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Daily News Stuff 23 November 2022

Craftsgiving Edition

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  • So you're building a PC and you just want a basically decent video card that doesn't cost three arms and a leg and require its own substation.  What about the new Radeon 6700 (non-XT).  Is that any good?  Yes.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's cheaper than Nvidia's RTX 3060, and if you're not playing with ray tracing turned on it's 25% faster.  If you are using ray tracing it's 10% slower, so there is a tradeoff to consider.

  • Hololive EN and ID are streaming Minecraft again.  I've missed that.  Other games tend to be too distracting to have on while I work, but Minecraft is mostly building and chatting, or gathering resources and chatting, or dying horribly in the Nether and chatting.

  • Twitter is still not dead.

Tech News

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1 I've been modestly impressed with WSL2, though why a container would need an init system written by the idiot Pottering I do not know.  I use alpine, and if I need to use something that can't play nicely with musl libc, I have a gentoo chroot under that!  And on identical (older) hardware, wsl2 on win10 is slightly faster than linux on the bare hardware.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, November 24 2022 01:11 AM (LADmw)

2 "Windows 10 users can now use Linux GUI apps!  This was previously only available to Windows 11 users"
That's some interesting news, considering you could run a Windows X server and thus "Linux GUI apps", IIRC, as far back as WSL 1; certainly long before Windows 11 was available.  I'm sure I must've commented about it here at some point.
There was a certain amusement to be had by running xscreensaver that way.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, November 24 2022 03:18 AM (kbV78)

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