It was a bad day. A lot of bad stuff happened. And I'd love to forget it all. But I don't. Not ever. Because this is what I do. Every time, every day, every second, this: On five, we're bringing down the government.

Thursday, December 30



Just got back from seeing The Incredibles with my family.

This film is a work of art. In my opinion, the best film from Pixar to date, and that says a lot. There were only a couple of moments when it slowed down - for the rest of it (and at 2 hours, there was quite a bit of rest of it) I was totally involved in the film.

The short that accompanied it, Boundin', was also a delight, and introduced my family to one of my personal favourite quintessentially American critters, the jackalope. None of them had ever heard of a jackalope before, so they were probably wondering why I was laughing so hard at that point.

Unlike Finding Nemo, The Incredibles isn't for really young children. There's actually a fair bit of violence in the film, and unlike, say, Bugs Bunny, the violence clearly has consequences. But for older children, and for us grown ups who haven't forgotten being children, it's an absolute must-see.

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Tuesday, December 28


Year of Democracy

It's been an amazing year for elections. Australia, America, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and now Ukraine. Okay, so the elections in Spain didn't go the way I'd like, but they were free and basically fair. (And considering that Spain was a military dictatorship as recently as 1975, that's of no small import.)

I'll leave my borders orange for now, in honor of Viktor Yushchenko and the people of Ukraine.

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Monday, December 27


Sand in the Gears

I'm fully occupied right now digesting (burp!) and watching anime, but here's something for you in the meantime:

My Christmas quest was simple enough: buy toy cowboy guns for my boys. Caleb and Eli have boots and hats, bandanas and sheriff's badges. But they don't have holsters and guns. Without those critical components, however, you've really just got yourself a Village People costume. We've made do until now with two wooden pistols that were originally designed to shoot rubber bands. But I wanted to get them shiny cowboy guns, the kind that make a little boy's heart race, that turn a bad guy's legs to jelly, and that give a damsel that funny climbing-the-rope-in-gym-class feeling when she sees them strapped around your waist.

One man's quest for the perfect Christmas present, at Sand in the Gears.

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Saturday, December 25


Merry Christmas

To all the Munuvians, to my many friends throughout the blogosphere and the broader internet, to my readers and family and friends, Merry Christmas!

I have a big bag of chocolate-coated macadamias here. Anyone interested?

(These are from the same company that makes abalone-flavoured, and indeed wasabi-flavoured, macadamias. I hope like hell that they clean the machinery between batches...)

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Latitude and Lightitude

I was thinking about James Lileks and Michele Catalano's posts about Christmas lights and the difference between coloured-lighters and white-lighters, and reflecting that around here (Sydney) people don't really go in for Christmas lights very much.

And then I thought to myself: Duh!

Mr Lileks lives in Minneapolis. This time of year, the sun rises at 7:50 am and sets at 4:36 pm (#). That's less than 9 hours of daylight. Plenty of dark time for everyone to see your handiwork.

In Sydney today the sun rose at 5:42 am and set at 8:07 pm (#). Not a reverse of Minneapolis, since we are not as latitudinally blessed* as that city, but nearly 14½ hours of daylight. Unless you were out late or up very early, you'd never see the lights.

* Mineappolis is 45° N; Sydney about 34° S. The southernmost city in Australia, Hobart, is only 43° S. Dunedin in New Zealand, at roughly 46° S, is currently blessed with 15¾ hours of daylight.

For my American readers (hi there!) Sydney is about the same distance from the equator as Long Beach, California. And no, it doesn't snow here. Particularly not at Christmas. Except for one occasion, on which subject Google has let me down utterly...

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Good Puppets!

You Are Socks!
Cozy and warm... but easily lost. You make a good puppet.

(Tiffany < LeeAnn < Froggie's Lilypad)


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'Twas The Day Before Christmas

And all through the office,
Not a telephony application was stirring,
Because they'd all crashed.

I don't know why - they fell over at different times and for different reasons - but one by one, over they fell. Just to make sure I wasn't bored, I guess.

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Spotted While Christmas Shopping

Pixy: That little boy has a toy puppy stuffed in his shirt pocket! How cute!
"Toy" Puppy: Woof!
Pixy: And so lifelike!

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Friday, December 24


Optics, Aesthetics, and the Transhuman Era

You know, if through genetic engineering or some nanotechnological miracle cure all of humanity is gifted with perfect vision, there won't be any more girls with glasses.

This makes me sad.

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Joyous Furlongs

What was The Mirthful Ones is now Fistful Of Fortnights. Only they are sad because no-one has pinged them.


Okay, it looks like the reason that no-one has pinged them is because no-one can ping them. I'll contact MuNu tech support and - oh, wait.

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