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Daily News Stuff 4 December 2022

Out Of The Fire, Into The Frying Pan Edition

Top Story

  • The server is alive, with all data up to yesterday transferred to the new system.  There wasn't much data yesterday because the planned maintenance at the datacenter ended up taking 25 hours.

    So someone had as bad a weekend as I did.

    Also bumped from CentOS 6 to Ubuntu 22.04 and from MySQL 5.7 to MariaDB 10.9 with relatively little trouble.

    Don't try to upload files just yet, though, right now that's read-only.  I'll fix that shortly.

  • Also looking at getting some new servers and replacing all the old ones.  Should work out cheaper in the end.

    Two 5950X systems with 128GB RAM and 4TB SSD, and a new ZFS storage server for backups.  With the 7950X out the 5950X is a lot cheaper now, and still twice as fast as anything I currently have.

    Overkill right now but if I can avoid weekends like this, totally worth it.

  • MSN fired its human journalists and replaced them with an AI that writes stories about mermaids.  (Futurism)

    The only problem is this story about collapsing journalism standards in pursuit of a quick buck, is a story of collapsing journalism standards in pursuit of a quick buck.

    It's not true.

    MSN aggregates a huge range of "news" sources, almost all of them garbage, but it's handy sometimes because it usually punctures the paywalls when it does so.

    One of those sources it aggregates is called Exemplore, and it's nearly as much of a trash fire as Futurism.

    The New York Times is still in a class by itself when it comes to trash fires though.

Tech News

  • I wonder how ZFS would perform on AWS sc1 EBS volumes.  Probably poorly.

  • Intel's Core i5 13500 is over 50% faster than the Core i5 12500.  (Tom's Hardware)

    On Passmark it's almost exactly 50%.  Other tests rate it a little higher.

    This is not because the main "performance" cores are a lot faster; they're a little faster but not much.  With this generation Intel has added eight "efficiency" cores to the six "performance" cores, and that gives a big overall boost for multi-threaded work.

    I'm not sure I like this, because the E cores run at half the speed of the P cores, and I really want everything to be consistent.  But Windows likes to run a lot of crap in the background, and having eight extra cores to take care of that sure won't hurt.  

    If it's priced similarly to the 12500 - around $200 - this will make a fine CPU for most desktop users.

  • AMD reportedly plans to launch three new X3D processors at CES in January.  (Tom's Hardware)

    AMD's X3D models stack an extra chip on the CPU to triple the size of L3 cache.  Depending on what you're running the effect can be huge - the 5800X3D is still up there among the fastest CPUs available for gaming, despite being clocked lower than the regular 5800X.

    Leaks suggest that AMD will be releasing 12 and 16 core models this time, as well as the 8 core chip aimed at gaming.  (They also do this on their Epyc server CPUs, for up to 768MB of L3 cache on the chip.)

Disclaimer: Rumours of my death have been very slightly exaggerated.

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