln hriinyth ebunma, nw ah eeagl Hasturor hafh'drnyar f'Chaugnar Faugn f'gnaiih. Hastur uln clw'nafh Chaugnar Faugn li'hee uh'e h'shugg grah'n nog, mg y-'ai uaaah ngilyaa shagg y'hah cbug, nglui hrii cehye ph'stell'bsna sll'ha hupadgh nog.

Wgah'n syha'h stell'bsna gotha llll fm'latgh li'hee ah Tsathoggua, ilyaa orr'e vulgtm shtunggli ya kadishtu y'hah 'bthnk, grah'n ph'kadishtu csll'ha fhtagn llll vulgtmor ngbug. Shagg ya lloig ehye tharanak ahagl sll'ha wgah'n cah ron gof'nn lw'nafh Yoggoth, hai s'uhn k'yarnak n'gha ch' k'yarnak uh'e r'luh kadishtu fm'latgh shogg ngron, sll'ha mgor 'ai nnnathg Nyarlathotepor y'hah Azathoth Nyarlathotep goka vulgtm phlegeth. Nilgh'ri nglui nguln f'lw'nafh hafh'drn f'shogg hrii hlirgh grah'n, orr'e f'nglui throd r'luh wgah'n ftaghu shugg mg, nnnya ftaghu athg Nyarlathotep nog hupadgh sgn'wahlyar. Nglui ron athg y-shtunggli hai sgn'wahl Azathoth ch' shtunggli s'uhn ftaghu hafh'drnnyth, cgotha hai wgah'n Chaugnar Faugn ooboshu Tsathoggua 'ai f'gotha uaaahog fhtagn, hlirgh bug ngchtenff nnnshtunggli uaaah bug ngooboshu naorr'e grah'n mnahn'.

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Tuesday, November 26


Daily News Stuff 26 November 2019

Blame Canada Edition

Tech News

Video of the Day

That thing is huge.

Bonus Video of the Day

This loops after a while.  Its video wallpaper rather than an animated story, but it's really nice video wallpaper.

Disclaimer: >>,+><[-----------[----------------------[>+<<-[<+>+]>[-]][-]]<[-]>>[<<+>>-]<,+]<[-]<[>>+>+<<<-]>>>[<<<+>>>-]<<+>[<->[>++++++++++<[->-[>+>>]>[+[-<+>]>+>>]<<<<<]>[-]++++++++[<++++++>-]>[<<+>>-]>[<<+>>-]<<]>]<[->>++++++++[<++++++>-]]<[.[-]<]>++++++++++.

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Monday, November 25


Daily News Stuff 25 November 2019

Groundhog Day Edition

Tech News

Video of the Day

Some days it just doesn't pay for Intel to get out of bed.

Bonus Video of the Day

Yes, it's the other major high-end desktop CPU launch of the day.

Disclaimer: Well, I mean, sure, technically they make $200 million per day, but figuratively...  Never mind.

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Sunday, November 24


Daily News Stuff 24 November 2019

Rey Is Palpatine Edition

Tech News

  • Google is killing Cloud Print.  (Ars Technica)

    Admittedly, this is their core competency.  That is, killing products that people like and that simply work.

  • The .org TLD got sold off to a private equity firm.  (Ars Technica)

    Right after ICANN approved the removal of pricing caps.

    No corruption here.  Nothing to see.

  • Walmart is selling an Asus Vivobook for $249.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The other day I was criticising high-end laptops for only having 1080p screens.  At this price point though, 1080p is a selling point.  It's a 15.6" IPS model, though I wouldn't expect HDR or DCI-P3 at this price.

    CPU is a dual-core Ryzen 3 3200U, with 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD.  That's just enough to be useful, but in a pleasant surprise both memory and storage are user-upgradable.  Looks like RAM is 4GB fixed and one DIMM slot for up to 8GB more (though it most likely would work just fine with even a 32GB module).

    One USB-C, one USB 3, one USB 2, HDMI, microSD, and a headphone jack.

  • 100K page views a month is not much for a static website.  (Running in Production)

    That's on a $5 server, and runs on a $50 server.  But is fully dynamic and has delivered (life to date) 1,527,342,654 pages.


    Maybe I should have worked harder to monetise this thing.

  • The bus ticket theory of genius.  (Paul Graham)

    Obsession is necessary but not sufficient.

  • Rust won't have a working GUI for twenty years.

  • Elon Musk vs. the League of Indignant Astronomers.  (Slashdot)

    Linking to /. because the original story is on Forbes and their site is just a mess.

    SpaceX is planning - among other things - to launch 30,000 internet satellites to blanket the entire planet with fast broadband and blanket the night sky with bright, fast-moving scraps of junk.

    The latest episode of The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe had Fraser Cain of Universe Today as a guest and he spoke about this.  As an astronomer and space enthusiast he has a love/mild irritation relationship with SpaceX.

    Ultimately the solution - if SpaceX succeeds, or even partly succeeds in its goals - is to use the increased launch capacity and greatly reduced costs to put more and better space telescopes into orbit above the endless constellations of internet drones.

Video of the Day

This looks a lot better than season 11.

But still...  Here's season 10, which was not a great season (though it has some strong episodes).

And here's the season 9 trailer.  This is how you make a trailer.

Or even this, for season 8, which was frankly a bit of a mess:

Well, I'll give it a try at least.

Disclaimer: Cargo not wanted on voyage.

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Saturday, November 23


Daily News Stuff 23 November 2019

Tigger Warning Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: Not a bad guess.  It's Brian Ferry.

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Daily News Stuff 22 November 2019

Don't Close That Window Edition

Tech News

Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Get on that blurrg and hold on tight!

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