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Daily News Stuff 18 April 2022

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  • Dell has implemented proprietary DDR5 memory modules in its new Precision laptop range.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The single "CAMM" module supports up to 128GB of RAM - which would otherwise require four 32GB SODIMMs.  Four memory slots are rare but not unknown in workstation-class laptops.

    It's still a little better than soldered RAM, just not much.

  • Samsung's main semiconductor division is, reportedly, a mess.  (SemiAnalysis)

    The problem is corporate culture delaying necessary changes to fundamental processes - not unlike what was happening with Intel for nearly a decade.

    A lot of the article is speculative, but there are definitely delays and yield issues at Samsung's fabs, not to mention a distinct lack of progress at developing their own mobile processors.

  • Speaking of Intel its new 56 core Sapphire Rapids server chips hit 3.3GHz at just 420W.  (Tom's Hardware)

    If you're thinking that's rather a lot, that's because it is.

    This should be a pretty fast chip and provide much-needed competition to AMD's 64 core Epyc range, except that AMD is expected to ship 96 core Epyc CPUs this year and 128 core models early next year.

  • I for one embrace our new robot chef overlords.  (ZDNet)

    Where's the obligatory dig at the Chick-fil-A owners' religion - oh, there it is.  Still:
    it's renowned for good food, staff who say "my pleasure" -- and sound like they mean it -- and traffic jams at its drive-thrus.
    Which is more than most journalists are prepared to concede.

Disclaimer: Blub.

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