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Daily News Stuff 13 April 2022

Full Auto Detailers Edition

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  • Contract: As is, subject to all wear and dilapidation, blah blah blah.

    Reality: We're getting the builders back in to touch up the paintwork for you and make sure everything is perfect.  Oh, and there's spare paint and tiles left in the storeroom should you need them.

    Inspection report found a few minor issues - like a partial blockage in that $2000 digital shower head - and they're getting them fixed prior to settlement.  And if the inspection noticed little things like that, I'm pretty comfortable that there aren't any big things.  I would have said This fancy shower head kind of sucks and probably just used the other shower.

    Which is very different from when I was looking at the heritage-listed house a couple of weeks ago, where it was more It's 145 years old.  Comes with the territory, kid.  This place even has a warranty.

    Also, there's a storeroom?  I know exactly where that would be, but I thought that door was just for access under the house.  We don't really do basements in Australia.

  • The Atlassian outage that started a week ago is expected to be over in no more than another couple of weeks.  (The Register)

    The outage affects specific customers rather than the entire platform, but hundreds of them.  I'm sure that knowing their project management platform will only be down another two weeks will bring them comfort in these trying times.

    Atlassian used to have a "free candy" offering where you could get any of their products for a small team - 3 to 10 users depending on the product - for $10 per year, and run it yourself.  

    Now all of that is going away because The Cloud is the Future which means that when the cloud gets screwed up there is Absolutely Nothing You Can Do.

    With even a minimally competent IT team, an on-premises install would limit the recovery effort to restoring last night's backup and re-entering the most recent details.  With a cloud service, you have nothing.
    "We know this outage is unacceptable and we are fully committed to resolving this," Atlassian's spokesperson said. "Our global engineering teams are working around the clock to achieve full and safe restoration for our approximately 400 impacted customers and they are continuing to make progress on this incident.  Two weeks."

Tech News

Disclaimer: It plugs the external GPU into the M.2 slot or it gets hosed out again.

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1 Atlassian has really made it a lot easier for me to answer questions about why we might not want to move critical applications into the cloud.


Posted by: J Greely at Wednesday, April 13 2022 10:54 PM (ZlYZd)

2 "you can just hose it out"

Thanks!  Now I feel the urge to start including this in everyday conversations.

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, April 13 2022 11:41 PM (LADmw)

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