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Daily News Stuff 19 November 2020

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  • Selected a hosting provider for the new social network.  Our current provider was very good on free speech issues and helped me with a bogus DMCA claim on one occasion, but they got swallowed up by a larger corporation a while ago and I don't know if they'd do the same today.

    But I've found a provider that has a good track record, that I've used once before, whose terms of service are essentially:

    • No illegal content.
    • No illegal activity.
    • No refunds.

    And while not the cheapest around they are reasonably priced.  That's all I ask.

  • Looking at Big Navi.  (PC Perspective)

    Generally speaking these are great cards at 1440p, often beating the more expensive Nvidia models, and good cards at 4k, coming close behind the more expensive Nvidia models.

    For ray tracing they are okay.  Noticeably slower than Nvidia but still playable.

    Of course, availability is currently zero, but that's just of AMD-branded cards.  Third-party cards are expected to arrive as soon as next week.

  • I expected the 6800 XT to be the pick of the RDNA 2 litter, but the 6800 turns out to be a surprisingly good card.

    It's $80 more than the 3070 (in the US) but beats it on every game, sometimes by substantial margins, and has 16GB vs. just 8GB on the 3070.  In Australia they're exactly the same price, making the 6800 the obvious choice unless you need a specific Nvidia-only feature.

  • Tame Apple Press says you don't need the thing you need the moment Apple stops providing it.  (Macworld)

    No, 16GB of RAM is not enough, thanks all the same.  16GB of main memory and 8GB of video RAM is not enough.  Two computers each with 16GB of main memory and 8GB of video RAM is almost enough.

    Please go piss on someone else's leg.

  • The internet is being censored.  (University of Michigan)

    File this one under no shit, Sherlock.

  • And again.

    What the hell does Outbrain do, anyway?
    We power the feed experience of the open web helping over 1 billion people discover content, products & services that they may be interested in.
    Oh, spam.

Disclaimer: Baked beans are off!

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1 "What would cause your Mac to run out of physical memory? If you leave an awful lot of apps open at once, or if your browser has hundreds of tabs open"
Or a couple of Electron tabs, right?  Geez.
I mean, people doing everyday stuff probably don't need more than 8GB, and these aren't going to be gaming powerhouses, either, but still.  My work PC has 24GB of RAM, and if it had a GPU I could run a game and SQL Server at the same time.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, November 20 2020 01:48 AM (eqaFC)

2 Or one endlessly-scrolling Tumblr page with animated GIFs, autoplay videos, social-media "like" buttons, and intrusive ads.


Posted by: J Greely at Friday, November 20 2020 03:29 AM (ZlYZd)

3 limits -m 8g -v 8g firefox

Posted by: normal at Friday, November 20 2020 04:58 AM (LADmw)

4 I recently got a new work laptop with 32gb of memory, because a few Android Studio windows would quickly run me out of headroom on 16gb.

Posted by: Jay at Friday, November 20 2020 06:47 AM (0jVI9)

5 I always try to stuff the maximum memory a unit will support (or I can afford) in there as soon as the prices are reasonable.  Once DDR5 hits the mainstream, and DDR4 is out of production (maybe a while on that one), prices will climb.  Gotta keep that old iron runnin'.

Posted by: normal at Friday, November 20 2020 07:44 AM (LADmw)

I haven't taken the time to go through his whole list, but it would seem to be trivial to get outbrain's netblock and add it to the list.  And, yeah, I used to have as many of their domains as I could remember aliased to in /etc/hsots

Posted by: normal at Friday, November 20 2020 11:37 AM (obo9H)

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