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Daily News Stuff 2 November 2020

Political Event Horizon Edition

Tech News

  • The Raspberry Pi 400 squooshes a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 into the Raspberry Pi keyboard.  (Tom's Hardware)

    $100 in a kit with mouse, power supply, a pre-loaded microSD card, cables, and other stuff.  You'll need the cables because for some stupid reason it still uses micro HDMI ports.

    I was looking at benchmark chart and wondering why it was slower than the regular Pi 4, then my eyes focused and I realised that was a temperature chart.  It actually uses a new version of the Pi 4 SOC and runs 20% faster than the regular model.

  • Samsung has entered early production on their 5nm node.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The first devices with 5nm chips are expected to ship in Q4...  Which is now. 

    I'm guessing the device will also be made by Samsung.

    It's great to have two companies now on a leading edge process node.  Samsung may be a little behind TSMC here, but it's measured in months rather than years, and TSMC's capacity is sold out anyway.

  • Leaked benchmarks of the RX 6800 running games with ray tracing suggest it works pretty well.  (WCCFTech)

    Ray tracing is a key feature of both the Xbox Series X/S and the PS5, so one would hope AMD had it sorted out.

  • San Francisco and New York are screwed.  (NPR)

    As many as 23 million Americans are planning to relocate now that they can work from home, and they're not going to be moving to dirty, smelly, dilapidated, socialist shitholes.

  • Apple's iCloud is having a few problems.  (9to5Mac)

    Fortunately, the outage is limited to just these services:

    • Find My
    • iCloud Account & Sign In
    • iCloud Backup
    • iCloud Bookmarks & Tabs
    • iCloud Calendar
    • iCloud Contacts
    • iCloud Drive
    • iCloud Keychain
    • iCloud Mail
    • iCloud Storage Upgrades
    • Photos
    • Screen Time

    Yeah, basically you're fucked.

  • It's not the hardware that's going to be the problem.  (MSN)

    NASA's SLS is built by five different companies in traditional pork-barrel style.  The hardware works, kind of.  The big problem is getting five separate software systems to co-ordinate with each other.

    I've done that.  It's not a lot of fun, even with hardware that doesn't literally blow up when you have a problem.

Disclaimer: I mean, there was that one time...  But they put the fire out.

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1 There's always the ol' pecker-toastin' dells from the early 2000s.  Kinda hard to find the stories on those, though.  Somehow this really isn't the same world wide web I remember it being even a decade ago.

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