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  • On November 1 since when did Terraria have minecarts, paging Big Hero 6, Intel's DG1 card was coming to the desktop, no, seriously, stop laughing, and there were zero new cases of Bat Flu in Australia.

  • On November 2 the Raspberry Pi 400 was 2020's answer to the ZX 80, Samsung entered production on 5nm, San Francisco and New York were screwed, iCloud dropped dead, and NASA's SLS ain't gonna work.

  • On November 3 Apple invited everyone into their roach motel, 1984 was a cookbook, the Ryzen 5600X was slightly slower than the 3700X, and undocumented colours on the Tandy Colour Computer. Also, everyone rode the Death Coaster.

  • On November 4 California's Proposition 22 was set to pass, proving that the only solution for a bad law was a worse law that couldn't ever be repealed, Australia's STEM workforce was set to reach parity by 2091, Ant's IPO got spiked, and Twitch suspended musicians for playing their own music. Also, Asa Coco University was on Google Maps.

  • On November 5 Xioami unveiled the - I am not making this up - Xioami Ningmei Rubik's Cube Mini, Ryzen 5000 went on sale and was out of stock in 3.75 Planck times, Florida released three quarters of a billion mutant mosquitoes, and the New York Times was sitting quietly in its corner, drooling and nibbling its hair.

  • On November 6 I got annoyed because reasons, Vultr fixed my server in three minutes and thirty-nine seconds - where with IBM Cloud at my day job I have been waiting A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK FOR THEM EVEN TO RESPOND and that's after our account manager escalated the ticket twice, Zen 3 went brrrr, the timing of the release of the new Xbox could have been better, and San Francisco killed itself some more because why not?

  • On November 7 Facebook went all-in on reasons, scientists discovered the Nether, "><SCRIPT SRC=HTTPS://MJT.XSS.HT> LTD was forced to change its name, TokuDB was depreciated, and the gluten-free chilli wasn't.

  • On November 8 Parler hit two million users, my GitLab server imploded, but I was able to scrape it back together from a corrupted virtual machine image and it worked again, Twitter went all in on reasons and locked me out of my account, and it was probably all Casper's fault.

  • On November 9 Facebook was only reasons because they loved you, older versions of Android were going to stop working with Let's Encrypt - unless you installed Firefox, so just do that, and running BGP on a Lego brick. No, really.

  • On November 10 we got MariaDB temporal tables working and they were great, the Ryzen 5700U was a 4800U, Zoom lied, and the tame Apple press had a brief moment of clarity before it went back to being the tame Apple press. And I encountered Haachama's opening theme for the first time.

  • On November 11 this claim was disputed and also considered harmful, I fucking hated Elasticsearch, Apple announced a new family of desktop iPhones, AMD updated Ryzen Embedded to Zen 2, there was a rather nasty security bug in Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop, Hyundai was looking to buy Boston Dynamics.

  • On November 12 ugh, I got some UI that loaded fast, at least, TSMC approved $3.5 billion to construct a 5nm plant in Arizona, and Twitch set itself on fire, not because reasons, just because they are idiots.

  • On November 13 Aria tables weren't any better than InnoDB, Facebook tripled down on reasons, passively cooled Ryzen mini-servers from ASRock, MacOS Bug Sir arrived, Apple immediately fucked everything up, preventing Catalina and Bug Sir users from launching apps unless they first disconnected their internet access - and then it got worse, and Target removed a book.

  • On November 14 I was testing Mana at scale - small scale, but scale, X-NAND was NAND only X, Target apologised and put the book back, and just use GZip with ZFS.

  • On November 15 if it's too good to be true you probably disabled the full-text index, more bad news for Bug Sir - news that Apple knew about all along and decided to ignore, Amazon was on fire, and spiders.

  • On November 16 the first regular launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon, um, launched, Wordpress booted sites because reasons, Free Republic also got reasonsed by their hosting company, iPhone development was a disaster area, and the OnePlus 8T camera was great about half the time.

  • On November 17 GitHub reinstated Youtube-dl, the Azure Python library was so large you couldn't deploy it on Amazon Lambda, new graphics cards you can't afford (and also can't get), and a dual-core Intel CPU from 1977.

  • On November 18 Resellee wanted to be the Pinduoduo of Southeast Asia, Epic Games sued Apple some more, Ethereum continue to be crap, Twitter announced a new feature that no-one asked for and that would almost certainly not work, and the new blacklist.

  • On November 19 I found two hosting providers who don't reasons, we looked at Big Navi, the tame Apple press immediately changed its mind about what you need from hardware when Apple stopped providing what they previously said you needed, and Outbrain joined reasons club.

  • On November 20 Twitter's new feature that no-one asked for lasted less than a day before collapsing in a heap, Bug Sir was worse than we could imagine, Zen 2 NUCs arrived from Gigabyte, Devfonts had fonts for devs, the threat of the leapn't second, Buzzfeed bought the Huffington Post because no-one else would, and Journalists For Reasons struck again.

  • On November 21 YouTube chat was terrible, Radeon 6000 third-party cards were on their way and expected to solve the supply problems, and end-to-end ECC vs, a 0.1¢ surface-mount resistor.

  • On November 22 Asus did not announce their new Tinkerboard 2, Twitter's new fleets feature did not work in any way whatsoever, angry Haskell noises, and ChromeOS without so much Chrome in it.

  • On November 23 the Ryzen 5600X was the best mainstream gaming CPU, the ASRock 4x4 didn't suck, and S3 was a semantic minefield.

  • On November 24 PayPal screwed up all my paypalments, MyNOR was a homebrew CPU with a one-transistor ALU, Maddy was a mail server, and burning down your own home for fun and profit.

  • On November 25 Arm-based Macs were only slightly more open than a brick, Vivaldi was putting the good stuff back into their browser, I was tempted by 32GB DIMMs, memory leaks were working as planned, the Poco M3 was announced starting at $149, and the new Razer Blade Stealth was utterly pointless.

  • On November 26 we were back in Twitmo, minks attacked, Cowputers returned, a macro-mini-ITX Epyc server motherboard, and third-party Radeon 6000 cards arrived and lasted about as long as a snowflake on the surface of the Sun.

  • On November 27 the midpoint between zero and infinity was 1.5, PHP 8.0 was released, Russia announced its intention to ban Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and AWS collapsed in a heap and took the New York Subway with it.

  • On November 28 cheap NVMe SSDs were going, going, gone, we looked at the Western Digital Black SN750, and scientists found water of the coast of Hawaii.

  • On November 29 Journalists For Reasons were outraged that Facebook was still allowing people to post, OpenVPN was ugh, and Ruffle was a Flash player written in Rust.

  • And on November 30 the Western Digital Black SN750 was on sale about 40% below its usual Australian price and we grabbed two of 'em, don't make your users mad, 35 years with the Amiga, and did Nvidia sell $175 million worth of RTX 3000 cards directly to crypto miners?

Disclaimer: For answers to questions such as these...  We dunno.

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1 Towa's laugh in that roller coaster vid is... wonderful.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Thursday, December 31 2020 04:05 AM (Bkp4m)

2 Apple's bug is my feature! I've been meaning to wipe-and-reinstall my old 12-inch MacBook on Catalina as a sterile travel machine for my next Japan trip (whenever that ends up being...), and now I can do it without manually building an install image.


Posted by: J Greely at Thursday, December 31 2020 10:36 AM (ZlYZd)

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