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Daily News Stuff 28 December 2022

Burying Your Mistakes Edition

Top Story

  • Where does your recycling actually end up?  Muzaffarnagar.  (Bloomberg)


    Muzaffarnagar is a paper-making centre in northern India.  India recycles 6 million tons of paper and cardboard a year to make new paper products, but that comes with half a million tons of other crap, mostly plastic.

    Which they burn.

Tech News

September Flowers Bring Hayfever

  • On September 1 the CEO of Turkish crypto exchange Thodex who fled the country with $2 billion in customer funds was caught and extradicted and faced 40,000 years in prison, the 7950X was somewhere between moderately and dramatically faster than the 5950X, and the full lineup of Zen 4 server CPUs.

  • On September 2 planting trees that immediately die solves nothing except for the landscapers' overdraft, USB 4 2.0 could hit 80Gbps, flash memory prices were expected to fall sharply unless manufacturers cut production - so they did, Micron was building a $15 billion factory near Boise, and the Framework laptop came to Australia.

  • On September 3 Twitter had plans to fight extremism - for example anyone disagreeing with the government, USB 4 2.0 could hit 120Gbps - in one direction, and 6.1" was now a "small" phone.

  • On September 4 Cloudflare booted Kiwi Farms, Twitter put sensitive content warnings on its sensitive content warnings, and there were zero reviews for Amazon's $500 million Tolkien dumpster fire.

  • On September 5 the US and Japan signed a joint agreement on nuclear power concluding that yes, it is a thing that exists, LG was bringing NFTs to its smart TVs, and Google received DMCA takedown notices for the White House, the FBI, and the Vatican.

  • On September 6 we played with AI art - specifically Midjourney, QNAP AGAIN, email was broken, and the chess player who wore computer shoes.

  • On September 7 how Cloudflare got KiwiFarms wrong (spoiler: by being unprincipled weasels), new old Ryzen chips arrived, and a 23 year old denial of service bug was fixed in Curl.

  • On September 8 Twitter was flooded with bots, it was time to toss your Cisco router out the window, and performance of the new Ryzen desktop CPUs' intergrated graphics was not terrible.

  • On September 9 why Apple doesn't support standard text messaging, yet another Python compiler, and http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http://.

  • On September 10 if you open this door a magpie will poop on your carpet, it was the perfect time to not buy a graphics card, Winamp 5.9 was here, AMD laptops really were more energy efficient than Intel, and Intel started construction on what will eventually be a $100 billion factory complex in Ohio.

  • On September 11 nobody knows how many books are published each year but 15% sell fewer than 12 copies, WiFi 7 was coming, and get ready to switch browsers if you want functional ad blocking.

  • On September 12 how to build a Greek temple, there will be a 6GHz Intel CPU at some point, working towards 2nm chips, and Coinbase funded the defense of the Tornado open-source cryptomixer against the US treasury department.

  • On September 13 cockatoos discovered fire, the 13700T could be fast, I cared if it scaled, and Quad9 continued to fight Sony.

  • On September 14 whistleblower Peiter Zatko pointed out that Twitter was run by idiots and infested with spies, six "research firms" were coincidentally paying big money for dirty on some guy named Peiter Zatko, Godel, Escher, Bach, China accused US spy agency the NSA of being a US spy agency, and OVH built a castle in the swamp.

  • On September 15 Patreon laid off its entire security team, seven Patreon alternatives, the Dell Inspiron 27 sucked except the 2017 model, AI researchers were training AI to cheat rather than to do anything actually useful, and running Minecraft in Minecraft.

  • On September 16 Uber got hacked, Ethereum merged, joined forces with, and the MOS 7600 was indeed a microcontroller.

  • On September 17 Texas House Bill 20 - the "fuck Twitter and YouTube" bill - was upheld by the Fifth Circuit, EVGA wrote its own Fuck Nvidia bill, the 7900X was faster than the 5950X, and Caddy and Nginx were much the same speed.

  • On September 18 replacing terrible journalists with terrible GPT-3 content, Sony's PCIe 5 SSDs, AMD stomped all over Intel for software developer workstations, DO NOT ENABLE ENHANCED SPELL CHECK, Intel's NUCs shipped - 8 months after the CPUs, HP's Pavilion Plus 14 could run three external 4K displays, and the Framework laptop four - so long as you keep the lid closed.

  • On September 19 the Bae case was on its way, Google and Facebook only controlled 80% of online ads, the Verge turned to shit - the content was already shit but now the layout matches, refreezing the polar ice caps, and a CoCo emulator.

  • On September 20 after fifteen years using electric mowers I finally did the thing, Nvidia said "ethics, schmethics", society was to blame, do not read this article, Adobe offered $20 billion for competitor Figma, and each iPhone 14 Pro Max included a billion ants free of charge.

  • On September 21 Nvidia announced the 4080 and the 4080 and the 4090, Star Citizen's crowdfunding crossed the $500 million mark, Wintermute lost $160 million and you'll never guess how, running arbitrary code without running any code at all, the EU banned Germany, and time to stock up on floppies.

  • On September 22 PayPal went on a banning spree in the UK, 600,000 Python projects used the tarfile library which seems just slightly odd, Amazon's new Fire HD8 was no better than the old Fire HD8, and James Web shot Neptune.

  • On September 23 Nividia denied the 4080 was just a renamed 4070 with higher pricing then cancelled the 4080 and re-announced it as a very expensive 4070, green hydrogen caused brain damage, and was a directory of awful AI art.

  • On September 24 the US wanted to be a world leader in hydrogen production because the US is currently run by morons, Google to its employees: quit whining and get to work, and superconductors work by superglue.

  • On September 25 the 13900K wasn't the fastest CPU but it was certainly fast, Get3D was an AI 3D model generator, JavaScript web frameworks should burn, and nobody wants plant-based meat except the kind that comes from a cow.

  • On September 26 JMAP was IMAP with JSON, and 58 bytes of CSS to fix your website.

  • On September 27 Ryzen 7000 reviews were mostly positive, with the only negative factor being the overall system price, the floor was lava, and Apple started removing iPhone apps that worked too well.

  • On September 28 the Bae case arrived and was seriously Bae, Intel announced the 13th gen lineup and also a 34-core workstation CPU, new embedded CPUs from AMD, a hacker said oops, and there's always a catch.

  • On September 29 a dozen investment banks were hit by fines totalling $2 billion for being lying shitweasels, which is to say, investment banks, the Kindle Scribe had a pen, some other old literature that was not the Epic of Gilgamesh, 48GB DIMMs, and cockroach bacon.

  • On September 30 Stadia exited the stadium, AMD improved OpenGL performance by up to 115% with new drivers, do not fire bullets straight up, saving money on AWS by leaving, and Brave started to block those irritating cookie consent banners.

Disclaimer: The pig, if I am not mistaken;
Supplies us sausage, ham, and bacon.
Let others say his heart is big—
I call it stupid of the pig.

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