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Daily News Stuff 28 November 2020

Luggable Storage Edition

Tech News

  • Summer has finally arrived.  It wasn't so long ago that I needed to turn the heat back on, and today I've had the air conditioning running full blast.

    I took the Synology servers out of the spare bedroom this morning and now they're going to occupy my coffee table for a while.  The spare room is upstairs, and only downstairs is air conditioned, and I'm not leaving them to melt up there.

  • Was planning to get myself a couple of 1TB Western Digital Blue SN550 SSDs from Amazon during the sales.  The price went down from A$165 to $155 to $145 to $135.

    Then of course they ran out.

    Oh well.  They still have other 1TB NVMe drives in the A$140-150 range, which is fine.

  • ASRock has another range of mini-PCs based on the Ryzen 4000 APU family.  (WCCFTech)

    These are a different shape to NUCs, which are typically around 4"x4"x2".  Instead, the Mars system is 8"x6"x1".

    Ports include HDMI, VGA (why?), five USB 3.2, two USB 2.0,  gigabit Ethernet, audio in and out, and a full-size SD card reader.  It takes two SODIMMs, an M.2 drive, and a 2.5" 9.5mm high SATA hard drive or SSD.

    One of the USB ports is Type C but it doesn't appear to support video, so realistically you're limited to a single monitor.  I think this is designed to mount on the back of a monitor - hence the wide but thin form factor - so that would make sense.

  • A look at the Western Digital Black SN750.  (Serve the Home)

    This is about 40% faster than the SN550 and between 20% and 100% more expensive depending on which prices you look at.  A$400 for the 2TB model is quite attractive so naturally that one is out of stock until January.  

  • Scientists have discovered a huge body of water where you might least expect it: Under the sea.  (New Scientist)

    Specifically, several cubic kilometres of fresh water located about 500 metres below the seabed just off the coast of Hawaii.

Mitchiri Holo Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Just this once, let's not kill da ho.

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1 Asrock says they're going to have the nigh-unto unobtainable 4800u, just as AMD & TSMC are probably firing up production on the 5k series apus (same node as the 4k apus, si?).  Seems a bit optimistic of them.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, November 29 2020 02:16 AM (obo9H)

2 From the sounds of things, AMD will continue to sell the 4800U rebadged as the 5700U, with a Zen 3 based 5800U as the new flagship.

As for actually finding one anywhere...  Yeah.  About as much chance as getting a 6800 XT at list price.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, November 29 2020 02:47 AM (PiXy!)

3 For a brief moment I thought to myself "Even the weather in 2020 is jacked up," but then I remembered, you live in Australia.

Posted by: Karl at Sunday, November 29 2020 05:22 AM (0uRkn)

4 "4800u rebadged at 5700u" Why can't AMD just stop with the stupid marketing-department-driven obfuscation?  I thought they'd mended their ways when they skipped 4k for the desktop market, but no.  I mean, you make a great product!  Don't try to confuse consumers with marketing bullshit.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, November 29 2020 06:11 AM (obo9H)

5 Pixy!  Brickmuppet needs your help!  Grab your magic satchel and pocket protector and head over to his blog as fast as you feel like!

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sunday, November 29 2020 06:50 AM (Bkp4m)

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