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Daily News Stuff 16 December 2022

It's Gone Quantum Edition

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  • If you always wanted a quantum computer of your own but didn't have the millions of dollars and the endless rivers of liquid helium SpinQ has three portable models designed just for you sort of.  (Tom's Hardware)

    I say sort of because the theoretical capacity of a quantum computer scales exponentially with the number of qubits - each qubit essentially being another orthogonal dimension of parallel universes that the computer can compute in.  IBM just announced a 433 qubit quantum computer, and 2^433 is a very big number.

    This matters because if SpinQ announced a cheap portable quantum computer with a large number of qubits we'd know immediately that it was bullshit.  But the SpinQ qubit count maxes out at... 3.

    So, yeah, I'm prepared to believe that a $57,000, 90lb quantum that is slower than a first generation iPhone might actually exist.

    Probably not a hot item this Christmas though.

  • All my remaining Amazon packages arrived today, including one from Kentucky that took an interesting route to get here.

    So I ordered some more.

  • Guests arrive on the 27th.  Gotta vacuum, or paint, or plant vines, or whatever you're supposed to do when you have guests.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I didn't realise there was any demand for terrible Gizmodo articles.

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1 Saying "the death of SRAM" is obnoxious, because it's wildly inaccurate, but I guess "we can't figure out how to shrink it any more" isn't as attention-grabbing.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, December 17 2022 01:37 AM (k3/O4)

2 Bewildered vegetables can write terrible gizmodo articles with this one simple trick (and it's not what you think!)

Posted by: normal at Saturday, December 17 2022 03:14 AM (LADmw)

3 And yes, that sanskrit grammar article really makes the historians look kinda dippy.  I suspect that there is a far older version of the same solution that everyone just ignores because they like to foment pretend controversies.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, December 17 2022 03:17 AM (LADmw)

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