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Daily News Stuff 2 November 2022

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  • Micron has announced LPDDRX-8500 RAM for mobile devices, embedded systems, and eventually, laptops.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Mobile devices can take advantage of this because it can use less power to run a fast narrow bus than a wider, slower one.  Not inherently, but because the faster versions use newer designs and lower voltages.

    In laptops this could allow next-level integrated graphics.  The Ryzen 6800U already has double the graphics performance of laptop chips, but memory bandwidth limits how far AMD can push that.  With 8500MHz RAM (actually MT/s but whatever) AMD could potentially double the onboard graphics performance again.

  • Use one big server.  (Speculative Branches)

    And a hot backup at another location.

    I like this approach, coupled with a solution like LXC that lets you silo various parts of your application and dynamically allocate resources.  A lot less work than maintaining multiple physical servers.

  • Speaking of multiple physical servers HP has announced its new range of AMD Epyc Genoa systems.  (Serve the Home)

    With up to 192 cores, 6TB of RAM, 60 SSDs, and 8 graphics cards.

  • You'll never get rid of the Dane.  ( / Bloomberg)

    US banks paid an estimated $1.2 billion to ransomware operators in 2021.

Disclaimer: Not Dane from accounting.  Though he's pretty hard to get rid of too.

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1 I don't get it. I was a programmer, an assembly language programmer, a language developer, a systems analyst and a manager of IT for a pretty big company.
But the Elon Musk - Twitter stuff goes perpendicular to anything I ever experienced in 26 years in Silicon Valley. ('74-2002)
Then again, in those years I don't think Karens or SJWs had much currency, and certainly NFT's as "currency" would have been laughed out of town. (Tech moguls just hadn't gotten greedy and egocentric enough.)

We also hadn't heard of Gluten.

And didn't everyone either cook rice on the stove or eat McDonald's?
And, despite what that guy on Ace said, wasn't Pixy a female?
Disclaimer: Furball's Cat may hold the exact opposite views when you disembowel Schroeder's Quantum Pumpkin. (And did you notice the Noble physics prize for locality not being real? I think reality is in an indeterminate state until some grownup comes along and sticks everybody's nose in it.)

Posted by: furball321 at Wednesday, November 02 2022 08:02 PM (VZYxJ)

2 I used to cook rice in a cast-iron pan in the oven, which works remarkably well, but those Zojirushi rice cookers are even easier.  They aren't cheap, but if you eat a lot of rice, it's probably worth it.  Of course, I've been trying to cut back on the amount of starch/sugar I eat, so it's less useful than it was.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, November 03 2022 03:25 AM (LADmw)

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