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Monday, April 30


Spring Season - Not So Summery

I wrote a nice little summary of all the shows from the Spring season, and then I clicked on the wrong thing and the editor ate it.


You'll just have to read the posts for now.

Okay, I'll at least list the ones I plan to watch:

El Cazador de la Bruja - May be a rehash of Noir, but I haven't seen Noir.  First two episodes are solid.
Darker Than Black - Mysterious, without the incoherence of Kiss Dum.
Rocket Girls - Looks like fun. Rockets. Girls. What more do you need?

And the ones I'll give a try:

Tengen Toppa Gurrren-Lagann - Extremely silly, but I'll give it at least a couple more episodes.
Claymore and Sisters of Wellber - Both show potential, but could fall into the great Cliche Swamp without warning.
iDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA - Rocket Girls seems to have taken the same formula and distilled it down to its essentials, but this still looks like it's worth a try.
Kami-chama Karin - But only because I want to know what the hell is going on.

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Toward the Terra

Once you get past the opening theme - recorded, I understand, by a tone-deaf badger with a three-pack-a-day habit - you discover the real reason why classic 70's manga are rarely translated into 21st centry anime: Because they are total crap.

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Moonlight Mile

What exactly did the Moon do to deserve this?

Truly awful.  Playstation One grade CGI poorly integrated with lousy cel-style animation. Ugly characters.  Ugly everything, really.  No plot appears to be presenting itself.

Abandoned at eight minutes.

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Gigantic Formula

The year is 2035.  Seeking to develop new revenue streams, the U.N. General Assembly votes unanimously to declare war on itself.  Mankind is wiped out, and replaced by scary lemur-people.
At last, the world war between giant robots, called Gigantics, will begin at 0:00 tomorrow.  Due to the International Date Line, the Republic of Kiribati will start the war earliest, but our nation will start the war five hours later.
I really, really hope that something got lost in translation here.

Remarkably ugly character designs meld perfectly with the utterly nonsensical plot and thoroughly hackneyed dialogue to produce an abomination upon the face of my laptop.  I'll give it another minute to see if it improves...

Nope.  It gets worse.  Abandoned at the eight minute mark.

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Thank you very much.  We have an announcement to make: On July 4th of this year, America will blow up the moon.

And Japan will be there to clean up, using the most powerful technology known to man: Giant robots piloted by cute teenage girls.*

Also penguins.

Oh, and chalk up another victim of the pupillae reconditus menace.

Character designs and animation are quite good, so worth a watch if you can overlook its flaws.

* Who would have thought that the most practical way to defend Earth from meteors was to send a giant robot into space and punch them?

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Rocket Girls

The Solomon Space Association has a problem: Its new high-performance LS7 boosters, the key to a successful manned space program, have a reliability record of, well, zero.  The old LS5's were reliable, but using those would require drastically scaling back every aspect of the mission...

... including the astronaut.

Silly but fun.  I really like the characters in this one, making it the polar opposite of Bokurano.

That first scene with the Solomon Islanders, though.  Wow.  Just wow.

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I Don't Know What To Make Of This...

From the TV Tropes entry on Expy:
Shii from Puni Puni Poemi is quite a lot like Hyatt from Excel Saga, only excluding the tendency to cough up blood, drop dead, and come back to life, and including glasses and outrageously huge Gag Boobs.
So Shii is like Hyatt... How, exactly?

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Drop The Bomb!

Australia's Federal Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd, is against nuclear power but for expanded uranium mining. Leaving aside his hypocrisy on the subject of global warming - attacking the government's plans as inadequate while supporting the continued use of coal for base power generation - it's clear that his claim that he just wants to sell the uranium to other nations is disingenuous.

He really wants to build bombs.

That's the first policy that has endeared him to me in any way.  Now if only he had the courage to admit it openly!

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Nya Desu!

SDB wrote:

What's with this business of particular characters appending idiosyncratic endings to their sentences? The robot Pyoro appends "pyoro" to most of his sentences in Vandread. Ogres in Hell in DBZ end their sentences with oni. Wilhelmina in Shakugan no Shana ends all her sentences with de arimasu. (That's not quite the same, but it's similar.) And Domino also has a unique ending. Dejiko and Puchiko end their sentences with nya or nyu (or something like that), which in that case is a deliberate affectation because they're trying to be catgirls.

Wilhelmina's de arimasu (an affectation she shares with Keroro of Keroro Gunsou), like the desu of Kurumi and her ilk are at least vaguely grammatical (I believe).  And the ~nya and ~nyu of catgirls is almost universal.

But that geeto in Puchi Puri Yucie floored me at first; I wasn't following the subtitles closely and I thought that the gate was addressing Yucie in some strange manner I'd not previously encountered.  Then I twigged that the gate was, well, a gate.

It could be that this was popularised by Lum, but I'm made to wonder what we might find if we dug up a subtitled version of Astro Boy or Kimba...

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In modern-day Japan a tough fighting girl with inexplicable attachment to cloyingly cute Japanese schoolgirl must fight evil opposite number while alien armada overcomes '50's monster movie style resistance and occupies the earth and the story starts all over from the beginning.
Clearly one of the Project A-ko sequels.
In a hellish future world a team of young Ninjas battle gang of evil psychics/androids/criminals and kill them.
This Fist of the North Star/Naruto crossover never made it past the storyboard stage.
In Chicago a team of tough professional female pirates/mercenaries/soldiers accompanied by a cute robot battle evil alien armada and win.
Gunsmith Cats 2040.
In outer space a young brooding hero accidentally falls victim to demonic possession and is thus brought into conflict with secret society bent on world domination and suffers the torments of the damned; sequels appear with diminishing frequency and eventually stop entirely.
Irresponsible Devil Hunter Nadia.


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