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Friday, May 31


Daily News Stuff 31 May 2024

Leave It In The Ground Edition

Top Story

  • Fracking wastewater from Pennsylvania alone could provide 40% of domestic lithium requirements for the US.  (Ars Technica)

    The Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania contains enough natural gas to meet all domestic requirements for 18 years all by itself, and is also rich in lithium.  So rich that the wastewater from fracking efforts is just loaded with the stuff.

    The Ars commentariat is outraged at the thought that extracting critical energy resources could provide other critical resources for free.  There's not enough lithium in the world for that lot.

Tech News

Anime Music Video of the Day

Song is My Type by Saint Motel, an indie band from Los Angeles and one of the few bands currently active that I genuinely enjoy, what with me being 29 and all.

Anime is the recently aired Apothecary Diaries, which is truly excellent and recommended to everyone except children.  It's not an adult anime, but it is a grown up anime.

Disclaimer: Answer me these questions three, before the other side you see.

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Thursday, May 30


Daily News Stuff 30 May 2024

In Alaska In February With The Windows Open Edition

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Tech News

Disclaimer: Beans.

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Wednesday, May 29


Daily News Stuff 29 May 2024

Database go boom at work.

Had to tape it all back together.

Much fun.

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Tuesday, May 28


Daily News Stuff 28 May 2024

Sue All The Things Edition

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Tech News

Disclaimer: There is no fork either.  I think all our cutlery is in the dishwasher.

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Monday, May 27


Daily News Stuff 27 May 2024

Nice Generators Don't Explode Edition

Top Story

  • Widespread power failure at one of the two data centers where I have servers.  In fact, it was so widespread that it took out servers I have with two different providers.

    Yes, they have battery backup and generators.

    No, those didn't work.  At all.

    But at least this time they didn't explode and set off the sprinkler system leaving the company with weeks of cleanup work.

  • Families of the victims in the Uvalde shooting, and the remoras with legs they call lawyers, are suing Activision and Facebook.  (Tech Crunch)

    They blame Call of Duty for turning a psychopath into, well, a psychopath.

    The Call of Duty series has sold around half a billion copies over the past twenty years.  If it were the problem, we would know.

Tech News

  • The Unreal Engine license requires programmers to use inclusive language in their code.  (Bounding into Comics)

    In particular, the license takes aim at using genders where none are specifically required by the context, and to avoid vernacular that might be unclear to those not familiar with English.

    That's going to go down well with the speakers of gendered languages like French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, whose languages Unreal owner Epic Games just collectively mega-aggressed.

  • Is the RTX 4060 really better than the RTX 3060.  Yes.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's not worth upgrading, perhaps, but there are very few cases where the 3060 is objectively better.

  • Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC is coming - and it can run in 2GB of RAM.  (Tom's Hardware)

    That's because it strips out all the crap that nobody wants.  It doesn't even have the TPM requirement that Microsoft declared an absolute minimum for Windows 11 compatibility.

    Which is why you're not allowed to buy it.

  • One in nine US children are being diagnosed as children.  (NPR)
    Dr. Max Wiznitzer, a professor of pediatric neurology at Case Western Reserve University, says he suspects some parents may be reluctant to put their kids on ADHD medication out of misguided concerns. "There's the myth that it's addictive, which it's not." He says studies have shown people treated with ADHD have no increased risk of drug abuse.
    Really?  Let's ask another expert.
    The hypotheses underlying the procedure might be called into question; the ... intervention might be considered very audacious; but such arguments occupy a secondary position because it can be affirmed now that [this is] not prejudicial to either physical or psychic life of the patient, and also that recovery or improvement may be obtained frequently in this way.
    Oh, my mistake.  The second quote was talking about lobotomies.

  • ICQ is shutting down after 28 years.  (The Verge)

    I don't think I ever used it.

Disclaimer: I don't want to set the data center on fire; I just want to start a little flame in your motherboard.

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We're Back

Well, at least it wasn't a fire.
At roughly 6:20am EST the facility where [name of hosting company] operates its DAL1 data center ... lost utility power.  Redundant power sources, UPS and generators, did not operate as designed thus causing the entire facility to lose power.
A few hours later:
All [name of hosting company] servers and infrastructure now have power fully restored. If you are experiencing any issues with your server(s), please open a support ticket so that we can troubleshoot the problem.
This server needed some manual intervention before the blogs were accessible again.

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Sunday, May 26


Daily News Stuff 26 May 2024

Curtainsed Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: According to to this jar of satay sauce I identify as a family of four.

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Saturday, May 25


Daily News Stuff 25 May 2024

You Wouldn't Download Shakespeare Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: A pebble a day helps you work, rest, and play.

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Friday, May 24


Daily News Stuff 24 May 2024

Eaten By A Grue Edition

Top Story

  • Google promised better search - now it's telling us to put glue on pizza. (The Verge)

    AI - the LLM version of AI, which is all that makes the news these days - requires human input to learn. It only takes a few iterations of training AI on AI output for it to turn completely to shit.

    Yes, even more than usual.

    Which is why OpenAI and Google made deals with Reddit to train their respective AI engines on that vast trove of human-generated data.

    Only problem is, Reddit is Reddit:
    Imagine this: you've carved out an evening to unwind and decide to make a homemade pizza. You assemble your pie, throw it in the oven, and are excited to start eating. But once you get ready to take a bite of your oily creation, you run into a problem - the cheese falls right off. Frustrated, you turn to Google for a solution.

    "Add some glue," Google answers. "Mix about 1/8 cup of Elmer's glue in with the sauce. Non-toxic glue will work."

    Google will literally tell you to do this, because it found that answer in a ten year old Reddit thread.

    Obviously it's a joke. Obviously it's a bad idea. But AI doesn't know those things, because AI doesn't know anything except, statistically, which words are likely to be found together.
    Look, Google didn't promise this would be perfect, and it even slaps a "Generative AI is experimental" label at the bottom of the AI answers. But it’s clear these tools aren’t ready to accurately provide information at scale.
    They work just fine if you don't care about the answers. They work just fine if an answer that looks right, is right.

    That's why AI is advancing rapidly in image generation (and in producing astoundingly mediocre music) but is absolute garbage at anything that requires a factual answer.

    It's not a bug. It's baked in to the design.

Tech News

Well, Fuck Samsung Then Video of the Day

It's nothing Apple hasn't done, but it's shit no matter who is doing it.

Disclaimer: I shall most likely kill you in the morning.

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Thursday, May 23


Daily News Stuff 23 May 2024

Revenge Of The Bleen Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: There are doors.

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