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Daily News Stuff 5 November 2022

Gobbling Up Peanuts At A Rate Of Knots Edition

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  • Twitter layoffs leave whole teams gutted albeit not literally but that would probably be an environmental hazard.  (The Verge)

    Half the company has been told not to bother coming back to work on Monday.  Sadly for the idiots who thought they had a legal case under the WARN act, it turns out the richest man in the world has access to lawyers.  The actual terminations take effect at the start of February, but people are locked out of Twitter's offices and computer network effective immediately.

    Which is the only way to handle it when half your employees are mentally-impaired anarcho-communists.
    The areas of Twitter impacted the most by Musk’s cuts include its product trust and safety, policy, communications, tweet curation, ethical AI, data science, research, machine learning, social good, accessibility, and even certain core engineering teams, according to tweets by laid-off employees and people familiar with the matter. More company leaders, including Arnaud Weber, VP of consumer product engineering, and Tony Haile, a senior director of product overseeing Twitter’s work with news publishers, have also been laid off following Musk’s firings of Twitter’s senior leadership last week.
    A lot of those teams sound like they could be removed entirely without anyone noticing - and apparently the curation department was.  That's the team that - among other things - edits the trending topics list whenever the peasants start getting ideas above their station.

  • Latest kitchen toy is a slow cooker, which I am really liking so far.  Since I often have to work late, the ability to put dinner on at lunchtime and then eat it whenever is really convenient.  It also smells great.

    Doing pork medallions with baby potatoes and honey mustard sauce today.

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Disclaimer: There wolf.  There castle.

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