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Saturday, May 31


Squirrel Trouble?

This site has the answer. They can also solve your koala, wombat and penguin infestation worries.

On top of this, they explain why everything tastes like chicken, and how to properly cook a frog.

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Squirrels Went Berserk

We may think we're safe living in Australia, but as recent news shows, there is no place truly safe from the evil wiles of the squirrel conspiracy! Little known fact: Dave Barry is no more than a front for the furry menace!

Handy tips on how to deal with the squirrel threat are available here and also here.

And you thought lemurs were bad...

(via The Squirrel Conspiracy)

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Thursday, May 29


Little, Big

Tuesday, the day that will go down in history as having been eaten by mice, I went out and bought another two DVDs. After all, I only have 41 already in my to-watch pile.

These two are special. These two came recommended. First up, Big Trouble, the film of the book Big Trouble by Dave "I am not making this up" Barry, as recommended by reader Susie. (Yes! We have readers!)

Second, Big Trouble in Little China, as recommended on the Bad Astronomer's Good Movie page. Reviews will follow, as sure as droppings follow day-eating mice.

Logically, they'd go on the shelf next to Ranma ½: Chûgoku Nekonron daikessen! Okite yaburi no gekitô hen, but I like to keep my anime separate from other stuff. In case of cross-pollination or something. I don't know.

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Wednesday, May 28


Blogger is Scroggled

Blogger won't talk to me. Well, that's fine. I won't talk to Blogger either.

Meanwhile, coolness is where you find it:

As perhaps the clearest evidence yet of the power of sophisticated but inexpensive game consoles, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has assembled a supercomputer from an army of Sony PlayStation 2 devices.
I know that's why I bought mine.
Perhaps the most striking aspect of the project, which uses the open-source Linux operating system, is that the only hardware engineering involved was placing 70 of the individual game machines in a rack and plugging them together with a high-speed Hewlett-Packard network switch. The center's scientists bought 100 machines but are holding 30 in reserve, possibly for high-resolution display application.
Or possibly because they still haven't finished Final Fantasy X.

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Tuesday, May 27


Bunyip Blogging

Blog of the Day is Professor Bunyip:
Anyone who works on the theory that you get what you pay for can't be too surprised by Blogger's recent problems. They've driven Tim Blair to a new home and tempted the Professor to follow suit. Unfortunately, despite donning a pair of elephantine trousers, borrowing a back-the-front baseball cap from young Master Bunyip, and addressing his computer his "dude", all that slash-dot-font-template stuff at Moveable Type was incomprensible when the Professor logged on early in the evening. It was even moreso after a bottle of red, several ports, an Irish coffee, a few more ports and, ill-advisedly, a long telephone conversation with Mrs. Bunyip's youngest brother, the clan's purported expert in matters cyber. The only wisdom gleaned from that exchange: An intoxicated academic should not expect sound counsel from a red-eyed young fellow whose explanations are punctuated by the background bubbling of a bong.
Stylesheets! Bloody stylesheets! Even if you get them right they don't work!

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Seriously Wild Life

Horned Kangaroos? Who ordered the horned kangaroos? Come on, I don't have all day. Right. Giant marsupial lions? Who ordered giant marsupial lions?
The lion-like predator, which could stand nearly a metre and weighed about 250 kilograms, had a pair of retractable thumb-like claws to disembowel or drag prey up trees. But a reconstruction of one of its feet has revealed for the first time that all of the lion's digits were retractable, not just the thumbs.
That's so cool. You got opposable thumbs, monkey boy? Well, so do I, only I can disembowel you with mine!
Dr Long said the prize of the Nullarbor fossil specimens included a horned kangaroo: "It is an adult specimen with a very peculiar bulbous nose."
Yeah?! Well, same to you buddy!

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Oh Boobies, Wherefore Art Thou?

America is on holiday and half my favourite bloggers are AWOL. Blogging being the incestuous business that it is, this means I don't get to steal report any new news from other blogs.

Meanwhile, Fark is having a boobies moratorium. Really, why bother running the site if you're not going to have boobies?

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Monday, May 26


Good News, Bad News, Good News

Good news is that Azumanga Daioh has been licensed by AD Vision. Looks like it will be a while before it hits the shelves, though; ADV are notorious for sitting on licenses, sometimes for years. ADV are also releasing Full Metal Panic, a fact that I had somehow missed. Have to get my pusher to add it to my standing order.

Bad news is that AnimeSuki have had their server pulled for being the victim of multiple DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

Good news is that they'll soon be back on a better server with a different hosting company.

Unsurprising news is that Blogger ate my post. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Post&Publish. Get it stuck into your head.

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I Taut I Taw A Leprechaun!

Blog of the Day is Eject! Eject! Eject!:
When I was nine I saw a leprechaun.

I’m not kidding. I was in the back seat of our car driving up the hill from the hotel my dad managed, back in Bermuda. I’d ridden up that hill, in that seat, hundreds of times. I knew every rock and clump of grass by heart.

Anyway, there he sat, up against a familiar rock: little green pants, little green vest, little green top hat, small little bone-white pipe. Captain Ahab beard – white, no moustache. I screamed like we had just run over Lassie.

Bill's an essayist rather than a day-to-day blogger, so he doesn't update his site that often. When he does update, though, it's guaranteed to be good.

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Sunday, May 25


Where's the Lighthouse?

Spent a pleasant evening crawling around on the floor playing with my nephew Lionel. It's amazing how quickly kids grow up. I can remember not so very long ago he couldn't track you with his eyes when you moved.

Now, it's book at bedtime. Lionel pulled out his favourite, a sort of picture-dictionary. Open it to Toys. Where's the teddy bear, Lionel? No, those are building blocks. Where's the teddy bear? Good boy! Oh, next page? Okay. Fruit and Vegetables, Lionel. Where are the strawberries? Good boy! What's next? The Seaside. Where's the lighthouse? Good boy!

Admittedly, he has actually seen a lighthouse, which probably helped.

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