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Daily News Stuff 16 September 2022

Land Of 998 Dances Edition

Top Story

  • Uber got hacked.  (Bleeping Computer)

    By persuading one idiot to hand over their password, the hacker got access to the company's AWS account, Gmail dashboard, VMWare management, Windows domain, security software, Slack channel, and bug database.

    This what we call in the tech biz, "bad".

Tech News

  • Think I might buy the cheaper model of the HP Pavilion Plus 14.  That's without the OLED screen and with a slightly slower processor, but it's still a 2240x1400 display, and still has 16GB of RAM, and it has the four essential keys, and is 40% cheaper.

    The Framework laptop is inviting (because it's about the only small laptop that you can put 64GB of RAM in - and I do have a spare 64GB of RAM) but lacks the four essential keys.

  • The Ethereum merge - switching from mining to staking - has happened.  (CoinDesk)

    On the one hand, they postponed it about two dozen times.  On the other hand, it went through without a hiccup.

  • Cloudflare's, like the independent, is fighting censorship on multiple fronts.  (TorrentFreak)

    Though given Cloudflare's past form they'll fold like a damp tissue if someone says something on Twitter.

  • The MOS 7600 is a microcontroller after all.  (Old VCR)

    This chip powered home versions of Pong and some other very early - very early - video games.  Since there was no published documentation and this was over 40 years ago, nobody knew whether the game was built into the chip at the hardware level (possible for something as simple as Pong) or a program written into the chips ROM, if it had any ROM.

    The solution?  Sand off the top of the chip very carefully - very carefully - and look at it under a microscope.  If you know what to look for you can see ROM and RAM and things like shift registers and logic arrays.

Minecraft Computer Video of the Day

This is the predecessor to the virtual computer in yesterday's Minecraft-in-Minecraft video.  It runs at 1Hz.  The new version uses a custom version of the Minecraft server to achieve a zippy 20kHz or so.

And it can play things other than Minecraft.

Disclaimer: Like Terraria.

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