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Daily News Stuff 12 December 2022

Only 378 Shopping Days Until Christmas Edition

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  • NASA's Orion (not that one) Moon thingy has safely landed back on Earth.  (WCCFTech)

    As part of the Artemis 1 mission it travelled to the Moon, orbited it - sort of - and returned to Earth 25 days later.

    NASA is planning a manned lunar orbit for 2024.

    Which is great and all, but (a) Apollo 8 did that in 1968, (b) private Japanese company ispace with only 200 employees launched an unmanned lunar lander yesterday, and (c) SpaceX plans to land a fully crewed Starship on the Moon in 2024.

    Which date might slip a bit because Starship has not yet had a successful orbital flight - and has not been cleared by the FAA for orbital tests.  On the other hand, SpaceX has six Falcon 9 launches scheduled before the end of the year, so they're not just sitting around trolling idiots on Twitter either.

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Disclaimer: From the Earth to the Moon, and Around the Moon.  Not science fiction anymore, but a major motion picture and/or tasty snack!

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1 SBF is too big to fail, and we all know what that means.
Also, NASA totally has the ability to send a person to the Moon (and return them safely to Earth2), they just choose to do this other stuff instead.  The Moon is boooooooooring!  Lets talk about warm weather.

Posted by: birnak at Monday, December 12 2022 10:18 PM (obo9H)

2 I once grabbed some SUN pizza-box sized workstation off a junk pile at a robotics club meeting, but the bizarre custom video connections and lack of any peripherals made it kind of pointless. It IS impressively heavy though.

Posted by: Mauser at Monday, December 12 2022 10:25 PM (BzEjn)

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