It was a bad day. A lot of bad stuff happened. And I'd love to forget it all. But I don't. Not ever. Because this is what I do. Every time, every day, every second, this: On five, we're bringing down the government.

Saturday, September 25


Well, Fuck

Yeah, we're back.  

I have an alarm set to go off when there's a site outage, but the alarm went down.

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Tuesday, September 21


That Will Free Up Some Time

Twitter elected to close my account again.

Yes, that got me banned.

Which I don't mind so much except that there is some content on Twitter that isn't garbage.

Update: Well, they've at least sped up the process in which a broken Perl script rejects your appeal.  Used to take a week.

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Saturday, August 28



Server problem is getting worse.

Migration is today even if it kills me.

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Thursday, August 19



Back again.

This server is really getting on my nerves.  Cutover to new server this Sunday.  Should be less downtime involved than from a single one of these crashes.

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Monday, July 26


Four Times Is Enenmi Action

Yeah, server fell over again.  Working on a new server.  Soon.

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Thursday, May 20


Twitter Also In The Apiary Also With A Lead Pipe

Looks like I'm on double secret probation.


Siding with terrorists: Absolutely fine.

Criticising people for siding with terrorists: 7 day suspension.

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Monday, January 18


Pixy Had Never Seen Such Fuckery

This latest thread from Bret Weinstein requires a response, because it is the most outrageous political commentary I have ever seen from anyone not already on trial at Nuremberg.

(Full text on Threadreader - though I'm not sure if it will survive if the tweets get deleted.)

First: Encouraged supporters to do what, Bret?  Peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of their grievances?  Because that is what he actually did.

Second: Congress has neither the right nor the power to prevent him from seeking political office again.  That would be a violation of his First and Fifth Amendment rights, and the Tenth Amendment rights of the states and of his supporters.  It is not anywhere in the enumerated powers of the Senate, nor in the Constitutional procedure for the election of the president.

Third: Are you fucking kidding me?  That would require a show trial of a single day, and then you speak of avoiding political witch-hunting?

Fourth: No, the nation is not more important than any person.  The nation is the people.  Putting the nation before its own people is not merely the road to disaster, it is the disaster itself.

Fifth: Our focus on Trump is not unnatural.  We have not been drawn into anything.  That's you.  That's the Democrats.  That's the mainstream media.  You have been driven insane by your own irrelevance.

Sixth: If the Senate acts as you describe, it will be catastrophic.  They will be wiping their behinds with the Constitution, trampling every process and protection in the name of - in the name of what, exactly?  They will never be forgiven.

Seventh: If the republic cannot afford an innocent man to go free, then the republic cannot be saved, indeed, is not worth saving.  Not that I even for a moment accept your premise.

Eighth: This is not a pro nor anti-Trump proposal.  It is a fascist proposal.  You have explicitly placed the state before the rule of law or the rights of the individual.  You have determined that a show trial, without rules, without evidence, without opportunity for defense, is somehow just.

Ninth: And who, pray tell, has put the republic into a tailspin?

Tenth: The president's family?  Why would they need a pardon at all?

Eleventh: Beyond?  Beyond to where?  Just pardon everyone?

Twelfth: Hope is unpatriotic now?

Thirteenth: I agree with nothing you have said.  Nobody should agree with anything you have said.  Your premises are false.  Your understanding of the law is juvenile.  Your proposed course of action is totalitarian.  And your logic has the intellectual rigour of warm jello.

Fourteenth: Speaking for the world - which I do, I have a permit - fuck the world, if this is what it takes to "save" it.


The nation is divided between fascists and defenders of liberty, and you, Bret, have made it abundantly clear you do not side with the latter.


This is Weinstein's podcast.  I haven't watched it and don't intend to, but I will note that the comments are not kind.  Not kind at all.  And this is from his own viewers.

It seems that the YouTube commentariat is less hopelessly lost than Twitter.

Update: And the savaging he's getting in the comments is apparently what remains after a purge.  I can barely imagine what the deleted comments were like.


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Thursday, July 16


Daily IP Blocking Stuff

Blog: Is very slow.
Me: Bans half a million IPs belonging to Tencent.
Blog: Yay!

Meanwhile, over at the idiot farm:

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Wednesday, June 17


Don't Be Evil

Update: With Glenn Greenwald appearing as The Voice of Reason.

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Saturday, December 07


Dealing With Assholes Running Web Spiders On The Internet

Your site can deal with 20 simultaneous threads crawling the entire history of all your content right?  Right.  I mean, if your server crashes it's not our problem.  Also, fuck sending a clear identifier, we're just a Mac running Safari that just happens to be downloading the contents of 70,000 blogs.

Update: We were - and indeed, still are - getting hit by a torrent of garbage requests coming through a group of proxy servers run by an SEO company.  I don't know why, but they are now all getting 404.

Update 2: I killed that, and then I discovered we were also getting scanned by a total of 175 different servers at various hosting companies.  Those are all blocked at the firewall now, and don't even get the courtesy of a 404.

If you have a problem reaching the site - say it works on mobile but not at home, or vice versa - please let me know.  I will double-check the list of blocked IPs tomorrow and convert it to a smaller number of IP ranges.

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