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Indiana Jones And The Dominoes Of Doom Edition

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Disclaimer: Just restart everything every six hours.  That will fix it.

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1 Regarding the Tab M8,  Poked around on the intarwebz yesterday and I do see the repair board available on the U.S. version of Ebay for under 20 bucks U.S.D,  might be worth it, looking at the board I think it may be a bolt in fix rather than a solder in fix.  I went ahead and ordered one in case mine ever runs into the issue.

Posted by: Bob in Houston at Friday, December 09 2022 02:18 AM (YBLgY)

2 First of all, anything that pushed all of the CPU load onto the client was born as trash, and if ecmascript (and its degenerate offspring javascript) has proven anything, it's that such a broad and hasty (and insulting) generalization was entirely true.
I don't really have a second point here, but I guess I'll close by saying it's all trash.

Posted by: normal at Friday, December 09 2022 12:17 PM (obo9H)

3 Also, I managed to drunkenly recall that ecmascript was in fact the retarded progenitor of js (and got the order of the jumbled nonsense letters correct) without looking it up, and that should count for something!

Posted by: normal at Friday, December 09 2022 12:20 PM (obo9H)

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