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Sunday, January 31


Daily News Stuff 31 January 2021

It's A Problem Problem Edition

Tech News

  • The Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WiFi does have a chipset fan after all.  (AnandTech)

    I couldn't spot it under the 1.5kg heatsink.

    This is not a review since they don't yet have a Threadripper Pro processor to go along with the Threadripper Pro motherboard, but they do have their hands on the board.

  • A look at the Intel DG1.  (Igor's Lab)

    TL;DR: It doesn't work.  This is purely an OEM part; it doesn't even have firmware on the board.  Without a custom BIOS it's a paperweight.

  • A not-insane technology stack.  (Simplecto)

    Docker, Traefik (I use Caddy but Traefik looks good too), PostgreSQL, Django, and Intercooler / HTMX on the client.

    HTMX actually looks pretty nice.  It's just 9k of code and lets you make any HTML object server-interactive with just an added attribute.  No need to build your entire app around any given framework; if you have one field that needs this, apply it to that one field.

  • Microsoft has a new idea: A Turing-complete programming language.  (Visual Studio Magazine)

    Specifically, though, the formula language for Excel is now Turing-complete.  Slashdot (not being what it once was) reported this as Excel itself being Turing-complete, which has been the case for...  Ever, I think.

Revised and Updated Video of the Day

Basically, the story is that Robinhood prevented its users from buying GameStop shares because they didn't have enough cash on hand for collateral at their clearing house after said clearing house increased the collateral requirements from 3% to 100%.  But they couldn't say they didn't have enough cash on hand because then people would assume they were undercapitalised...  Which they are.  So they lied.

Disclaimer: For every problem there is an equal and opposite public relations screwup.

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Saturday, January 30


Daily News Stuff 30 January 2021

That's Not Even A Word Edition

Tech News

  • How GitHub made its new home page fast and performant.  (GitHub)

    As opposed to what?  Slow and performant?  Fast and inperformant?  Slimewise and frogly?

    Also, GitHub has a home page?

  • 11 million IOPS with a Threadripper Pro and consumer SSDs.  (Tanel Poder)

    This is just a low-end model - 16 cores - but all Threadripper Pro models support 128 lanes of PCIe 4.0 so you can attach dozens of NVMe drives if you want to.  In this case, just ten Samsung 980 Pro M.2 drives.

  • A USB-C to U.2 converter?  Sure, why not?  (Serve the Home)

    Really this is the same chip as found in (now) common USB to M.2 adapters, just with a different connector, and optional 12V DC power since some U.2 drives can be pretty demanding.

  • Eat your bugs, live in your pods, buy iPhones, says Apple CEO and noted child slavery aficionado Tim Cook.  (ZDNet)

    With all due respect, Tim, get fucked you vapid, fascist sack of crap.

  • What's next for Microsoft Edge?  (Microsoft Edge Insider)

    Squash and quinoa, apparently.  Yech.

    Kidding aside, a good list of planned features and their expected release dates in the only browser from a major vendor that hasn't utterly disgraced itself.

  • Reddit saved AMC theaters.  (Polygon)

    Equity firm Silver Lake - no angels - held $600 million in debt owed by AMC.  This week they converted that into shares, wiping out the debt, making AMC viable again as the Wuhan Bat Soup Death Flu vaccines roll out, and making a small profit for themselves.

  • One share only.  (CNBC)

    True to their word, Robinhood is allowing customers to buy shares in GameStop.

    Well, not shares, exactly.


  • Meanwhile the SEC is looking at brokerages and market makers in this mess, and not just /u/Bumfluff4545.  (NPR)

    Which means that nothing is going to happen, because nothing ever does.  Unless Robinhood has information that would lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton....  Or has been otherwise deemed an acceptable casualty.

  • SQLite inserts running slow?  Why not try
    PRAGMA journal_mode = WAL

    It beats putting everything in a RAM disk.  In a quick benchmark it ran over 3x faster in terms of both real and CPU time; the only downside is the database can't be opened by older versions of SQLite, which is apparently why it is not the default.

    Also, if you do this in PyPy, you have to explicitly close the cursor you used for the PRAGMA command and open a new one, or you will get inexplicable errors on every other SQL statement.

I Am Not A Professional In Anything At All And If You Take This As Advice You Deserve To Be Eaten By One Dozen Crazed Starving Weasels Video of the Day

Robinhood is manipulating the market in real time to avoid losses for hedge funds.  Wall Street is entirely prepared to sacrifice both Robinhood and the retail traders in order to save themselves.

Robinhood was looking at perhaps a $20 billion IPO.  Short-sellers have lost $70 billion this month alone.  If Robinhood goes bankrupt and their executives go to jail, that's considered an acceptable loss.

And Robinhood explained this as though they were doing their customers a favour because the truth would have killed the company.

Only problem is the lie will kill the company and send the directors to jail.

Disclaimer: Yeb.  (Squirrel laughter receding into middle distance.)

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Friday, January 29


Daily News Stuff 29 January 2021

Live In Your Pod And Eat Your Bugs Edition

Tech News

Not Really Tech News

  • A meme account on Twitter quoted Maxine Waters with only the names changed and got reported to the FBI.

Coco Plays Twitch Plays Pokemon Plays Minecraft Video of the Day

Just starting now.  Should be epic, and by epic I mean total chaos.  She's playing Minecraft according to instructions selected at random from chat.

On a single player server, because she's knows her fanbase only too well.

Disclaimer: I aim to misbehave.

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Thursday, January 28


Daily News Stuff 28 January 2021

Hail Eris Edition

Tech News

  • The guys from r/WallStreetBets set up a Discord server a while back in case Reddit nuked them.

    Discord nuked them.  (The Verge)

    Discord's official statement says:
    Today, we decided to remove the server and its owner from Discord for continuing to allow hateful and discriminatory content after repeated warnings.
    The WSB community refer to themselves in often colourful language.  Self-deprecating humour is now just another excuse for deplatforming.  Unfortunately for Discord, the company is run by idiots and following paragraph immediately gives the game away:
    To be clear, we did not ban this server due to financial fraud related to GameStop or other stocks.
    Financial fraud, Discord?  Who the fuck mentioned financial fraud?

    Meanwhile, the original subreddit was set to private by the mod team due to an influx of hoarders and wreckers who might have triggered the same action from Reddit itself.  Certainly a group that wipes $20 billion and counting off Wall Street's balance sheet in a matter of days is going to come under the crosshairs.

    Meanwhile, Jen Psaki, asked what action the government might take, noted that they had the first female Treasury Secretary.

    That, uh, doesn't actually answer the question, Jen.

    Glenn Greenwald sums up the debacle quite well.

    Sure, I've had my disagreements with Greenwald in the past, but he's done much to rehabilitate his reputation, such as getting booted from the news outlet he co-founded for insisting on reporting actual news.

  • Intel's DG1 graphics cards don't actually work with anything.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Specifically, they don't work with 8th generation or older Intel chips, they don't work with current 11th gen Intel chips, and they don't work with any AMD chips at all.  They can only be used by OEMs still shipping 9th and 10th gen systems, which are going to be phased out by March, and even then they need a specific chipset and a custom BIOS.

    Good work, Intel.

  • On the other hand, the only graphics cards available in Australia are the GTX 1650 and the RTX 3070.  Literally every other card is out of stock.

    It's worse than it was immediately after the recent launches; it's worse than in 2017 when I was forced to buy a Dell all-in-one instead of building my own system as I had planned.

  • In spite of absolutely everything being out of stock absolutely everywhere, AMD turned in record quarterly sales figures and record profits.  (AnandTech)

    Up 53% over their record quarter in Q4 2019, and up 16% over their most recent record quarter in Q3 2020.

    So they really were selling lots of chips, just not enough to meet demand.

  • When I turn on the lights in my downstairs bathroom, every light in the house goes out.  This is not good.  I think the extractor fan (which is ducted and not easy to replace) has died, and the circuit breaker is doing its job.  That part is good.  Better than a house fire, anyway.

    My upstairs bathroom is being torn apart because the concrete slab has cracked.  So, yay.

    I have a rechargeable combination nightlight/motion-sensitive lamp/flashlight thingy in the kitchen in case of blackouts, so that has migrated to the bathroom until someone can come out and crawl into the ceiling to replace the fan.

Disclaimer: Big ups to Ralph124C41+ (manic recorder noises).

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Daily News Stuff 27 January 2021

The Weeb Of Wall Street Edition

Tech News

  • How Reddit broke the hedge funds. (MSN)

    This is a classic institutional version of the story, though it has usefully specific details, such as the fact that institutional investors have lost $5 billion on this stock so far and the situation continues to get worse for them because they refuse to accept their losses.

    If you short a stock at $3 and buy in at $1, you make $2 per share. But if everyone shorts at $3 and there aren't enough shares to buy in, and some smart-arses decide to bid the price up just to fuck with you, and it spikes to $300... Congratulations, you've just lost nearly 150 times your expected profit.

    This can very easily bankrupt you.

    Louis Rossman has explained the whole thing quite well, and the new YouTube tag supports playlists, so here you go:

  • Retail investors are attempting to do the same with other heavily shorted stocks. (Business Insider)

    Naturally the hedge funds who are losing their shorts are calling for this to be immediately criminalised.

  • Taking the Ryzen 9 5980HS for a spin. (AnandTech)

    Quick precis: It fast.

  • That focuses on the CPU itself, but the laptop they are testing is also interesting: It's the Asus ROG Flow X13. (PC World)

    It's a 13" model weighing 2.8 pounds, with a 1920x1200 or 3840x2400 screen (yes, 16:10), up to 32GB RAM and 1TB of NVMe SSD, the aforementioned 5980HS, and an Nvidia GTX 1650 and an Nvidia RTX 3080.

    The 3080 is in a custom dock thingy with a x8 PCIe cable rather than Thunderbolt.

    This is not at all a bad combination. Fast CPU, reasonable on-the-road graphics, top-of-the-line graphics when sitting at your desk.

    Of course it lacks the Four Essential Keys because We Can't Have Nice Things.

  • The Threadripper Pro 3995WX retails for $5500. (Tom's Hardware)

    Well, that's the suggested price; actual retail is closer to $6000.

    That's not hugely inflated over the Threadripper 3990X at around $4000; the Pro version offers the same amount of cores and cache, but twice the memory channels and twice the PCIe lanes, plus registered memory support so it can have up to four times the total RAM.

    The 16 core 3955WX lists for $1149, which isn't too much of an increase over the 5950X at $799 - though for tasks that can't take advantage of the much greater memory capacity and bandwidth it will actually be slower, since Threadripper is currently still on Zen 2.

  • ASRock has a new barebones mini-PC for Ryzen desktop APUs which you can't get. (Tom's Hardware)

    It's bigger than a NUC - about the size of a Mac Mini - but takes up to a 65W socket AM4 APU, 64GB RAM, and an M.2 and a 2.5" drive.

    Eight USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA for some reason, WiFi, and a 1Gb Ethernet port. I would have preferred to see at least 2.5GbE there.

  • The Scunthorpe Problem:A video player app was suspended from the Google Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". (GitHub)

    The crime? It supports the old SubStation Alpha .ASS subtitle format.

Disclaimer: To the moon!

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Tuesday, January 26


Daily News Stuff 26 January 2021

Inappropriate Song Lyrics Edition

Tech News

  • Stasi's mom has got it goin' on.

    Edit button?  Fuck you.

    Auto-snitch network?  Got you covered.

  • Does your laptop have a spare M.2 slot?  Here's how to install an RTX 3090.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Well, more of an outstall than an install, but it does technically work.  In fact it technically works quite well.

  • CollapseOS is the operating system of choice for the zombie apocalypse.  (CollapseOS)

    It runs on anything from a TRS-80 or TI programmable calculator to a Threadripper Pro, and the core is only 3000 lines of code.

    We could of course just not have a zombie apocalypse, but that level of planning seems to be somewhat beyond world leaders at the moment.

  • Replacing Dropbox with Digital Ocean Spaces (or any other S3-compatible storage).  (Mitja Felicijan)

    For the other kind of zombie apocalypse:
    But recent developments around deplatforming and having us people hostages of technology and big companies speed up my goals to become less dependent on Google, Dropbox etc and take back some control.

    I am not a conspiracy theory nut, but to be honest, what these companies are doing lately is out of control. It is a matter of principle at this point. I have almost completely degoogled my life all the way from ditching Gmail, YouTube and most of the services surrounding Google. And I must tell you, I feel so good. I haven't felt this way for a long time.

  • MeWe has a sound privacy policy.  Their free speech policy, on the other hand, could do with a little work.

    The etc is doing a lot of heavy lifting here.  (Big League Politics)

    MeWe has tweeted several times that they are not censoring anything, only banning those specific users who are "calling for violence, breaking the law, etc".  Every tweet they have posted protesting claims of censorship contains that etc.

    Worse, their CEO is a Libertarian.
    "I don't like sites that are anything goes," Weinstein said. "I think they're disgusting. Good people right and left and middle can't handle 'anything goes.' We don't want to be around hate speech. We don't want to be around violence inciters."

    On the, let's see, eleventh hand, Big League Politics is about as trustworthy as the Washington Post, so we'll have to see how MeWe responds as the chaos continues to swirl.  At least with Twitter you have the comfort of knowing they will always do the worst thing possible.

    Update: That said, you have to moderate.  Or alternately, divide your network up into communities that can each set their own moderation rules.  We saw what happened with Usenet, before major feeds started filtering out the worst of the nonsense, and it wasn't pretty.

Disclaimer: Due to a scheduling conflict with the alien invasion and the rise of the machines, the zombie apocalypse will now occur on Friday afternoon between 4 and 4:30 PM.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Monday, January 25


Daily News Stuff 25 January 2021

Key The Virtual Idol Edition

Tech News

  • Calli hit a million subscribers today in the middle of a twelve-hour marathon.  Next up are likely Amelia, Coco, and Haachama.  In fact, 28 of the Hololive girls are on track to hit a million subscribers this year, with 7 already past that mark and all the others set to reach at least half a million.

    Not huge news in the grand scheme of things, except that they provide exactly the type of irreverent politically incorrect content that makes Hollywood scream and flee in the opposite direction.  The more followers they have, the greater the blowback when the usual suspects inevitably try to cancel them.

    If YouTube tries to cancel them they could launch their own platform and have a million users on day one.  Payment processing is the bottleneck though.

  • PGM indexes are magic.

    Mathematically they are as good as B-trees in the worst case while being faster and orders of magnitude smaller in the typical case.  They work by reducing the indexed data to an ordered set of patterns and deltas between patterns.  If the data cannot be effectively reduced then the end result is essentially just a B-tree, but when it can, the improvements can be daramatic.

    Or so it would seem.  Further discussion at Hacker News.

  • SonicWall ate its own dogfood.  (ZDNet)

    In most cases this is a necessary step - if you don't use your own product you won't have any direct feedback on the problems it might have.

    In this case a maker of network security devices was hacked because the network security devices they were using weren't secure because the network security devices the were using were the ones they themselves made.

    At time of writing, there's no patch available.

  • If you want to take a picture of the fascinating witches who put the scintillating stitches in the britches of the boys who put the powder on the noses of the faces of the ladies of The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software YOU'RE TOO LATE because they just closed down.  (Tucows)

    27 years is not a bad run for a download site.

  • Facebook has spent the past decade systematically making sure it has no friends anywhere.  (BBC)

    Bye Felicia.

  • Once I built a railroad, made it run...  (Jalopnik)

    Built it on Macromedia Flash.
    Once I built a railroad, now it's done.
    Adobe caused my business to crash.

    It's back up now using a hacked version of Flash.

  • A class action lawsuit against YouTube for failing to take action against copyright infringement has run onto the rocks for failing to allege a single instance of copyright infringement.  (TorrentFreak)

    These are the same people who used a VPN to download their own content and then file a takedown notice from the same IP address.

  • Amazon has asked the NLRB to block mail in ballots in a unionization attempt, noting that the suffer from "serious and systemic flaws".  (OutKick)

    If we could mine this irony we wouldn't need to bother with asteroids.

She Must Be Stopped Video of the Day

Haachama reviews cooking videos.  There will not be a dry seat in the house when she gets to the cockroach-and-mayonnaise fondue served in a horned beetle shell.

No, I'm not kidding.  This is Haachama.

Also, YouTube has marked her entire channel as safe for children, which had the side effect of disabling all the comments and live chat, and is quite likely a war crime.

Disclaimer: There is no spoon.  In fact, there is no cutlery at all.  How the hell am I supposed to eat this?

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Sunday, January 24


Daily News Stuff 24 January 2021

Chicken With A Trident Edition

Tech News

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Raspberry Pi Pico but were afraid to ask and how to raise wolves.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Looks like a nice little board for nice little projects.

  • Problem: Despite the distinctly cheaper MSRP actual RTX 3060s can cost as much or more than the RTX 3060 Ti.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The culprit is the 12GB of RAM and the general shortage of absolutely everything.

  • Pip has dropped support for Python 2.  (Pypa)

    Hardly unexpected because it's been warning you about this for the last eighteen months.  Python 2 is still actively supported, though, thanks to PyPy, the Python compiler, so people will work around this.

  • One of the chief idiots behind the Code of Cancer movement infecting open source is at it again.  (ZDNet)

    The author of this particular article frequently writes nonsense, but this one is fairly measured.  It gives space for the chief idiot in question to spout her idiocy, then quotes several actual experts in rebuttal.  

    Here's what she's trying to do this time:
    The Software shall not be used by any person or entity for any systems, activities, or other uses that violate any Human Rights Laws. "Human Rights Laws" means any applicable laws, regulations, or rules (collectively, "Laws") that protect human, civil, labor, privacy, political, environmental, security, economic, due process, or similar rights; provided, however, that such Laws are consistent and not in conflict with Human Rights Principles (a dispute over the consistency or a conflict between Laws and Human Rights Principles shall be determined by arbitration as stated above). Where the Human Rights Laws of more than one jurisdiction are applicable or in conflict with respect to the use of the Software, the Human Rights Laws that are most protective of the individuals or groups harmed shall apply.
    Or, to put use the vernacular, fuck you.

    It's a handy warning sign for projects headed for complete disaster, though, like the bright colours of poisonous frogs.

  • Softbank is having a hard time getting regulatory approval to sell Arm to Nvidia.  (Nikkei)

    In large part due to West Taiwan, which is ruining everything as usual.

Vidéo du Jour sur le Trifluorure de Chlore

For the impatient, the explosions start at the 84 second mark.  Worth noting that it immediately reacts with and destroys every kind of safety equipment while releasing huge amounts of heat and also corrosive poisonous gases.

This is the only video I could find that actually showed ClF3 as opposed to talking about it, because no-one post-WWII has been crazy enough to actually touch it except for the French sometime in the 1980s.

And, uh, the semiconductor industry.  No, really.  They use this stuff as cleaning fluid.

For background, we have this classic.  I know I've posted it before - possibly more than once - but it's been a while.

That one ends with a brief discussion of fluoroantimonic acid, the strongest acid known (although how strong an acid is has a specific chemical meaning and doesn't directly correlate to how corrosive it is).

So, yeah, I punched that into the search field because of course I did.

And we had fun fun fun 'til the safety officer took our license away.

Disclaimer: Do not trust West Taiwan.  West Taiwan is asshoe.

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Saturday, January 23


Daily News Stuff 23 January 2021

We Have Always Been At War With The Fire Nation Edition

Tech News

  • More details of the ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI Threadripper Pro motherboard.  (AnandTech)

    This is the best desktop motherboard ever made, at least based on feature set.

    Eight DIMM slots supporting eight channels and up to 1TB of ECC registered DDR4-3200 RAM, seven PCIe 4.0 x16 slots, seven PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots (though four of these are via an included PCIe adaptor), eight SATA ports, two U.2 ports, dual 10GbE ports - one with remote management, integrated WiFi 6, ten UBS 3.2 ports including one at 20Gb, the usual block of six audio jacks, no RGB anything, and no chipset fan.

    Compared to the Supermicro and Gigabyte boards it lacks separate GbE ports and VGA and serial ports.  Those are only really needed if you want to put your Threadripper Pro in a server rack, but that's actually pretty common - we have a Threadripper cluster at my day job.  So it's good to have both options.

  • Desktop and server rack, sure, but I don't think Threadripper laptops are quite ready for prime time.  (Tom's Hardware)

  • The Sony NWS-1250, on the other hand, is good to go.  (Rare & Old Computers)

  • The useful idiots' Useful Card has expired.  (Socialist Workers Party)

    Facebook has shut down the page of the British Socialist Workers Party and removed the accounts of a number of activists.

    Meanwhile, Twitter is suspending Antifa accounts.  (New York Post)

  • Apple is planning to scrap the Lightning report in favour of...  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  (ZDNet)

    Stupid.  You're so stupid.

  • SpaceX is planning to lob 143 satellites into orbit with a single launch.  (UPI)

    This will include the first Starlink satellites in polar orbit.

  • The EU wants to drag the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google before a hearing Monday week.  (Reuters)

    Burn them to the ground and scatter the ashes to the wind.

  • I've used the MySQL / MariaDB INSERT INTO ... SET syntax for years, because it is objectively superior to the standard INSERT ... VALUES syntax from a code clarity point of view.

    Now I want to update Mana (my social platform) to also work with SQLite to make it as easy as possible to run your own small instance, but SQLite doesn't support that syntax.

    If I'd used an ORM like SQL Alchemy this would all be handled for me, but my testing showed that the performance was absolutely terrible - not because it produced bad queries, but because of the amount of messing around in the Python code.

    So I wrote my own very lightweight ORM, and now I have to deal with different SQL dialects myself.

    But it turns out that because everything is built around an API library, the entire platform has just 63 INSERT statements - rarely more than one for any given table.  I think I can cope.

    Update: That should automatically deal with most of the INSERTS, just a few specialised ones that need manual attention.

    Also need to automatically convert the %(name)s syntax for the MySQL library to the :name used by SQLite, and cast the SQLite named tuples to dicts.

    And then fire up the test suite and see what falls over.

  • PayPal's automatic payment system fucking sucks.

  • Gimme.

Garbage Anime Trailer of the Day

I've seen a few mentions recently of a new series called Redo of Healer, from sensible people saying it's not to their liking, and from crazy people proposing to nuke Japan a few more times.

I took a look at the trailer, and realised that this is Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi.

I've read more of the manga than I care to admit, hoping it would at some point redeem itself.  It does not.

I suppose you have to in some sense respect a character who, granted his wish to be able to relive his life, systematically makes everything worse.

Or on second thought, perhaps not.


Disclaimer: Blup.

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Friday, January 22


Daily News Stuff 22 January 2021

Sausages Are Off Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: A lie can be half-way around the world before the truth has got its boots on, so the best thing to do is never take them off.

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