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Daily News Stuff 10 November 2020

Bitemporal Edition

Tech News

  • I got the new platform - it's called Mana - working with MariaDB and temporal tables.

    The switch to MariaDB only really required changing table collations, because the lists of collations supported by MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10 have diverged.  And of course switching from TokuDB over to InnoDB.

    Temporal tables required a little fiddling with my test suite, because when you run the full test it starts by truncating all the tables, and you can't truncate a temporal table.  You have to drop versioning, truncate it, and enable versioning again.

    Result: The first run was three times slower than before, but I quickly tracked this down to the stack table, which is the container for mentions, notifications, and other collections of messages.  Every time a message is posted, it's dropped into the stacks of all that user's followers, and the count on the stack record is updated.

    Turned off versioning for that one table and run time dropped back down to within 5% of an unversioned database.

    The resulting database is 25% bigger, partly because it's creating extra records, and partly because it needs to add timestamps to all the index entries so that you can go back in time.  

    Is it really working?  Yep.  The test I ran created 100 users, and there are a total of 10,100 records in the user table if you scan across all history.

    Also, the MariaDB hot backup utility can in fact capture system versioning, so I probably don't need to worry about bitemporal tables.

    This is good.  This is really good.  Not only does it automatically track intentional edits to every record (I had code set up to handle that for messages), but it provides a magical undo mechanism for accidental deletes or data-mangling bugs.

    I think there's a mechanism in there to zap the history for a record should I need that, for example, to comply with GDPR.

  • Micron has delivered their new 176-layer 3D flash, sort of.  (Tom's Hardware)

    One minor catch: It's actually two 88-layer dies nano-stacked on top of each other.  I'm not sure if that matters.

    It's shipping in products right now, though Micron didn't specify which ones.

  • Looking for a rather chunky portable gaming device?  Look no further - the Aya Neo Founder Edition is here.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It has a Ryzen 5 4500U, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB or 1TB SSD, and....  A 7" 1280x800 display, which is a crime given the rest of the hardware stats.

  • A wild Ryzen 7 5700U appeared!  (Tom's Hardware)

    It used SMT.

    The 5700U appears to be essentially a 4800U.  That means it will be around 25% faster than the 4700U on multi-threaded workloads.  (CPUBenchmark)

    If the price is the same as before, that's a respectable generational bump.

    The 5800U, when it arrives, is expected to be Zen 3 and will offer a similar performance boost over the current 4800U.

  • Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption.  (Ars Technica)

    Yeah, no shit.

  • Et tu, Tame Apple Press.  (ZDNet)

    Even they expect the upcoming Arm-based Macbooks to suck to start with.

Hololive Opening Theme Video of the Day

I've been playing their Minecraft streams while I work lately, because my usual tech podcasts are overtaken with bullshit.  Mostly HoloEN, but also HoloID because they speak English about a third of the time, which is enough to follow along, and Coco because likewise, and Haato because she's insane.

Previously I'd only caught her mid-way through a livestream.  On the weekend I caught one from the beginning, and found I'd been missing out on something.

Specifically, this.

Which on the stream I was watching immediately segued into this.

I was not prepared for that.

Bonus Hololive Opening Theme Video of the Day

I am more familiar with Coco's opening theme, because I've watched at least a dozen of her streams now.

Turns out it's composed by the same musician as Haachama's.

Hololive National Anthem Video of the Day

That's actually pretty good.

Disclaimer: There is no Dana Haato, only Zuul Haachama.

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1 "Even they expect the upcoming Arm-based Macbooks to suck to start with."
Geez.  I asked someone on [H]ardforum yesterday who was really flogging how ARM's going to mop the floor with x86 Real Soon Now as Apple's A14 wipes the floor with an i7.  I asked--with the qualifier this was a serious question, not a gotcha--if he had anything better than Geekbench, something more like a real-world comparison (I suggested something like Handbrake with the same number of cores between two processors).  He said that there's some video-transcoding software that is like triple the speed of the i7 or whatever, because the Apple uses an ASIC.  Before I saw his reply others had already shot that argument down, but I guess that's where the Apple fanboi goalposts are heading next;  GPCPU perf isn't all that important if they can throw custom silicon for your favorite use case on there.

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, November 11 2020 12:23 AM (eqaFC)

2 That Let's Encrypt deadline is almost certainly going to cause me some massive headaches at work.

Posted by: Jay at Wednesday, November 11 2020 03:01 AM (0jVI9)

3 That's actually pretty good.
In other news, water is wet, Apple is overpriced, and New York has no idea how to make pizza.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Wednesday, November 11 2020 03:37 AM (vNkOW)

4 Heh.  Hololive has kept me sane the last few weeks.  Don't need Netflix, my Audible backlog is piling up, haven't watched any anime lately, and Witch Hat Atelier and Frieren are going unread.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, November 11 2020 02:08 PM (PiXy!)

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