Dear Santa, thank you for the dolls and pencils and the fish. It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you but... honest, it is an emergency. There's a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it's just an ordinary crack, but I know its not cause at night there's voices so... please please can you send someone to fix it? Or a policeman, or...
Back in a moment.
Thank you Santa.

Tuesday, February 18


Aye Aye Net

Eight years ago I signed up with iiNet for ADSL on their top-tier business plan, which gave me 1.5 mbits down, 256 kbits up, and 60GB of monthly downloads.

I'm still on the same plan, and paying the same amount each month.  Only now I get 14 mbits down, 2 mbits up, and 1200GB of downloads.

I wish more things worked like that.

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Dog goes woof, cat goes meow.
Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak.
Cow goes moo. Frog goes croak, and the elephant goes toot.
Ducks say "Hey, got any grapes?".
And the man says no, no, no...

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Sunday, February 16




New database server, running MySQL (actually MariaDB 5.5.30 with TokuDB 7.1.0), Redis 2.8.6, ElasticSearch 1.0, TokuMX 1.4.0, Neo4j 2.0.1, and RabbitMQ 3.2.3.

Everything is set up with init scripts and chkconfig so that it cleanly and automatically starts up and shuts down.  This was a little fiddly with Redis, which runs multiple independent services, but I hacked something together to look after that.

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So, Maybe We Can Have Nice Things?

Kickstarter got hacked.

They weren't storing passwords in plaintext, or using a reversible cypher.
They weren't storing credit card details.

They were using either multiple rounds of salted SHA-1 or bcrypt for passwords, depending on the age of the account.  Both are good options.

So yes, they got hacked, but it's not a clusterfuck like Adobe or Sony, and there's no reason not to keep using the service.  Just change your password first.

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Saturday, February 15


I Love Technology!

On the new server, I'm using MariaDB with TokuDB instead of the fairly old vanilla MySQL we've been running on for years (which has actually served us pretty well, except for the limitations of MyISAM).

It's little things like this that make you notice that things have really improved:

MariaDB [(none)]> show processlist;
| Id | User | Host | db | Command | Time | State | Info | Progress |
| 18 | root | localhost | minx | Query | 73 | Inserted about 577000 rows | load data infile '/data/load/dx_post_09.d' ignore into table dx_post | 29.534 |
| 19 | root | localhost | NULL | Query | 0 | NULL | show processlist | 0.000 |

You mean I can actually see the progress of a long-running operation?  Inconceivble!

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Friday, February 14



Civilization 3, 4, and 5, and all their major expansion packs, plus Sid Meier's Ace Patrol, Pirates, and Railroads* on Humble Bundle for $15.  Or Civ 3 & 4, Ace Patrol and Railroads for just $1.  Installs on Steam.

I like Civ 3 a lot; Civ 4 less a lot, and haven't had time to play Civ 5 yet.  It's only been out a...  Three and a half years...

Speaking of Sid Meier, his Alpha Centauri plus Alien Crossfire expansion, on GOG for $1.49.

Also on GOG, all the D&D games for $21.10 (in case you missed the last 37 sales).  That's about 500 hours of game time there.

On Google Play, not a sale at all, but Final Fantasy VI is out for Android.  This means that I now own Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI (all on Android, a couple on my iPad, and III on my DS as well), VII, VIII (both on PC), X, X-2, (PS2), XI (PC), and XII (PS2).  I'm only missing IX and the recent crappy ones.

Of those, I have finished X.  I have gotten to the last boss in III.  About half -way through X-2, but it's pretty silly.  The rest, not so much.

* Not Railroad Tycoon.

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Thursday, February 06


I Can't Math, I Have The Dumb

Sooo....  That Wakfu thingy.  Quite a bargain at CAD $40 for 52 episodes  plus various specials dubbed and subbed on Blu-Ray, plus a t-shirt, plus PDF artbooks, plus free worldwide shipping.

I've been hoping they'd give an add-on for extra copies of just the disks, because I'd like to give a couple of copies as gifts.  I think my nephews would love Wakfu, but they wouldn't sit still for it subtitled.

And now they have the add-on: You can one extra set of disks with your order - for an extra $60.

In absolute terms this is still a damn good deal.  I've paid that much (and more) to import individual anime DVDs.  But since I already have a second Kickstarter account* and (assuming I can remember the login details) I can just pledge for another $40 goodie bag, it seems like someone's miscalculated somewhere.

* Everyone needs two Ouyas.

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Tuesday, February 04



I'm planning to move across to a new server next weekend.  I'll post details in the next couple of days, but be prepared for some site wonkiness in the small hours of Sunday morning.  (Which is Sunday afternoon for me in Australia, so it works well for most of us.)

New server is cheaper and faster (for most things), has more memory, and a lot more SSD.  Only has software RAID, but it's RAID-1, which is pretty reliable, and with the new config we have a separate dedicated backup server.

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Sunday, February 02



Overrun by log files.

Fixed now.

Sorry. sad

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Saturday, February 01



Ankama, the people behind Wakfu, are running a Kickstarter to dub the show into English and release it on Blu-ray.  Naturally, they reached their goal in the first day and are fast approaching their third stretch goal ($200k), which will be a dubbed Blu-ray of season 2 and a release of the quote-manga-unquote on Comixology.

CAD $40 gets you the Blu-ray, a Wakstarter t-shirt, and two PDF artbooks on the making of the first season.  Including shipping anywhere in the world, so that's a really good deal if you live in Australia.

The Blu-ray(s) will be region-free, and will also have the original French language track and subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.  So even if the dub turns out to be like most dubs, you'll still have a legit hi-res copy of Wakfu to watch.

Also, it seems that when they hit the next stretch goal - about three more days at the current rate - the extra Blu-ray for season 2 will be included for no extra cost.

Update: Bumped, because now you get both seasons on two Blu-Rays for the same price (CAD $40 including worldwide shipping).  The next stretch goal is for the dubbing of their mini-Wakfu episodes; the Kickstarter should reach that within a week.

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