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Daily News Stuff 5 June 2022

They're heeeere!

After looking at the stairs to the front door, one of the movers gave me a hug when I told him everything was going into the garage.  The fridge has a nice safe corner picked out where there's power (I'm getting a new one and keeping that for extra space).  The only thing I really need them to cart upstairs is the washing machine, and that comes with the next load.

The magic boiling / chilled water dispenser turns out to have another trick up its sleeve: It can dispense carbonated water.  Need to replace the CO2 cylinder if you use it a lot, and it doesn't have the option for boiling carbonated water which is a shame.


  • Security bugs in Confluence are under attack.
  • DDR5 RAM prices down 20% in May.
  • The SK hynix P41 is a pretty good SSD.
  • 32 ugly monkey JPEGs were stolen after a Discord server hack, with a total value of zero plus or minus $2 million.
  • Apple has space ambitions but everything the tech pundits are saying is bullshit.

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1 So, what if instead of carbon di-oxide in water we move everything down the periodic table and dissolve silicon disulphide in dilithium sulphide?  THe molecular masses are a whole lot higher so it should have a nice, creamy texture.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, June 05 2022 11:38 PM (obo9H)

2 As any beer brewer will tell you, you can't boil carbonated water: boiling drives out dissolved gases.

Posted by: Jay at Monday, June 06 2022 07:23 AM (GFv3X)

3 I'm trying to think of what possible use boiling carbonated water would be, and all I can come up with is "laugh at the poor SOB who thought that might be a good idea and now has 2nd degree spot burns all over."

Posted by: David Eastman at Monday, June 06 2022 08:16 AM (D6Mju)

4 Ah, I though the "boiling carbonated water" was a joke.  I mean, it has to be one of those really obvious jokes.

Posted by: normal at Monday, June 06 2022 12:16 PM (obo9H)

5 I parsed it as "carbonated boiling water", so that it tickles as it burns.


Posted by: J Greely at Monday, June 06 2022 02:04 PM (oJgNG)

6 There was a long thread on Usenet many years ago figuring out what it would require to make boiling, carbonated coffee, and if there were any conditions under which such a beverage could exist that would not be immediately fatal.
That little tap might be remarkable but it can't do that.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, June 06 2022 09:57 PM (PiXy!)

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