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  • Corsairs MP600 GS SSD is "mediocre".  (Tom's Hardware)

    Though "mediocre" in late 2022 means completely consistent 1.8GBps full drive write speeds on a $180 2TB PCIe 4 NVMe M.2 SSD.

    Peak reads hit 5GBps.

    It is DRAMless, so not recommended for server use.

  • Intel might not have 14th gen (Meteor Lake) desktops next year.  (WCCFTech)

    I kind of guessed this for a couple of reasons: First, Intel is expected to release a 13th gen refresh next year and there's no reason to do that and also release 14th gen, and the leaked specs for 14th gen CPUs were all laptop configurations - they had fewer cores than the 13th gen desktop parts that are already out.

    And since laptop chips come a few months after desktop, that means no 14th gen at all in 2023.

    15th gen (Arrow Lake) is expected in 2024 but won't have any more cores than the current lineup.

  • The Core i5-13500 is just a hair slower than the 12600K, cheaper, and uses half the power.  (WCCFTech)

    It's not officially out for probably another week but this isn't a leak; someone bought one in a shop that missed the "do not sell before" sticker and tested it.

    Almost exactly twice as fast as the Core i3-12100 mentioned below.

  • I might not be able to get a decent small Android tablet but at least I can get the keyboard I want.  (Mountain)

    The Mountain Everest Max is something I've mentioned before.  It has the main 86-key layout, a detachable numeric keypad with four LCD macro buttons that can plug in to the right or left of the main keyboard, an also detachable LCD dial with five buttons, and now two options for twelve regular macro keys and/or twelve LCD macro keys.  And you can both at the same time.  

    And replacement keycaps too if you want it in white or green or something.

    Does get expensive with all the options, but it's a quality keyboard that has everything.

    It has per-key RGB which I don't care about for the main keyboard but is useful for macro keys, and the keyswitches themselves are also replaceable, so if one breaks you can just pull it out and put in a new one.

    And it's on sale right now.  Think I'll buy one.

Meanwhile, back in June

  • On June 1 Intel showed off its Sapphire Rapids Plus HBM chips which still aren't out yet, over 3 million MySQL servers exposed themselves, SpaceX showed off Stalink 2.0, and an Apple-1, yours for just $500,000.

  • On June 2 researchers showed off logic gates switching at a petahetz - which is very a lot, Taiwan restricted Russia and Belarus to 25MHz, a former employee of OpenSea was arrested for insider trading, and reassigning 240/4.

  • On June 3 I was in a motel in New House City waiting to pick up the keys, AMD released the Radeon 6700 which is kind of a niche within a niche but not bad at the right price, and buy now pay later was always a scam.

  • On June 4 we got to New House and ate donuts, and didn't tech blog.

  • On June 5 the movers arrived with my stuff, DDR5 prices were down, more stolen ugly monkey JPEGs, and Apple was totally going into space sure whatever.

  • On June 6 we were expecting an M2 Mac Mini, the ROG Zephyrus G14 was a pretty solid laptop except that it lacks the Four Essential Keys, and the screen on my laptop - the one I am using right now - crapped out after the flight back to Sydney.

  • On June 7 we didn'g get an M2 Mac Mini, we did get MacOS 13, Python 3.11 would be faster than Python < 3.11, and LG's Gram notebooks weight more than a gram.

  • On June 8 we expected Apple's M2 Pro and M2 Max but not until next year, Dell's Precision 7865 put a 2022 CPU in a 2002 case, China "must seize TSMC", and a not insanely expensive eight slog M.2 adaptor.

  • On June 9 we had a fight with Windows ASLR, Twitter was hiding data, physicsts discovered a thing, and Samsungs TVs were also fridges.

  • On June 10 AMD promised 10% higher IPC and 10% higher clocks with Zen 4 - and overdelivered, Amazon fell over, and polystyrene-eating superworms.

  • On June 11 Acer warned that the market was slowing down - bad for them but good for us, Zen 5 would arrive in 2024 with a major redesign, OpenSSL as a GUI, and no Virginia you can't do real work on an iPad.

  • On June 12 discovering things at New House, a billion dollars worth of sour grapes, you can't repair the new XPS 13, a 950W CPU, you wouldn't 3D print a car, and that insane AI researcher at Google.

  • On June 13 Intel announced its 4nm process node, Fresh was yet another fucking web framework, and AWS simply lost 12 hours of data.

  • On June 14 fuck Polygon again, we were in Sydney wishing we weren't, SpaceX had environmental approval to test Starship, and the Celsius Ponzi scheme imploded.
    Any time some stranger promises to let you, yes you, in on their amazing investment opportunity that reliably and consistently outperforms other investment vehicles, you are being scammed. They are not your friend. If they had such an opportunity, they would hoard it zealously, borrowing against other assets in order to make a shitload for themselves.
  • On June 15 the Mac Studio was cool but overpriced, Gambian Pouched Rat Pox, and little lime green Corvette.

  • On June 16 rooftop solar was viable - in Australia (despite being twice the size of Old Place, in a colder climate, and having electric central heating, my electric bill is half what it used to be), don't put half a million files in one Git repository, and benchmarks leaked for a Zen 4 laptop chip.

  • On June 17 we were at the airport - again - but briefly noted that Redbean 2.0 was out. Redbean is a web/application/database server in a single binary file that can just be dropped on any Windows, Mac, Linux, or BSD system and run.

  • On June 18 your browser was helpfully keeping a copy of your secret crypto access keys, video card prices finally fell to Earth, everything you never wanted to know about USB-C, TikTok was owned by China, and building a single quantum system from two time crystals.

  • On June 19 don't use Zstd compression on Arch Linux, and don't fly into Sydney on a Sunday.

  • On June 20 Intel's Core i3-12100 was great value at $129, philosophers were completely fucking retarded on the subject of consciousness, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD was good, and Ada 2022 could be persuaded to be as dumb as JavaScript but would give you an electric shock if you tried.

  • On June 21 Cloudflare went down and took one third of the internet with it - or if you used Cloudflare's DNS, all of it, Disabling notifications in Nextdoor took 130 clicks or one uninstall, and more gluten-free donuts (I have two boxes in the new freezer).

  • On June 22 the FAA ordered airlines to update their shitty altimeters - which are the problem with using phones during takeoff and landing but only because they don't work propery, and tracking the PCIe 7 spec when there aren't even PCIe 5 cards yet.

  • On June 23 the PNY XLR8 CS3140 was actually kind of amazing, QNAP AGAIN, Intel's 13th gen chips would still work with DDR4, and Samsung's new 200MP phone camera.

  • On June 24 planning 40 feet of desk - in the main office, planning 240 feet of bookshelves - in the hallway, and bad things happened to bad people.

  • On June 25 THERE WERE NO BOOKCASES, there were also no good small Android tablets, losing personal data the old fashioned way, and Intel's new chips would also be faster.

  • On June 26 Amazon's spec sheets were maintained by idiots, 1000W power supplies, Italy banned Google Analytics on the basis that it was analytics by Google, Robinhood lied, and more insanely overpriced garbage water bottles.

  • On June 27 DevOps was old-school ops with a bunch of stickers plastered all over it, code bloat to the stars, and QNAP?

  • On June 28 Rufus was a tool for generating Windows install images and also a naked mole rat, building your own Ryzen server, FTX was in talks to acquire Robinhood, which is like the Yakuza being in talks to acquire the Mafia, and don't buy the base M2 MacBook.

  • On June 29 someone copied ugly monkey JPEGs, Raccoon Stealer stole all the raccoons, Apple was lying, and everything was worse than you thought.

  • And then on June 30 it was time to update to 28nm, the Raspberry Pi Pico W was the Raspberry Pi Pico with added W, and Threadripper Pro 5000 pricing was ouch.

Disclaimer: And now I'm having flashbacks.

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1 Merry Christmas from a long time lurker.  Thank you for maintaining this blog, it's a daily highlight to read.

Posted by: cmotvrwc at Monday, December 26 2022 12:23 AM (1d03D)

2 Happy Christmas, Pixy!

Posted by: normal at Monday, December 26 2022 01:41 AM (obo9H)

3 What's a Layer 1 blockchain, and what does "optimized for Metaverse" mean beyond "designed to filter money into Zuck's pockets"?

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, December 26 2022 02:03 AM (BMUHC)

4 I wonder about the 13500, since it's a 65W part.  I suspect that without motherboard multicore enhancements it won't be nearly as fast.
My work machine, which should be replaced next month, hopefully with a laptop with a 12th-gen P series, is an i7-8700, and Dell scrupulously abides by Intel's stock recommendations.  The result is that if you run something like Prime95, it will settle in after tau expires at about 64W and 100MHz or so under the base speed.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, December 26 2022 02:23 AM (BMUHC)

5 Rick C: I don't have any atual power numbers, but I have a crappy Dell cheapo with an iCINCO-8400h. Yeah, Mike Dell is pretty conservative about that stuff.

Posted by: normal at Monday, December 26 2022 04:30 AM (obo9H)

6 normal:  I was curious about it so I got hwinfo64 and prime95 and a few other stress test apps to see.  It runs pretty well for the first 28 seconds or so, with an all-core at 4.4 (IIRC), but, unfortunately, not for very long.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, December 26 2022 09:50 AM (BMUHC)

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