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Daily News Stuff 21 July 2022

Petrambic Iameter Edition

Top Story

  • My poem is done.  I abandoned the sonnet and went for five stanzas in the common meter - 8-6-8-6 with an abab rhyme scheme.

    That solved the problem of finding another rhyme for "baby", but means it can be sung to the tune of the Pokemon theme - which is hilariously (in)appropriate.

  • Neopets' database has been hacked and their user and password information is out there.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Worth noting that their password field appears to be VARCHAR(20) - which means if it's stored as a hexadecimal hash, it's just 80 bits, which means that every single password has likely been cracked already.

Tech News

Cat, I'm A Kitty Cat Video of the Day

Inya really got into the spirit of this one.

Disclaimer: Twenty minutes queueing for the queue, then forty minutes in the queue, then 90 seconds to actually go through security.  The line snaked around until it pretty much filled the terminal.

I don't know what the holdup was, since they've actually streamlined things.  Bag in one bin, contents of pockets in the other, don't need to remove your jacket or belt anymore, much less your shoes.  Still far easier in the other direction though.

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