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Monday, June 29


I've Got WTF News, And I've Got Burned Too Many Times News

The other serverâ„¢ blew up again.  I was meaning to transfer the two remaining sites on that server to the new system over the weekend, but I ended up having to work Friday night and Saturday, and then I was too tired to focus on server stuff and watched Gurren Lagann instead.

So, naturally, it died the very next day.

That's the WTF part.

On the burned too many times side of things, however, I have a full backup from an hour before the server died.

In fact, I have two full backups from an hour before the server died.  Plus a full backup from the previous day, and another from the day before that, and one from last week, and from the previous week, and...  Yeah.  Burned too many times.

Update: Drive failure.  That makes two in what, three months?  In a server that only has two drives in the first place.

They're 500GB Western Digital drives.  I don't have any 500GB WD drives...   Oh, wait, I do have one, and it sucks, but that's the external enclosure, not the drive itself.  But I have, um, 14 other Western Digital drives in use at home (is that a lot?) bought over the last three years, and not one of them has failed.  So...  Bad batch?  Insufficient airflow?  Cosmic rays?  Evil leprechauns?  Karma?  Or just the hard drive destruction bunny spreading the joy around?  I dunno.

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Sunday, June 28


The Awesome Goes Up To 14*

Couldn't find any moeblobs to watch, so I went back and picked up Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann from where I'd left off.  And ended up doing an overnight marathon, which I don't think I've done since Escaflowne.

I needed that.

* Standardised Logarithmic Factorial Awesome Scale.

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Friday, June 26


It's All Over! sad

House is finished until later this year; Mythbusters appears to be hiated.  Ashes to Ashes is done until 2010.  Dr Who and Torchwood aren't even running regular seasons this year.

All I have left is the special episode of K-On! and then I'm all out of stuffs to watch and will have to look for new stuffs.

Oh, I do have Stardust on DVD.  There's that.

I would have happily watched 26 episodes of K-On! even though they clearly didn't have 26 episodes worth of material.  But still, it's best to go out on a high note rather than wear out your welcome.  Crom knows we don't need any more mediocre anime.

Oh, and suggestions are actually welcome here. wink   If you know of a good moeblob show I might have missed, feel free to comment.  Or any really good recent anime; one of my favourite series of recent years was Black Lagoon, a show not exactly renowned for its moeitude.

An aside: Just to make it clear, I have a ton of unwatched DVDs and fansubs, not to mention the hundreds of old VHS tapes and laserdisks.  I just don't have the energy.  In fact, I'm feeling awfully Yui-ish right now.

Speaking of our chocolate curry hotpot girl, the K-On! special was a really nice way to close out the series.  There'll be another special along with the DVD release, but apparently they've pretty much caught up with the manga, so that's all for now.

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Thursday, June 25


Awesome In So Many Ways

Up late because the server at my day job* went all melty.

Think I've fixed it, but I need to watch it for a bit to make sure it doesn't dribble on the carpet.

So, meanwhile, this is what the title says.

Oh and Chrome pastes the URL from the URL bar as a hyperlink.  Stupid Chrome.

* Is it still a day job when you're up at 3AM?

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Monday, June 22



I'm tidying up all the files for Winter Collection, and I discovered that I hadn't saved the final version of the source file for the first track.  I had saved it, but then I'd done some more changes, and not saved those, and then produced the .mp3 I uploaded from that unsaved version.

Spent about 30 minutes fiddling with it trying to get it back the way it was, then realised that what I'd done was put an intensity hold on it, which is why that track sounds so mellow.  That done, I was able to reproduce it exactly.

I think.

I don't have a .wav output of the original either, so the best I can do is compare the original .mp3's waveforms with the new one.  Or do a blind test to see if I can tell the difference.

Update: Eyeballing the waveforms, it's very close up to the 1:57 mark, then it diverges.  Looks like some more tweaking is in order. neutral

Update: Eurgh.  Well, the sequence of notes is exactly right.  Now I just have to place - at most - 17 intensity markers at half-section intervals until each sub-section matches exactly.   Sigh.

Update: Aha!  Had it almost right except for the ending.  I couldn't persuade it to do an automatic fade and switch sections on cue; I could do one or the other, or I could switch sections and do a manual fade, but I knew I hadn't done a manual fade before, so it meant I was missing something.  And so I was.  Even when you manually place all your intensity cues, the composition parameter still affects the ending.  When I set it back from 1 to 4, I was able to match the original mix.

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Sunday, June 21


To The Moon!

Hedghehog Launch 2 is out, with a brand new destination, and a brand new delivery route:
It provides that special thrill you only get from strapping wriggling little animals into an elastic band and then snapping them through the core of the earth. Don't pretend you don't know what we're talking about.
(via Jay is Games)

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Saturday, June 20


It's In A Good Cause!!

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Winter Collection

I know not much has been heard from the Electric Ant Orchestra in the last couple of years, but we're still alive, still making music in our own weird way.  And here for your enjoyment (or otherwise) is our latest album, Winter Collection.

Winter Collection

13 tracks, 40:34
46,940kb zip

Side A - View from a Cloudy Window

1. Escapement
2. Counterpane
3. Intermezzo
4. Antebellum

Side B - Problem Child

5. Theme from Problem Child
6. Problematic
7. Problem Child's Problems

Side C - Shapeshifter

Recorded live at The Scythe nightclub, Sydney, June 2009.

8. Dark Patterns
9. Brilliant Shadows
10. Shapeshifter

Side D - Linden Hill

11. Theme from Linden Hill
12. Linden Nights
13. Linden Dawn

Bonus Tracks

4 tracks, 12:04
14,050kb zip

Disk 2 Side A - Ragamuffin Tea Party (with Axiolotl)

1. High Tea
2. Cucumber Marmalade
3. Five Sugars
4. Stewed Peaches

Tracks arranged using Acid Music Studio, Acid Pro, Cinescore, and Sound Forge Studio.  Arrangements copyright © 2009 Andrew Maizels. The Electric Ant Orchestra is currently appearing live at The Scythe alternate Fridays.

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Nearly There

Just a leetle more tweaking - my cucumber marmalade won't jell.

Update: Got it!  Just needed a little C salt.

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Friday, June 19


And We're Back

I said half an hour, and half an hour it took!

Update: Except that my clever trick of redirecting the reverse proxy to minimise downtime caused the spam filter to block, um, everyone.

Most people should have picked up the DNS changes by now and won't have that problem any more.

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