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1 I have to wonder if this entire circus surrounding the crypto world isn't some under-the-table funded scheme to discredit the concept of crypto-currencies. It seems ludicrous, the number of scamming sociopaths running absurd scams that have suddenly invaded the scene (over an above the "natural" amount of fraud you'd expect in the Wild West.)
It seems we all owe wildcat banks an apology: They were bastions of rock-solid plain-dealing in comparison, they just occasionally made a bad loan with hard money.

Posted by: madrocketsci at Friday, May 20 2022 09:28 PM (hRoyQ)

2 Also it's a bit demoralizing watching these insane sums of money slosh around chasing vapor, as someone who works for a living.

I'm apparently some kind of chump. I studied to be an aerospace engineer, because I wanted to build aircraft and spacecraft. With one short-lived exception, I've been stuck in powerpoint hell my entire career. I make okay money, but it'll take me 10-15 years to pay off my house assuming everything doesn't collapse.

I've watched my parents grind themselves down trying to keep a legitimate business doing vital work alive through taxes and recessions, barely scraping by and always on the knife edge of losing everything. I'd like to rescue their business but I don't have the money, and inheritance laws will ensure they go bankrupt in the end.

(PS: those pretty much cover the two branches of this comic:

I've been "learning to code" and trying to sell software on the side (when I have an employer that doesn't claim all my intellectual output as their property.) No one actually *buys* software anymore, apparently. (Haven't given up on this yet).

Apparently what I should be doing instead is launching shell games and ponzi-schemes, grabbing ahold of crazy money that I could never earn in a legitimate career from other weasels who laundered it ultimately from the government printing it out of thin air.

I hate the world.

Posted by: madrocketsci at Friday, May 20 2022 09:40 PM (hRoyQ)

3 "I have to wonder if this entire circus surrounding the crypto world isn't some under-the-table funded scheme to discredit the concept of crypto-currencies."

If only the people trying to descredit cryptocurrencies were that smart and/or competent.  The problem is that very few people have any idea what it really is, and the scammers know this (just look at the ads over at Ace's: "You Don't Have To UnderStand Crypto, Just Follow Someone Who Does".  "Gee, Wally, that sure doesn't sound like a scam to me!").  Those of us who do glimpse a bit of a shade of the madness are generally either holding a lot of bitcoin and not selling any time soon, or not buying in until it all goes the way of the tulip craze.
I mean, tulips are still around, and you can still buy 'em, plant 'em, and even make money cultivating and selling 'em.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, May 21 2022 10:40 AM (obo9H)

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