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Daily News Stuff 26 March 2022

Hump Day Edition

Top Story

  • It seems we have somehow made it through another week and that means it's Question and Answer time.  Fling your answers into the comments using the provided working miniature trebuchet (some assembly required) and tomorrow I will fart in your general direction attempt to answer them.

  • The Latecomer's Guide to Crypto.  (New York Times Paywall)

    I literally can't read this.

  • The Annotated Latecomer's Guide to Crypto.  (Molly White)

    Fifteen crypto skeptics, computer scientists, and researchers take the New York Times apart and then - because I know some of these people are dedicated lefties - immediately relapse into Gell-Mann Amnesia Syndrome.

Tech News

  • The EU is bringing in new regulations that will force Big Tech to support open APIs and interoperability.  (Ars Technica)

    The initial focus is on messaging platforms but it seems to extend well beyond that, and the fines go as high as 20% of gross annual revenue.

    Apple and Google are objecting strenuously, but I don't much care because at this point they are even more thoroughly infiltrated by communists than Europe itself.

    The rules only apply to very large companies - with a market cap of $75 billion or revenues of $7.5 billion - so it leaves the field open for new competitors.

  • Following the Willie Horton rule, a group of filmmakers sued hosting provider Quadranet for providing services to some of the endpoints to some of the VPN providers used by some of the people who downloaded pirated copies of their films.

    Quadranet said this was bullshit and filed a motion to dismiss, and last December a Florida judge agreed and tossed the case.

    The plaintiffs filed a motion for reconsideration arguing that they had new evidence that would sustain the case and now the judge has ruled that it is still bullshit and tossed that too.  (TorrentFreak)

    Sometimes to good guys win.

  • Don't make your Redis servers publicly accessible.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Problem solved.

Disclaimer: Totally not a bubble.

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1 I believe it was last weekend that you answered "what is the good option for antivirus protection?" with Microsoft Defender. Which is a good answer. But what about for Android? I've been using Kaspersky, and I feel that choice might be.. suboptimal.

Posted by: David Eastman at Saturday, March 26 2022 08:08 PM (qSKtI)

2 The short answer is that Andriod is linux, so it's already slightly less vulnerable, but it's linux running a bunch of google parts and services, so you're not really all that safe.  I guess I'm not being very helpful.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, March 26 2022 10:48 PM (obo9H)

3 Prediction:  in the 30 to 60 seconds following the EU's regulations being implemented, a bunch of companies with market caps of $74.9 billion and $7.49 billions in revenue will suddenly appear out of nowhere and start running the messaging apps under contract.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, March 27 2022 07:58 AM (obo9H)

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