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Daily News Stuff 20 November 2022

Return Of The God Emperor Edition

Top Story

  • After a poll that garnered fifteen million votes, Donald Trump's Twitter account has been reinstated.

    The usual suspects are, well, usual suspecting:

    Given that both Apple and Google carry Trump's own Truth Social app in their stores, I think the answer there might not be what Karen was looking for.

Tech News

  • Oh no, there's another one.

    Guess I gotta buy it.  It's a great case, but not cheap, and these special editions run 50% over the price of the regular version.

    I'd be in trouble if they announced they were doing all of Hololive.

  • Artifacts of range restriction: When predictive factors aren't.  (Towards Data Science)

    One example is particularly clear: Among employees of tech companies, technical skill is one of the weakest predictors of success.  That's because tech companies are trying to hire the top 5% by technical skill, and with that range restricted other factors are amplified.

  • Nvidia is expected to launch its mobile 4000 series GPUs on January 3.  (WCCFTech)

    Leaked numbers indicate the mobile 4060 will be faster than the mobile 3070, and the mobile 4070 will be faster than the current top of the line mobile 3080 Ti.

    I wish they'd give them different names to the desktop cards, though.

  • Looking for an 8 core NUC that can double as a four port 2.5Gb firewall/router?  This is one.  (Serve the Home)

    If you don't mind ordering from a random company on AliExpress and getting who knows what BIOS, it does seem to work.

  • Funny how this suddenly became possible after the entire Twitter management team and three quarters of the stuff were terminated and locked out of the network.

Disclaimer: Almost as if the management and staff were the problem all along.

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