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Daily News Stuff 6 July 2022

Yes We Have No Home Loans Edition

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  • Side note: A number of people asked - reasonably enough - why on Earth I would take a variable rate home loan rather than locking in historically low interest rates with a 30 year fixed mortgage.

    The reason is, so far as I can tell, 30 year fixed rate mortgages are a uniquely American creation.  They simply don't exist in Australia.  The closest thing I could find here is a 10 year mortgage at 7.45%, when my variable rate loan is currently at 3.15%.

    That rate will be going up again after the latest Reserve Bank announcement here, but it would have to go up a lot to match the fixed rate.

  • Also, thanks - a few people pointed me at CZUR scanners, and that does look like the way to go.

  • Closer to home but not much the EU has declared war on Apple.  (MacRumors)

    More specifically they've adopted legislation requiring big tech companies (including but not limited to Apple and Google) to allow developers to use third party payment providers (killing the 30% cut they take of every transaction) and access all services provided by the hardware device if given permission by the user.

    Users meanwhile are covered by a requirement to allow third-party app stores and sideloading.  Not a drama for Android, but a huge change for iOS.

    Apple would also not be able to force developers to use the Safari web engine, and manufacturers and carriers would not be allowed to pre-install applications that the user cannot remove.

    Cue a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth from the Bay Area.

    Just a few short years ago I would have decried this as massive government overreach, but Big Tech pooped their bed and now they must lie in it.

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Disclaimer: Mmm, sausages.

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