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Daily News Stuff 21 October 2022

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  • Elon Musk is planning to fire 75% of Twitter's workforce out of an enormous trebuchet directly into the Sun.  (The Guardian)
    "It's inefficient in terms of orbital velocities," said Musk.  "But I think they've earned it."
    Current Twitter management are busy hiding their own plans:
    On Thursday night, Bloomberg reported that an internal memo circulated by Twitter said there were "no plans for any company-wide layoffs, and definitely not 25%, and no, Patrice, your name is not at the top of the list, not that there is a list."
    Twitter currently has 7500 employees, mostly in the Trust and Safety, Safety and Trust, Trust in Safety, and It's Not Censorship When We Do It departments, all of which Musk plans to axe.
    But while Twitter’s current management planned to lay off 25% of the staff by the end of next year, the new report revealed Musk wants to reduce Twitter’s 7,500 employees down to a "skeleton staff” of around 2,000 people.
    The Golgafrinchans only needed to rid themselves of one third of their population.  Douglas Adams was an optimist.

  • Musk gutting Twitter would be a threat to us all - and by "us all" we mean the self-appointed gatekeepers of Truth whose salaries depend on keeping you miserable peasants in your place.  (Bloomberg)
    That said, slashing 75% of staff isn’t the kind of surgical strike aimed at tidying up a bloated workforce and getting a company through a few quarters of rough weather.
    Correct.  This isn't short-term thinking.  Twitter is completely dysfunctional, and jettisoning the majority of the staff and all of senior management is the first step toward fixing that.
    Such an attitude is bewildering. Musk, who will take the company private and own it outright, has a net worth of almost $200 billion. While only a fraction of that is liquid —most being tied up in shares of his companies —Twitter’s $3.8 billion annual operating budget is something he could afford to bolster, not reduce. ... With Twitter, though, Musk moves from being a high-profile, extremely talkative leader of a couple of transportation companies to the overlord of an extremely powerful and highly effective tool for disseminating both facts and disinformation.
    The thesis here is that (a) Musk should spend billions of dollars of his own money keeping Twitter afloat and (b) keep on censoring the only people who could ever make the platform profitable.

    I suspect he'll pass on that offer.

  • I ordered myself a top-of-the-line HP Pavilion Plus 14 to replace my ailing Dell Inspiron 14 7000.  In theory it should be much, much faster.

    Apart from the huge CPU upgrade it also has a 2880x1800 OLED display and the Four Essential Keys in their proper place.  RAM and SSD are the same as the Dell at 16GB and 1TB respectively.  1TB of SSD is fine (and it can be replaced) but I really wanted 32GB of RAM.  I couldn't find anything like that except for the Asus Zenbook 14X Space Edition at twice the price of the HP.

    (I woke up this morning to find that the trackpad on the Dell could no longer click, which makes things like drag-and-drop rather tricky.  It was working last night; somehow it failed physically while it was just sitting there.  Presumably delayed effects of the abuse it's suffered over the last five months.)

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Disclaimer: Final call for passengers for the B Ark.  Please make your way immediately to gate 19.  Please have your boarding pass ready.  The boarding pass is the piece of cardboard that says "boarding pass" on it.

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1 How bad do you have to be when a Communist-aligned rag like The Guardian is a better choice than you?  Actually, there is no need for an answer, because we all know it.
I am still waiting for Bidet to drop the facade and the sanctions against the PRC.  He did try to do that early in the Russo-Ukrainian War to buy PRC support, except the PRC knew he was a wet paper bag.  If the PRC was actually smart (And since they just re-elected their Mao wannabee, they are not.), they would have pretended not to be supporting Russia in exchange for lifting of the sanctions.

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